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Reincarnation-Chapter 32


Reincarnation-Chapter 32

Theme: Death is not an option


Leo walked downstairs to the living room to find everyone except for Moran and Justin seated and having what looked like a serious conversation.

They all turned to him except Susan who was engrossed in the work she doing on her laptop.
"The king has finally arrived ". Conan drawled.

"Look I ain't got time for shits, just tell me what my attention is needed for ". Leo answered taking a seat beside Cecilia.

"Yeah.. Yeah this is all because their romance sess.. ". Conan started to say but kept shut with the look he received from Cecilia.

"What message did Dante receive? ". Cecilia asked, with a satisfied smile.

Sawyer rotated the laptop he was holding to face the rest.. On the screen the message sent to Dante's email was clearly visible.

It read
Dante, there has been a change of plan, we'll be meeting tonight instead of tomorrow.. Same place and same time, you better not be late..

"This means that Dante and the B. M. Bs messenger will be meeting tonight ". Leonardo mumbled.

"Yes,I've sent a tracer to trace this email address, it would have been easier to find who exactly owns it if the address was not virtual. ". Sawyer explained.

"It's virtual? ". Erika asked.
"Yes, we can't send mails to it"

"But.. The person can send to him.. If that's the case then.. ". She was cut off when the door flung open and Moran together with Justin scuttled in.

"Hey people ". Moran snickered at them.

No one even bothered to reply, Sawyer continued what he was saying.

"The person using the email is using an anonymous account, so we can only get to know who it is after my tracer returns " he said, at the upper part of the screen, an icon was rotating, indicating that the tracer is at work..

"From what Moran copied from Dante's phone, the address is in Pomona, but the issue now is, it's dangerous, very dangerous and we need to have a perfect plan, one that would hit every angle, coz this time we're dealing with the criminals themselves ".

"True Sawyer ". Leo spoke "But danger is expected, the mission itself is danger, that's why we need to thread very carefully, all of us won't be going at once, and secondly, unlike our first task, this time we are not going to be seen, not even in disguise. "

"How are we going to do that? ".
 Cecilia asked.

"There's an underground tunnel that leads straight to Pomona valley, from there, there's a path to McKinley hills, that's where we'll go through, I suggest we leave as soon as possible because we'll have to plant sound transmitters in all the corners of the area, that way, we can listen to their conversation without being there". He explained and they smiled... A smart idea he just gave... That's why he's the master mind.

"Uhm guys, who exactly are we following? ". Moran asked, she'd obviously lost out on the most part of their plan.

"Dante ". Leo answered.
"He's meeting with the B. M. Bs messenger tonight, instead of tomorrow ". Sawyer added and she gasped turning her gaze to Justin who also gave her a knowing look.

"We saw him ". Justin dropped.

"Who? ". Conan questioned.

"The same guy they sent to Dante on the night of the party. ". Moran answered.

"Where? ". Erika asked.

"At a restaurant close to the station, he was with Fay". She answered making both Cecilia and Leonardo's eyes pop out.

"Fay? " the both of them questioned at once.

"Yes Fay, I was also surprised "

"What was she doing with him? " Cecilia asked.

"I don't know, but I did hear her speaking harshly on the phone, sometime later, she entered Melody's place with Mark, the messenger " she explained.

"Did you perhaps hear what they discussed? ". Leo asked with keen interest..

"Not exactly.. ". Moran answered and went ahead to explain what she felt he said..

"This is bad!! ". Cecilia grunted pacing back and forth.

"If what you're saying is right then many things are at stake here, and I can't help but worry that Jamie has fallen into her trap, I hope he doesn't spill anything to her ". She lamented frustrated.

"Why don't you try calling him, to warn him at least " Erika suggested.

Cecilia immediately dialed Jamie's number but it unfortunately was not going through.

"It not reachable ". She groaned with a scowl.

"I really hope everything's fine, what if that bitch has done something bad to him? ". She lamented worriedly..

Yes.. Jamie was definitely a big time prick, but she really cared for him and not only him, the printing press too and oh SSA!!

What if he told her something about it, what if she has all the info about SSA... 'Oh no, this is really bad ' she thought.

Leo felt a pang of jealousy stroke him at Cecilia's reaction. Cecilia obviously cared and loved Jamie very much, and he couldn't help but feel jealous that she's worried about him... But at the same time, he felt stupid for feeling that way,, in a situation like this, you would even be worried for your enemy... Anything concerning The Black Malton brothers meant hell on earth.

"That still shouldn't stop us". Leo said

"I'm sure Jamie won't reveal such vital information to just an employee, even if something is going on between them "

"I just hope you're right ". She responded trying as much as possible not to freak out.

