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Reincarnation-Chapter 38


Reincarnation-Chapter 38

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from last chapter.....

Conan drove into his farmhouse few minutes later. He expected the whole surrounding to look dirty and unkept but it didn't and surprisingly he noticed that the lights were on. It appeared that someone was inside.

The farmhouse was a general possession in his family, it was a place where him and his two siblings go whenever they wanted to be away from the rest of the world... It was very big and contained up to ten rooms in total.

So even if someone was inside, it would still be able to house all of them.

"Is someone living here? " Erika asked as she got out of the car with Dante who was now cuffed and she was pointing her gun at him, so he wouldn't think of escaping.

"It appears so ". Conan replied walking ahead to ring the doorbell, almost immediately another car drove in, it was the BMW, Moran and Justin came out.
"Is everyone okay? ". Justin asked standing beside Moran.

"Yeah, but we haven't heard anything from Leo and the rest ". Erika answered.

Conan was about to ring the bell again when the door flung open, revealing a beautiful young woman who looked exactly like Conan , the only difference was their gender.

"Con man!! ". She exclaimed and flung herself on him.

"Mail woman ". He greeted back with a smile and she quickly disengaged from the hug, shooting him a playful glare.

"How many times have I warned you to stop calling me that? ". She shot pinching his cheek lightly.

"And how many times have I warned you to stop calling me Con man?! ". He shot back and they laughed.

She looked past him and noticed the strange faces with the two cars parked.

"You brought guests?". She questioned returning her gaze to him.

"Yeah, they're my friends and colleagues ". He answered turning to face them.

"Guys this is Melissa my younger sister and Melissa these are my friends you'll get to know their names yourself ".

"Nice to meet you guys ". She waved flashing them a sweet smile.

Then she added..... " But here is certainly not the right place for intros, so please come in ". She gestured and they wordlessly sprouted forward and entered.. Just as Melissa was about to close the door the second Ferrari was driven in and Leonardo, Susan, Sawyer and Cecilia came out looking frazzled though Leo looked worse.

"Leo!! ". Melissa called as she noticed who the inhabitants of the car were.

She hurried to his side and again flung herself on him.

Then she said hi to Cecilia who she didn't know and slightly hugged Sawyer and Susan...

"Melissa ". Leo greeted rather gloomy.

"How have you been? ... Omg what happened to you?! ". She inquired as she saw the blood stained cloth tied around his arm.

"It's nothing, just a small scratch ". He replied.

"No its not, common let's go in and fix you up". She nudged and pulled him inside with the rest following suit.

She would have asked why they showed up there past 10 in the night but she was well aware of what her brothers and his friends were into, she feared for them but at the same time she still supported them and assissted when she could..

The instant they were in, she dashed to into the inner room, where the first aid kit was kept.

She returned a minute later to meet them all seated together in the living room.

Susan was already checking something up in her computer, Dante was wearing a frightened look, and the rest of them looked gloomy, Leo looked especially distant... He only moved when the sting of methylated spirit reached his nervous system.

"What do you guys want from me? " Dante suddenly asked with fear etched in each word.

Leo raised his head to look at him but no word came out of his mouth.

"We just saved your life you moron and that's all you can say? ". Sawyer answered with a piercing look.

"I'm.. I'm really sorry.. I.. I just.. I was just wondering why you saved me and where you suddenly came from ". Dante stuttered back.
"Where we came from or who we are is non of your business and as to why we saved you, we want you to tell us all you know about the Malton brothers, so it's up to you to co-operate ". Conan responded.

"I promise to oblige to your request, please just don't kill me ". He said bracing himself up.

"Good, now start talking " Leo spoke up and mouthed a thank you to Melissa who just finished dressing his wound.

"I don't know exactly how my father met them, but I think they proposed to him.". Dante started, but stopped when the door bell rang.

"Are you expecting someone? " Conan questioned his sister with his brows cocked to the side.

"No, Adrian left for Ontario this morning and he isn't coming back till the day after tomorrow ". She replied.

