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Reincarnation-Chapter 43


Reincarnation-Chapter 43

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter.......

Leonardo felt his heart seize and every single muscle in him clench the instant he set his eyes on the owner of the voice. He never thought she'd show her face to him or anyone else, at least not willingly. She was standing beside Jamie looking the same. Just the same. She never changed, she looked exactly how he knew her. Beautiful, very very beautiful, she still had that look, that intimidating look, she still held that aura of pride and esteem.
And she had that same weird smile on her face, her charm was still blooming, he couldn't help but admire her... Even in a situation like this.. He still felt like hugging her, he knew that, he wasn't supposed to have such feelings towards her but he couldn't help it. He couldn't just toss all they had in in past out the window, could he?
He can't just start hating her for the sins she committed because there was a time she forgave him, she treated him well, she was a great friend and he knew she didn't mean to do all she did, he listened to the audio Anne recorded... He then realized that not everything is as it seems.. He shouldn't judge her like that, he needed to give her a chance to explain...
"What are you doing here??!! ". Cecilia fired at Silvia jolting him out of his thoughts.. He glanced at Cecilia and noticed the burning glare on her face.
Cecilia knew her question was absurd, especially because they were actually looking for her and now she just showed up on her own, but she still couldn't help but flare up, Fay or rather, Silvia, still had the guts to confidently walk up to them, knowing fully well that she should be running, running far away from them.
"I'm here for peace madame, I want to help you guys ". Silvia replied, taking slow strides towards them.
Anne stared in shock, she could recognize that voice anywhere, the hair, how she catwalked, her aura, she could feel it anywhere... But she never thought Fay would be this beautiful. She thought her face was ugly , she thought that was the reason she always wore a mask.
But now, her doubt is clear.. Fay, no, Silvia is indeed Silver.
"You want to help us? " Sawyer asked, keenly staring at her, she fit Leonardo's description of her. .
"Yes, i want to help you take down The Black Malton Brothers ". She answered.
"You want to betray your brothers? ". Leo found himself asking.
He knew how much those three lunatics loved control and dominance, he'd watched them deal with people who dare go against a single order from them, he knew they could punish whoever broke their trust, not minding how close the person is to them.. Alastair had once pointed a gun at him because he helped a man, against their will and he couldn't couldn't help but feel scared for her, but then again, they are her brothers, since she knew how to bring them down, she would definitely know how to escape their wrath.
"No Perez ". Silvia answered with a smile... " I can't betray my brothers, I can never do that, but I want to do good for once, so I'll only tell you their real plan ". She explained, taking a seat close to Cecilia...
"Their real plan? If you tell us their real plan, then you're betraying them ". Leo pointed out.
"To you its betrayal, but to me, it's not because I will still be playing my part in it, I won't back down, I'll still be among those who'll set up the bomb, all I want from you guys is to stop us, I want you guys to beat us at our own game ". She replied relaxing on the couch.
"How are you planning to help us do that? " Cecilia asked, still wearing a scowl.
With her leg crossed and a smug face, Silvia started.
"You should know something about my brothers, when they say something should be done the day after tomorrow, it means they want that thing ready by tomorrow, but only few people know that. So if they say they're killing you all the day after tomorrow, it means you all will be corpses by tomorrow. They use that as a trap for their enemies, when they encrypt information, its coded with things you least expect, they give you answers to your question but you'll never know because it's in codes or an entirely different language. In the drive you found, it was written that they'll execute their plans on the 26th, but the hard truth is that it's on the 25th, that's tomorrow, they only put that there because they knew that at a point, someone might get hold of it "
"So you're saying they are going to execute their plans tomorrow? " Susan cut in.
"Yes, in fact, every thing is set right now, I'm sure of it, and the only way to stop them is to get to them as soon as possible, there are people waiting to receive orders from them, if you get to them then there's hope that nothing will happen "
"How can we get to them? Your brothers have more than one thousand minions at their command, we'll be dead before we even reach there ". Conan voiced out.
"True, they have many guards, but those guards will only follow orders, if they're not ordered to defend then they won't, even if my brothers are in danger ". Silvia answered.
"What's their use then? ". Moran shrieked.
"Oh dear, they're useful, very useful. My brothers have this mindset that they can't be hurt no matter what, and somehow its the truth, so they don't need to be protected , they'll know you're coming but won't even move an inch, they're fearless, they're gods, people worship them, I've worshipped them, now tell me who needs protection? " She finished with a smug grin.
"How do we reach them Silvia, just go straight to the point we're running out of time ". Leonardo urged impatiently.
"You're still the same you Perez, They're are at the abandoned warehouse across Pomona Valley ". Silvia dropped ruelfully.
"We've been there before, more than a couple of times but there was nothing, nothing but an abandoned warehouse ". Justin spoke confused.
"When Jamie brought me down here, I didn't know there was a place like this , I just started turning in circles and boom, I found myself in a high tech dome". She replied lightly tapping her foot on the tiled floor.
That was when they realized that what Susan said, a few days back was correct, the B. M. Bs are using something similar to what they were using.
"But how come they also know about such programs, I know they're very intelligent but something like this doesn't just pop up in anyone's head ". Moran asked.
"Mark did it, he was once in the same geek cult with Susan and they all kinda shared their ideas. He's the mastermind behind my brothers success but you don't have to worry about him, he would gladly do what I'm doing right now, anyone would ". Silvia replied ending the last part with a sigh,,, the guilt was still there and she began to wonder if it would ever leave her.
