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Reincarnation-Chapter 31


Reincarnation-Chapter 31

Theme: Death is not an option


Fay was not particularly having a good day coz she and Jamie had a an argument.... He was professing his feelings for her too clearly her.. Before their first intercourse she'd clearly stated that their affair would be promiscuous ; no dates, no love making, only f**king and that's that..

But apparently that night Jamie was too horny to think straight.. Now his heart and mind centers around her, the beautiful Fay and she DOESN'T want that... Okay the truth is ; she also has feelings for him BUT, falling in love is nat in anyway related to her mission there. Her mission is ; 'go in there and get all the possible info, if you have to use your body then do it.. Just get it and flee! '. Yeah. That's what they told her and she knew better than to disobey... She'd definitely be dead...

Now back to what happened.... They woke up this morning wrapped around each other and with a charming smile he greeted and kissed her passionately.. That alone made her heart quaver, but she pushed it aside "it's just a kiss " she told herself.

What pushed her to the edge was his request on their way to the office.... Their conversation went thus :

"Uhm baby? " Jamie called taking a quick glance at her.


"Yeah? ". She answered anyways.

'F**k mates address each other with pet names ' she thought.

"I was wondering if we could go on a date tonight, I already booked a nice for us at the outskirts of town". He told her.

Okay now this is getting serious..

"A date? " she repeated.

"Yes a date"

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and tried not blow up.

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Why can't he just stick to the deal?
But a voice in her head told her "you breached that deal the instant you decided to spend a night on his bed "

She sighed deeply before finally speaking up..

"Jamie I can't, I think it will be better if we don't take this thing any further "

"Why? ". He asked perplexed.
"That was the deal we had right? Just s*x and nothing more". She retorted.

"Well f**k that deal, I don't want only your body Fay.. I want more than that ". He replied.

He was hurt.. Why are my so unfortunate with women? He thought frustratedly.

"But I don't want that, I am not ready for any relationship right now! " she replied bluntly.

"Why? Did I do something wrong? Tell me what I did and I swear I'll correct it " he rushed out.. He was finding it hard to concentrate on the road, so he found a spot at the side of the road and parked.

"You didn't do anything Jamie, I'm just not in for anything serious.. Please just understand and stop forcing me into what I don't want.. Please.. And don't bring this up again! ". She half yelled and got out of the car slamming the door hard..

He stared blankly at the place she was sitting a moment ago... He heaved deeply and leaned on the steering . He was in position for a while before turning on the ignition and sped off.

Now they were not talking to each other... It was hurting her but, her mission is more important than any niggling feeling.

As if things could not get any worse her phone rang.. She sighed when she looked at the caller and with an eye roll she picked it up.

"Yes Mark I'm listening "

meet me at the restaurant beside your workplace "

what the f**k do you want?! "
we need to talk about something "
hmm I'll be there.

I need to see you now"

I said I'll be there just stop frustrating me.... I'll be there in ten!! She yelled into the phone and hung up.

She raised her head up to see Moran at the door way.. But immediately she saw her, she fled.
What the hell?

This lady really needs to keep her nose in its place... She thought dryly before leaving the office.. Not even bothering to tell Jamie..

Few minutes later she got out of the building and met Mark in front of the restaurant, he led her into the shop to a table at the back.

"Now why have you called me here? ". She asked once she was seated.

"Since you seem to be in a hurry I'll just go straight to the point "
"which is? "

"I need you to kill someone"

She resisted the urge to pounce on him the instant the words slipped out of his mouth.

"Again? " Look I'm nat in for that shit right now.. How many times do you want me to kill? Why can't you send someone or do it yourself ". She snapped.

"I can't do it myself or send someone because you're the swift killer and you must do it coz you've been ordered to ".
With that said, he brought out a small book and passed it to her.
"All you need to do is in here and just so you know its tonight ". He said.

She picked the book and opened, her brows furrowed the moment she looked inside the book.
"Isn't this Dante Orleans? The one you have a business contract with? "

"Yeah "

"Why do you want him dead, we went to his dad's party just two days ago! "

"We found out he trespassed and was trying to look where he wasn't supposed to "

"That's why you want to kill him? "
"Yes and I'm not the one who wants him dead, they ordered it.. He'll be at the address in the book tonight ". He said and stood up.
"I need to leave... If there's anything else, I'll let you know " he added and walked away.

Oh no.. Not again.. What have done to deserve this?

She sighed for umpteenth time and got up, making for the exit, unaware of the two pair of eyes curiously watching her..

Moran gapped at the two of them intently, forgetting that someone was even talking to her.

"Moran ". Justin called and she turned to face him.

"What are you staring at? "

"Look, behind you ". She whispered and he turned around to see Mark passing a small book to Fay.

"Isn't that Mark? Dante's friend? " he asked dumbfoundedly.

"Yes and he's not just Dante's friend he's working for the Malton Brothers ". She replied.

Moments later Mark got up and started going out and soon Fay followed .

"What is Fay doing with him? ". She whispered to herself.

"We should follow them ". She said aiming to get up but he held her down.

"No wait.. ". Almost immediately their phones beeped at once, indicating a new message.

They wordlessly opened the message.. It read

Let's meet at Leo's place ASAP, there's a new message in Dante's email... We might embark on our next task tonight

"What are we going to do now.. Follow him or go to Leo's place? ". Moran asked looking up.

"I say we go to Leo's place, who knows the message might be related to what we just saw". Justin replied..

And they hurriedly left the restaurant and drove towards Leonardo's place...

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