"Now back to the plan..... We are all gonna be leaving in two hours time but not all of us will be reaching the actual destination..

Justin you and Moran are going to be our front eye... You are going to situate at the elevation of Pomona Valley, that gives you a general view of McKinley hills and beyond, so you're gonna be feeding us with the movements of suspected folks or vehicles, I believe your machine gun is well loaded "

"Yep". Justin answered.

"Good.. Conan, Erika and Cecilia the three of you would mingle casually among some of the residents there, that way you would be able to observe anything without arousing suspicions..... The three of you are our back eye, Susan, Sawyer and I will be a their meeting place.. The three of us are depending on you guys... We would be blindly following you... So please concentrate and don't take anything for granted... Any questions or suggestions? "

Susan who'd all these while been focused on her laptop, raised up her head and cleared her throat, making everyone's attention turn to her.

"What's wrong? " Leo asked looking at her.

"I think I've gotten a very important point here " she replied turning back to her laptop, she punched some keys and brought a small torch like device from her pocket... She pressed a button and projection lights emerged from it, then she typed something on the laptop and the content of the screen appeared on the light making all her actions on the computer visible...

"These are the documents, Erika got from Orlando's money room" she said gesturing at it.

"Most of them are from the transaction made between the B. M. Bs and him, I noticed that in every single document, there's a weird phrase that has nothing to do with the deal itself.... This is it " she explained and a phrase of scattered characters appeared..

It looks like this :

"This is jargon ". Justin said looking at it.

"So you think, but if you carefully read it, you'll be able to put the words together. " she answered and pressed key on the keyboard, the arranged words appeared.

"is an death not option? ". Cecilia mumbled

"Doesn't make sense ". Moran chipped in..

"Again, that's what you think but if you put each word in the right place, it would form a meaningful phrase " Susan explained, making everyone try to make something sensible out the words.
Is an option not death?

Not option is an death?

An option is not death?.

Susan punched a key again and the words appeared.

"Death is not an option? ". Leo muttered to himself.

"What does that mean? ". Cecilia asked and Susan responded.

"I don't know either, but its at the end of every agreement in all the documents, since its scattered and looks meaningless, I don't think Orlando paid any attention to it, its just like a sign to show that they're the ones, more like a logo or a motto, but I think there's more to it ". She expounded.

"Death is not an option ".
Leonardo muttered to himself again... He'd heard that exact phrase before, but he just couldn't point it out, he couldn't remember where he saw it.... But it sounds so familiar... 'Where where.. Where? '. He thought frantically.

"That's what have got from the documents so far, other things look normal ". Susan said, retrieving the widget from the ground.

"In that case we should listen very carefully for any hint, when we get there, I think we should start getting set ". Leo concluded... And they started putting all they would need in place.

Exactly two hours later, they walked out of Leo's house to the garage where two black sparkling Ferraris and red BMW were parked.

"Whoa a Ferrari? " Cecilia exclaimed looking at Leo.

"Two Ferraris Miss Martin, I'm richer than you think ". He replied, throwing a key to Conan.

"Justin you and Moran are taking the BMW, you'll be traveling on the highway, while we'll be going underground ". He said to Justin and handed him the key.

"Good luck guys and you should know that whether we succeed or not we will always be a team and we did our best ". He addressed and they all smiled.

He met Cecilia's gaze for a moment and though nothing was said but a message was passed... A message of assurance that they would both definitely return successful.

"Bye guys "
"Bye "

"Byes ". They said to each other before lodging into their cars..
Conan, Erika and Cecilia entered the same car.. Sawyer, Susan and Leonardo were together while Moran and Justin dived into the BMW.

Moments later they took off with Conan's car in front, Leo's car middle and Justin's at the back.

A certain kind of fear was etched at the back of their minds but the feeling of determination crowded it,, and most of all they all hoped that all would go down well....

Fay drove in her white Mercedes Benz, with high speed going 65 miles per hour....

She sighed and sighed again.... This is not the first time she's traveling a distance to kill, nor was it the second or third.. But this is the first time she's feeling scared and nervous... She wasn't even this scared the first time..

'This must be a sign that something would go wrong '. Her subconscious said to her but she ignored it.. If she had the chance she would go far away and never return and maybe she would convince Jamie to come with and they would live happily ever after..

Hmm but she knew that would only happen in her wildest dreams... It can't become a reality.. Not with what she's involved in... Not with who she's involved with...

She took a look at the booklet where the details of her victim was written..

"Dante Orlando Orleans... You're about to breath your last.. "

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