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Reincarnation-Chapter 33


Reincarnation-Chapter 33

Theme: Death is not an option


With Justin and Moran traveling on the highway while the rest went through the underground road... They arrived in Pomona valley, forty five minutes later... Justin took a different route to a the end of the valley and rounded off to the highest elevation giving them a view of the small city ahead and the border of the state itself.

It was already 7:33 pm.

"We still have enough time to prepare and rest before they get here " he said to Moran who was half asleep.

"Hmm" was the only sound she could make in return. He chuckled and reached for a bag at the backseat.

Moran fluttered her lashes open to see Justin loading his guns.

"I thought you would only carry your machine gun? ". She whispered loudly, raking her eyes over the different shapes and sizes of the guns in his possession.

"A hitman doesn't stick to one type of gun, each has it's own purpose ". Justin replied loading the last short gun.

" can you handle a gun? ". He asked looking at her with a smug smile.

"Yep " she replied nodding her head.

"Who taught you? "

"My grandpa, he was an army officer ".

"Really? "

"Yeah "
"Tell me about your family Moran". He said and looked at the time again... They still had more than enough time to talk.

The two Ferraris reached McKinley hills a little while later.. While Conan drove further into the city... Leo took another path to the place they'd be meeting.

**note ,) this is a FANFIC story. Not all places mentioned actually exist in real life, most are a work of imagination **

McKinley hills was a very small town in outskirts of Pomona , the town is called McKinley hills but the main McKinley hills is a large ridge that caved in and formed a hollow space which five or six people can fit in. It is situated at the middle of the town. One special thing about McKinley hills is that when people are inside, the hollowness of the place prevents them to be seen by people outside but you can clearly see anyone outside if you're inside. The outer surrounding together with the interior was onate and felt relaxing.

Conan drove out to the road and entered the town through the main road while Leo remained underground and drove to the space right under McKinley hills.
No one needed to tell them where Dante would be meeting his supposed allies..

Sawyer and Susan got out of the car and immediately set to work... They started placing small magnetic devices that looked like a walkie talkie on the ceiling which was the ground of the hill.

Leo brought out a small box, which is the sound transmission panel. It contained series of connected wires and a small satellite shaped object at the middle. When they were done setting things up, Susan connected it with her computer and after punching different characters on the keyboard they started hearing sounds coming from McKinley
Conan parked the car at a small distance away from McKinley hills, they got out and entered a small casino just opposite it. That way they could observe the movement of people and vehicles around the area and they would immediately notify the others about them.

Moran and Justin were so engrossed in their conversation, they lost track of time... They were only zapped out of their discussion by the faint reflection of light coming from afar... It was a... A white Mercedes Benz, it was approaching the town with full speed.

Justin quickly alerted the others of the incoming car prompting the guys in the casino to keep a watchful eye.

Fay drove into the not so loud town of McKinley hills at exactly five minutes to nine. She smiled and mentally pictured how she would perform her task and exit the place unnoticed.

She picked up a gun carelessly lying on the passenger seat, there was a silencer on it... That would make her work very quiet and concise.

She made her through the palladian buildings to the the rigde. She took a deep breath trying to assure herself that everything would go well, before entering the hollow rigde . Her plan was just to enter, pull the trigger and get out but that plan took a u turn backwards when she entered to find the place empty except for a table and two chairs. It has obviously been reserved for their meeting but her victim was yet to be seen..

"Asshole" she cursed and went to sit down on one of the chairs.

Cecilia stared shocked at the figure she just saw entering the ridge.

"Fay? ". She breathed out admist all the chaotic chatters of the gamblers and gamers in the casino.

'Now everything is making sense' she thought, sharply filling all the gaps.

Mark must have come to tell Fay to assassinate Dante. And he was unaware of the danger awaiting him, he would foolishly enter to never come out.

"Um.. Cecilia... Isn't that the Fay you were talking about? ". Conan asked behind her.

She turned to face him, nodding her head she answered.
"Dante is meeting no messenger, he's about to be killed! "

Leo, Sawyer and Susan were set to listen to the conversation when Leo's phone rang..

"Cecilia? " he muttered as he saw who the caller is.

'Why couldn't she just communicate through the Bluetooth earpiece? '


Leo, things are not as they seem, Fay just entered McKinley hills.
Fay? What is she doing here?
remember Moran said Mark came to see her?


I think she's here to..

to kill Dante! ". He completed grasping all she just said..

That explains why we haven't heard anything yet. "

Almost immediately he heard Justin's voice from the earpiece.
"Guys a black Sedan is approaching, and three Lamborghinis have parked at the back of the ridge, and there are dangerous looking men on bikes, they've surrounded the area " he said lowly.

"Yes, Dante just got out of the Sedan and I can see some men " Conan added sighting Dante as he stepped out the car.

Leo thought fast of what to do... Dante is a criminal but he's not supposed to die now.. He should be alive to at least, testify against the Malton brothers.

He glanced at Sawyer and Susan who were waiting for his suggestion... Their initial plan would definitely not work out now..

He picked a pistol from the car and turned to face them.

"Sawyer, are your fighting skills still intact? " He asked smugly
"You bet ". Sawyer replied with a smirk, understanding what Leo meant.

"Susan I believe you have some gadgets for defense " he said more like asked.

"I never go anywhere without them " she replied tapping her pockets.

"Good" Leo mumbled in approval before bringing the small Bluetooth speaker close..

"Guys we need to change our plan! "

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