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Reincarnation-Chapter 37


Reincarnation-Chapter 37

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from last chapter.....

After crying her pains out, she finally got up to look at her brothers who were wearing surprised expressions.

Crying had lifted a little weight off her, but she wasn't done yet , there Were so many things she wanted to say and ask, but she knew that the answer would always remain the same.

Though she couldn't blame them, everything that happened and is happening is all her fault, she's to be blamed and no one else.

If she had won over her jealousy, she would not have requested that her best should be killed so she could marry her fiance.

If only she'd listened to her mother's warnings, maybe things would be different. She also had questions to ask about heef parent and the rest of her friends.. They all disappeared after that night.

So many bad things accpmpanied her request, but at that time she was just too blinded to see them... Anyways the deed has been done and there is no way she can go back to the past and undo what she did, though it's not too late to correct her mistakes, there was still hope of being free from the torments of just mere thoughts, there was still a possibility that she could freely smile, even if it was behind bars, even if it means betraying her psychotic siblings.

As if reading her thoughts, Alvarez (the eldest brother) spoke up.

"Silvia, if you're thinking of betraying us, you better throw that thought aside, don't even dare think about it for one more second ". He spoke with a stern look.

She packed her hair up, and tied it into a messy nun.. It seemed wrong with the situation at hand but that was the only thing she thought about doing to prevent the molten lava inside her from erupting.

"Alvarez! " she hissed shocking the three of them again.. She never addressed them by their names. Never. Not even in their early years.. There was a time they thought she didn't even know their real names.. And now she said it like it was air she was breathing out.

"Alvarez Malton Stars, tell me, who the hell are you to speak about betrayal, when you are the god of deceit and betrayal.. Perez was your friend remember? But you did what you did without thinking twice, before that, you extorted his funds and sabotaged his projects, Mr&Mrs Stars were your parents right? But still yet you worked with their enemies against them, and not only that you wiped them off this earth like dust.. I am your sister Alvarez, but you've used me for so many illicit deals... Tell me, who are you to pronounce that word or even accuse someone of it? ". She roared, with smoke oozing out of her..

They were shocked beyond words, no one of them could begin to fathom the cause of her outburst. They were well aware of what they'd put her through, but their pride and ego wouldn't let them even consider throwing a sorry or thank you her way... The only people are good to are no one but themselves.

"Silvia, what has come over you? ". Alastair (the second brother) said with authority... He gave a look of warning.. The look he always gave her when she misbehaved... She would always recline and apologize after being scolded but none of that seemed to be of use in this case.

"What has come over me? Nothing, nothing at all, I've just realize that I've been lagging behind in vital issues and I'm trying to correct them, that's what you three have always thought me isn't it? ". She retorted matching his stance.

Alfred (the youngest) replied
"Silvia are you doing all these because of Perez or that James or Jamie or whatever he's called? Is it because... "

"Don't you dare bring Jamie into this!! " she barked cutting him off.
"Or Perez, don't bring anyone into this, the only reason why I've been obeying all your commands since all these years is because I felt indebted , I felt like I was owing you something, but now I've realized that I've paid more than the bargained price, I've finally opened my eyes to see that I have been used beyond limits and its time I stand up for myself, I am not your slave nor I'm I your employee, I am your sister and I would only render my assistance whenever and however pleases me.. And you shouldn't think I'm afraid of you, I have never been afraid of you, the only reason I endured those trash was because I felt that I should be punished for the crime I committed but its enough already.. I have received more than enough punishment and I think it okay, its time I set myself free and allow myself to be happy and enjoy what I want, not what you think is right.

Just so you know, I won't betray you because I've made a promise, and I don't break my promises, but that doesn't mean I won't try other things.. Note that I I'm cutting all ties with you this very moment... Feel free to send your men to come after me... That's all you know anyways ". She spat and stomped off, but just before she got out she glanced at them and gave them her last words..

"I just wished you guys would be less demons and more human " she whispered loud enough for them to her before banging the door shut.

And that moment, she walked towards a new life, a new beginning even though she wouldn't be able to forget anything from her past she would at least try to correct some mistakes...

Presently there's only one person she wanted to see, the only person who she felt something for, the only person who cared for her and wanted more than just her body.. Just few moments with him had thought her so many lessons and now she wanted to be with him for just one more time... Just one last time.


She arrived at his place an hour later, it was already close to midnight and she knew he would definitely be asleep, so she didn't bother using the door bell, she just opted for using the spare key he'd given her the day they came back from Texas, that was only two days ago.. That night he'd made sweet love to her and made her wish their moment together would never end..

But after tonight, it was surely the end.

She walked straight to his room but was surprised to find the bed empty, she checked the bathroom and it was also empty, just the sweet fragrance of lavender filled the air.. Memories of the night before flashed through her mind as she stared at the bathtub.. She found herself already getting wet and craving for his touch, forgetting all about her present distress.

She hurried off to check the other rooms, but was disappointed not to find him, she checked everywhere but still didn't see him.. He was obviously not around, but then 'where could he be? '. She thought and to crown it all his line was not reachable..

Different thoughts cascaded through her mind but out of all the numerous thoughts one particularly sent a chill down her spine.

"What if my brothers have abducted him or he's found out about me? "

The shock of the bullets shot at them had made memories flush out of their hiding place in Leo's mind and had sent him into a state of temporary paralysis..
The instant the bullets brushed pass his arm and made contact with his skin, he felt something he hadn't felt for more than a century... Fear... He'd felt angry and depressed at some point in his abnormal span of life but he'd never experienced Fear.. No he'd never felt the fear of dying and reincarnating only to be forgotten all over again... He'd found someone he's come to adore and was scared to be forgotten by her..
 He's found a life and little solace in what he was doing with his crew and he felt scared of loosing everything... That brought back memories of how he was first killed and had zoned his mind to numbness.

"Leo !! "

"Leonardo!! ". He heard faint voices call out for him but he couldn't reach them, he couldn't answer their call, he also could not feel anything... Nothing.. Nothing at all.

"Leonardo!? " he was suddenly jerked out of his paralyzed state, by a forceful tug at his arm.
He looked up and saw three pairs of eyes, looking at him with worry drawn boldly on their face.

He suddenly felt a sharp pain on his arm and looked down to find it bleeding, it was tied with a piece of cloth but it wasn't helping at all..

"Leo, you're loosing blood ". Cecilia said, lightly touching his face.

"Sawyer is there a hospital around here? ". She asked not taking her eyes of him.

"I'm afraid not and even there was we wouldn't be able to go there because it would only stir up questions ". Sawyer replied , re starting the car.

"I'm fine, let's just go the farmhouse ". Leo managed to force out, finally finding his voice.

"Are you sure? ". Cecilia inquired worriedly.

He only nodded in response, that was the only gesture he could manage...

"I don't even know how I feel! "

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