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Reincarnation-Chapter 36


Reincarnation-Chapter 36

Theme: Death is not an option


Leo, Susan, Cecilia and Sawyer managed to deal with the men but more seemed to be coming.

"Guys we need to get out of here! More of them are coming! ".
Sawyer yelled swiftly dodging a blow.

"Get into the car!! ". Leo yelled back in response and expertly collected a rod from an enemy and used back on him.

Sawyer managed to reach the car first and sat on the driver's seat, he immediately ignited the engine ready to move.... Cecilia followed next but just before she could open the door, she was forcefully pulled backwards and she almost hit the ground.

"What the f**k!! ". She cursed trying to regain her stance.... She flipped her loose hair to the side before looking at the moron who pulled her... She seriously had to stifle a laugh as she saw him... He was a stout pot bellied man, who should be in his late fourties and looked like he could hardly carry himself.
'How much did they pay you to this? '. She thought before giving him a hard kick between his groin . He fell on the ground painfully holding his balls..
"Suits you right ". She spat on his face and entered the car.

Susan on the other hand , seemed rather reluctant to go, she was busy electrifying the attackers with a taser... It looked small like a pencil unlike the normal taser that was gun shaped.... The tiny device performed the task of five tasers put together coz the instant she used it on any of the attackers, they fainted due to the shock and pain it transfered to their system.
She felt superior to them... I mean, how would you feel, by just stretching your hand to electrocute a bunch of hefty looking daddies who came to kill you?

Good, right?

Yeah, that's how Susan felt when each person she attacks falls to the ground... She reluctantly made her way to the car, lashing anyone who stood in her way...

Sawyer took off the moment Leo was able to ward of the blows and enter the car.. They took off in high speed and some of the men who were waiting outside with cars and bikes immediately followed them.

"We need somewhere to hide, there's no way we'll be able to drive back to town without getting caught ". Sawyer said driving up to the highway
Almost immediately Conan's voice rang out..

"Guys I'm going to my farmhouse,, there's no way we'll be able to drive back to town without getting caught but I'll try to play little tricks and try to loose them ". He rushed out, it was obvious that he was in a hot seat..

"No problem Conan, we'll meet you there " Leonardo responded.
Sawyer, managed to take another route, towards Conan's farmhouse, in a town called Chino hills.

Taking a turn towards the town, they were able to mix up with other cars and keep their attackers at a reasonable distance away from them... But a little while later they stopped pursuing them and disappeared out of sight.
"I can't see them" Sawyer said surprised at how easily they were able to escape..

"Yeah it seems they've... ". Leo was saying when a car behind them suddenly sped up to their side and before they could comprehend what was happening next... A masked person, popped out of the window and fired several bullets at them, they escaped all the bullets but the last one brushed pass Leo's arm... And that was all... No sign or trace of any danger was felt or seen, they stopped following them and turned back, heading to an unknown destination.

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"Is everyone okay? " Sawyer asked, parking by the roadside, when he noticed that they were no longer being followed.

"Yeah ". Susan answered first.

"I'm okay ". Cecilia answered, more like whispered turning to Leo whose head was bent slightly, he seemed lost and distant, it was as if he was suddenly unaware of what was going on around him, his eyes glistened and held a kind of flame that wasn't there before.

"Leonardo ". Cecilia called.

"Are you okay? ". She asked but he kept mute, still staring intently at nothing. She placed her hand on his arm, that was when she felt a liquid substance... Her eyes traveled from his face to his arm and she noticed the red liquid slowly traveling down his hand.... Her eyes immediately widened in shock... No.. With fear.

"Oh my God Leo, you're bleeding!! "
The three brothers were pacing rhythmically to and fro across a sparsely furnished room attached to their office..

"How dare they do that!! ". The first one fumed.

"And to even think Perez is their leader is more annoying ". The second one added with invisible smoke puffing out of him.

"But how did they even find out? " the third one spoke making the rest halt.

"That's what I'm still wondering, do you think Silvia said something to them? ". The first one suggested.

"She wouldn't do that Alvarez, she can't betray us" the second replied
"Don't say that Alastair, she loves him and love can make people do stupid things, that includes, spilling out information and betraying us ". The third one retorted..

Before anyone of them could respond, the door screeched open and she walked in, looking haggard.

She looked at the third brother in the eye and replied..

"Alfred, maybe you're right, love can make people do stupid things and that includes spilling out information and betraying you guys.. Maybe I'm considering the idea of betraying you devil incarnates.. ". She snarled humourlessly..

Alvarez the eldest and leader of the Malton brothers, walked up to where she stood and landed a thundering slap on her face..

"How could you Silvia? After everything we've done for you? ". He spat at her.

"It seems your thirst for superiority and your wickedness has succeeded in completely shutting down the part of your brain that's supposed translate spoken words.. ". She retorted holding her cheek.,.. " And just so you know, you've never ever done anything but cause pain to me, you've done nothing but cause havoc and depression in my life, even in our first life , all you guys did was use me, you never really cared for me, it was just pretense, nothing more, you murdered me and drained every single bright colour in my dreams, to the extent that the only thing I'm capable of seeing is darkness, shadows lurking around corners... The only thing that I'm capable of feeling is pain..... Pain... Nothing but PAIN.. That's all I know, that's all I feel... The three of you made me kill, you transformed an innocent girl with a beautiful room in her heart into a murderer, a cold hearted murderer.. You turned my fragile heart into a stone cold tower... An ice castle.. I'm now a living corpse... Tell me ... Tell me what you say you've done for me? What favors have you done for me?.. Alvarez, Alastair, Alfred. STARS... Tell me one good thing your Stellar has done for me!!! ". She poured out in tears leaving her brothers speechless..

She fell to the ground, wailing bitterly... For the first time in One hundred years, she cried, she felt sorry for herself, she pitied the kind of life she'd been living... She wished she could turn back the hands of time and undo her past deeds... She wished she was lying peacefully in her grave, she wished she allowed her best friend be with the love of her life, she wished that God had not given her demons, as brothers.. But most of all she wished she could just die and stop feeling anything,, she wished this forever life she was living would just come to an abrupt end..

Or maybe her life would just magically transform into a life in elysian field... But of course she was well aware of the fact that, that wish would not not come to pass.. That fact alone resulted in a round of fresh sobs....

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