"I'll get it ". Justin volunteered getting up with a gun in his hand.
He scuttled out to the door and returned shortly after with someone non of them expected.

"Jamie?? ". Cecilia exclaimed as he walked into the room with Justin.

"Hi" he threw back with a smug look. He looked pale and his hair was messy.. He looked like someone who'd just seen a ghost.

"What are you doing here? ". Moran questioned leaning forward on her seat.

"I followed you guys here ". He replied taking a seat on an empty wooden chair.

"You followed us? ". Cecilia repeated with a confused look.

"Yes, I followed you to McKinley hills and to this place ". He replied his expression never changing.

"Why? "

"Because you guys refused to tell me anything, you were keeping me in the dark, I heard Moran speaking on the phone about going somewhere so I decided to follow her.. "

"Jamie the reason why I haven't told you anything is because we're not sure of anything yet, you followed us, not thinking about the dangers you might encounter, what has come over you Jamie? ". She snapped at him.

"Look I understand what you're try to say, but I had other reasons, I wasn't actually planning to follow you, in fact I didn't follow you, I followed Fay but ended up here ". He explained.

"You followed Fay? Why? ". Moran asked

"She was acting strange and I heard her telling someone on the phone that, she'd finish the mission tonight, so I followed her only to find you guys there... I would have followed her back but she never came out, so I decided to follow you guys.. ".

"She never came out? ". Leo questioned feeling intrigued by Jamie's narration.

"Yeah, I didn't see her come out but I'm very sure she entered. ". Jamie replied.

"How's that possible, she left and theres only one exit ". Leo said, he was now confused.

"Are you sure you didn't see her? ". Sawyer asked.

"No, the only lady I saw coming out of McKinley hills was brown haired and she was wearing a completely different outfit. ". He explained.

"Brown haired? Fay has auburn hair and there was no other lady inside ". Sawyer replied.

"Um.. Guys can I say something? ". Dante spoke up.

"Yeah go ahead "

"The lady that tried to kill me, introduced herself as Silvia ". He dropped and Leo furrowed his brows.

"She said her name is Silvia? "

"Yes, but the lady that I met with Mark at the party said her name was Fay, they both have the same hair color though they're two different people.. "

"Wait wait, you're saying you met Fay at the party but the lady that tried to kill you is not her? ". Justin asked.

"Yes "

"And Jamie, you said you saw a brown haired lady leave McKinley hills? "

"Yes" Jamie answered
"Um.. Guy's you need to see this". Susan half yelled looking up from her computer.

She turned it to face them and played a clip.

"I just managed to hack into the security camera, its a good thing they installed one, and look at this.

". She explained

The clip showed the part where Fay entered.

Then Dante entered, but the shocking fact was that when Dante entered, Fay wasn't the one inside but Silvia... And the strange thing was that she never moved an inch.

"Did you guys see what just happened? ". Erika squealed.
"Yes, her face just changed. ".
Moran replied.. Just then the part where Leo entered was seen and before Silvia turned to face him her face changed again to Fay's face.

"Ok I'm I the only one that just saw that? ". Conan exclaimed.

"She's using two faces? "

"Yes, the truth is Fay and Silvia are the same person ". Susan dropped and Leo felt his heart contract.

So she really is alive!! All these years!! And she's working with the B. M. Bs? Or perhaps her three brothers are the Malton brothers?

"Is she using a mask or something, because she didn't even make an effort to change her face". Cecilia's voice rang into his thoughts.

"She can't be using a mask, if it was a mask I would have known". Jamie answered.

He just couldn't begin to explain the kind of hurt he was feeling at that moment.

So all her doings was a sherade?
Everything was a lie?

Her words, her confessions , her smile, her story.. Everything was a big fat lie..

If he was alone right now he would have been crying his eyes out.

"If it isn't a mask then what is it? ". Moran asked.

"I know what it is ". Susan answered.

"Its called,, THE LOOK I WANT ". She announced and just then the part where she completely changed into the brown haired lady, displayed on the screen...

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