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Reincarnation-Chapter 30


Reincarnation-Chapter 30

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter....

"And that person is? "
"Fay! "

No one needed to say it out, it's now quite obvious that the only person who could lead them to Silvia or maybe the B. M. Bs is Fay... Fay M Stars it's just too obvious..

"I wonder why I never thought of it ". Cecilia exclaimed..

"It's quite obvious, even the M in her name says it.. Maybe the reason why there's no info about the rest of her family is because they wiped it out... For all we know her brothers might be the B. M. Bs and Fay is just a spy". She poured.. Now things were beginning to fall into place, why didn't she think of that before..
"But then it'll only mean that Silvia is connected with them, since she used Silvia's name ". Leo added .

"Now how are we going to catch her red handed? Should we confront her? "

"No Cecilia, we can't do that now, we need solid evidence against her.. Even if we confront her now she's going to deny it flatly.. Right now we have to be very careful, those people are heartless... In fact we have to act like everything's okay and continue to befriend her ". He answered.

"And apart from that, we should continue our mission Dante is supposed to meet with the B. M. Bs messenger right? "


"Then we're also going to be there, but this time we have to be extra careful, else we'll get caught, they know that people are on their trail but the good thing is, they think it's public officials ".

"Good now I think we're putting things on track, we're meeting tonight at the man cave right? " she asked getting up.

"Yes, for our next task"

"Okay then, I guess that's all for now, if Charlie updates me before then, I'll call you ". She answered taking slow steps towards the door..... Her head was telling her to go but her heart was beating otherwise.

"Okay.. But I still have a question.. Who gave you my address? ". He asked.. Not that he really wanted to know, he was just trying to delay her.. He was now fighting the urge to grab her and kick off from where they stopped...

"why is that so important to you? ".

"It's not, I just want to know "
"Hmm.. Well.. That's for me to know and for you to find out ". She replied with a smug look.

"So now you're using my words against me? ". He asked with the same look on his face..

"Yeah.... What are gonna do about it? "

"What I'm I gonna do about it? ". He repeated involuntarily pulling her to him... She didn't object, in fact a voice somewhere deep inside her was screaming... "Please touch, even if it's just once ".

The look in his eyes said he wanted her, All she needed now is for him to make a move or just give a sign and she would take it from there.. But for some reason unknown to her, he was trying to resist... He didn't want to start what he couldn't finish... Any relationship he'd have is supposed to be promiscuous but he knew he just couldn't have a physical relationship with her... He wanted more than just s*x, but of course that's not possible until he at least know the cause of his predicament.

But who the hell was he to tell his heart who and when to love?
He sighed deeply and brushed a strand of hair off her face.

"Cecilia, the coal is burning hot, I'd suggest we don't uncover it". He whispered huskily caressing her cheek.

Oh.. He just said it, he wants her but doesn't want to take her... Take her when she willing to give herself to him.

"Why? " she whispered back, placing her small hands on his broad shoulders, she felt his muscles clench under her hands... She's obviously affecting him, 'he's just playing hard to get'. She thought with a small smile tugging at the side of her lips.

"I'd rather we don't do that ". He said, more like grunted.

"And I'm asking why? ". She replied, she was now in control.

"Because.... We shouldn't "
"That still doesn't answer my question ". She replied running her over his chest, she drew circles down to his dark nipple and circled it with her index finger, prompting him to let an involuntary moan...

"Dammit Cecilia ". He drawled huskily..

He was loosing it, all his self control has been drained, he was saying something and doing something contrary to it.. She had now succeeded in driving him crazy.. But just when he decided to let it all out and take action... A mo'f**king barbarian chose that moment to knock on his door.

"Love birds, please your attention is needed here! ". Conan's voice boomed from outside.

"Stupid asshole ". Cecilia cursed under her breath making Leo laugh.

"He made things easier for me ". Leo answered... He didn't think he'd ever be grateful to hear Conan's voice, not up till this moment.

"Leonardo Perez Freeman, this is not the end ". She whispered and leaned up to place a light kiss on his lips... Leaving him dumbstruck..