"Silvia". Leo called and she raised her head to meet his gaze.
"Yeah? "
"Even if we manage to reach them, how can we bring them down ? You know they can't get hurt ". He asked giving her a 'you-know-what-i-mean' look.
"Don't worry about that Perez, I'll handle it ". She answered assuringly.
"Then we should prepare to leave, Justin get as much weapon as you can, I need to contact SSA, this time we're dealing with the devils themselves ". Leo said matter of factly and disappeared into another room to make a call.
"Yes Allan, get them ready, we're leaving in a few... Alright.. Bye ". Leo said into the phone and hung up.
"what a life! " he sighed reulfully
"I thought I was the only one thinking about that ". A voice said behind him.
Startled, he spun round to meet; brown eyes, auburn hair, red lips- Silvia.
"Gosh you scared the shit out of me! ". He drawled with a sigh.
"Oh wait till you meet them please ". She replied with a small laugh.
For a moment there, both of them fell silent as different thoughts ran through their mind. Each thinking of a suitable question to ask.
"Perez "
"Silvia " They both spoke at once.
"You go first ". Leo nudged.
"Um.. What do I say? ". She started with a nervous laugh.
"Perez, I.. I'm sorry, I don't know where or how to start.. Everything is just complicated but a sure fact is that I did wrong, I'm a horrible person, I caused all this, I killed my best friend and I caused you.. "
"Wait.. Wait ". He cut in.
"You killed your best friend, you killed Amy? ". He asked hoping for a negative reply.
But the look on her face said otherwise, the drop of tear that rolled down her rosy cheek answered it all.
"How could you? ". He choked out, suddenly looking for his voice, it was as if a hard rock had been placed on his chest.
His question had finally been answered but he wished it was never answered.
But he still wondered, why? Why did she do that? Amy adored her, she took her as family, she defended her in every situation. Why?
"Why? What did she ever do to you? ". He asked resisting the urge to break something.
Silvia broke down again, she sank into the ground and cried again.
"Perez... I'm sorry... I was blinded by my selfish desires.. I know.. I did wrong, just please find a place in your heart to forgive me, please, I swear I've suffered for it, I've been living a miserable life ever since, please Perez, forgive me, I've been paying the price, the guilt is slowly eating me up and the fact that I can't just die is making matters worse, its like I have been sentenced to eternal hell... Please find it in your heart to forgive me ". She poured out between sobs.
He understood what she felt, looking at her softened his heart, there was one thing he knew about her and that is her fragile heart... Amy was the fierce one... Silvia was always repulsive, she was a very emotional person and that's why he still found it hard to believe that she was capable of such atrocities.
He sighed and pulled her into a hug.
What's the point of holding unto the past?
They just have to let bygones be bygones.
She's learned her lesson, she learnt it the hard way and she was trying to fix it.
"Its okay" he whispered rubbing her back soothingly while she cried like a baby.
"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry Perez ". She said lowly, when was finally able to compose herself.
"Its okay Silvia, its all in the past now, this is the present and we have to fix it for a better future ". He replied directing his gaze at her.
She wiped her tears with the back of her palms and got up.
"Thank You, thank you so much, I feel like a burden has been lifted off me now, thank you ". She poured out and quietly scuttled out of the room.
Leonardo closed his eyes and buried his fingers in his hair.
What a life really, what a life!!!
He was suddenly jolted back to reality when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
He opened his eyes and a natural smile crawled to his lips when he saw who it was.
"Leonardo, you okay? ". she asked cupping his face in her small hand.
"I'm fine Cecilia, how are you? "
"I'm okay ". She replied sitting down beside him.
They sat down quietly for a while until she broke the silence.
"Leo? "
"Yeah? "
"Promise me you'll stay safe and come back un hurt "
He drew closer to her and took her hand in his. Looking straight into her eyes, he smiled and replied.
"Death is not an option for me Cecilia, I should be the one telling you to stay safe, nothing will happen to me, okay? ". He said and kissed her hand.
She wordlessly leaned forward and hugged him. He hugged her back and made a vow to himself that they would both come back hail and hearty.
They disengaged from the hug, but just like an anion and cation , they instinctively attracted and their lips locked.
Their tongue danced into the rhythm of a slow sensual kiss, that said many unsaid words, and assured both of them that what they were feeling for each other was real.
"What have you done to me Perez? " Cecilia drawled huskily when they finally came up for air.
"I should be asking you that Miss Martin ". He drawled back, tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear.
"Cecilia I.. I think I ". He started to say when his phone beeped and he was forced to take his hands if her.
He reached for it and saw a message, the message was from Conan... The others were set and waiting already.
"We need to leave ". He said pulling her up with him.
"But we'll continue this some other time ". He added and kissed the side of her lips before dragging her out with him.
The Malton brothers were as usual, sitting down, quietly passing words to each other.
A knock suddenly brought them back to reality.. The door screeched open and the slender figure of Silvia entered the room.
"Oh oh.. Look who just decided to show up ". Alvarez drawled eyeing her.
"Hi, I'll just go straight to why I'm here, Mark called me about tomorrow's mission, so I'm here, what do you want me to do? " she shot without any trace of humor.
"The usual Silvia, We need you to.. ". He started to reply, but another knock cut him off and few seconds later, Mark entered.
"Sirs, there's a problem, it seems some people have found out about this place, there's a car coming here ". Mark hurriedly stated.
Alvarez ran his hands through is copper brown hair... His eyes darkened dangerously before he huskily replied.
"Let them come "
Driving 71 miles per hour, Leonardo sped towards the abandoned warehouse...
With the unusual ease and calmness the area possessed, despite the kind of danger it held.. He didn't need anyone to tell him what he knew.
"They know we're coming "...


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