"We'll continue this some other time ". She added and turned towards the door..

"You're one bold lad Miss Martin, he said behind her"

She pulled the door open and shot Conan a dreadful glare, making step back.

"Did I interrupt something? ". He asked with a sheepishly grin.

"Apparently you did" she snarled still giving him a hard look..

"Are you guys a thing now? ". He asked.

"How is that related to what you came here for? " she snapped back.

"Oh easy there lioness, I just came to tell you that there's a new message on Dante's email ". He answered raising his hands up.
"Well let's go see it" she retorted brushing past him.

"Where's Leo? " he asked following her.

"He's dressing up". She replied with a smug grin.

"Oh my God you even undressed? ". He half yelled behind her.

"Just butt out of our business "
"Oh madame you just encouraged me to butt in".....

Moran was sitting in her office, cross checking the last atticle she wrote before all the B. M. Bs saga started. Her mind was not in the right state, she was wondering how Leo would explain what they saw at the library... 'How? ' she wondered 'how is that even possible? Or is he really working for the B. M. Bs? '.

She sighed softly and continued skimming through the article when her phone started ringing.

She picked it up without looking at the caller ID.And. Her heart skipped a beat when heard the voice of the caller..


Hello senorita". His manly voice rang out sending her senses to cloud nine.

uhm Hi J.. Justin "

How are you doing?

Fine uh I'm great ". She stuttered and heard him chuckle from the other en.

I reserved a table for us at 'Melody's Lunch Treat '. Beside your work place , are you busy?
Yes.. I mean no.. Are you there right now?.


Okay... I'll be there in 10"
Alright then, see ya ". He said and hung up.

She practically leapt of her seat and roughly shoved all the papers aside.. She picked her purse and scuttled to the restroom...

Five minutes later she came out, all made up and majestically made her way out towards the elevator. She passed Jamies's office, the door was slightly opened and she sighted Fay making a phone call... She look angry with a scowl plastered on her face...

"What the f**k do you want? ". She snarled into the phone
"I said I'll be there, just f**king stop frustrating me, I'll be there in ten!! She yelled into the phone and ended the call.

She raised her head up and met Moran's gaze..

Moran mentally slapped herself as Fay caught her standing there, she immediately brought out her phone and faked a phone call.

"Yeah hello, I'm on my way". She snickered and hurried off to the elevator.

'Who was she talking to? ' she thought but quickly brushed it off her mind... She had a date with her crush and nothing's gonna ruin it not even the annoying Fay...

Five minutes later she walked into the small Italian restaurant and sighted Justin sitting at the table at the back of the room.

"Hi beauty ". He greeted as she reached his table and pecked her cheek.

"Hi" she replied blushing fifty shades.

"I haven't ordered anything yet, I didn't know what you'd like ". He said drawings a chair for her to sit, after she was seated he took his seat and beckoned at a waiter.

"Pick whatever you like " he said giving her the menu.

"So have you dated before? ". Justin asked, they were already halfway through their meal.

"Yeah , three guys ". She replied sipping her cup of juice.

"How were they? "

"Hmm they were cool, but one was a nerd ".

"A nerd? " he asked with a small laugh

"Yes, he was my brother's friend "
"Really, what made you interested in him? ".
"Hmm, nothing except for the fact that he was super cute! "

"Ooh, so you like cute guys? "

"Who doesn't like cute guys? I love cute guys.. My second boyfriend was a gym instructor "

"You've gat broad taste ". He said stifling a laugh.

"Yep I like to explore"

"Explore uh? " he replied and they both chuckled.

Just then she looked up and sighted Fay and a man walking into the restaurant, she looked closely at the man and recognised him as the man from the party... Mark the guy was talking to Dante.
Surprisingly they walked to the table adjacent theirs but they were quite engrossed in their conversation to notice them.

She watched closely as they talked, she couldn't hear what they were discussing but she managed to read the lips of the man.. She gasped as she read his last statement..

It looked like ; " I need you to kill someone "..

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