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Reincarnation-Chapter 29


Reincarnation-Chapter 29

Theme: Death is not an option


The expression on his face said it all 'he's definitely guilty ' she thought as she stared directly at him.

"Answer me Leonardo!! ". She half yelled when he didn't respond.

"Are you working for the Malton brothers?.... You're just a spy aren't you? "

"Perez talk to me or have suddenly become dumb?!! "

"Cecilia listen please it's not what you think " he finally spoke up... How on earth would he begin to explain? Where was he going to start from? Would she believe him? His story would sound fake wouldn't it... Gosh where did she even get that? How?

"I'm listening Leo, tell me what it is! ". She drawled glaring daggers at him.

"God where do I even start from? ". He grunted running his hands through his hair.

"It's a long story Cecilia "

She quietly brought out her phone and dialed a number.

"Hello Moran, can you please go to the office and fill in, when I get back I'll explain everything to you..... Yeah... Thanks... Bye... Yeah see ya " She hung up and turned to face him.

"We have all day.. Mr Perez , I'm all ears ". She bellowed humorlessly... She was already bracing herself up for the worst... She was already preparing her heart for the break.. But she still wished and was praying silently that he wasn't involved with the enemies... What would she even do if he was involved?

"Cecilia that Photograph is more than a century old " he started lowly.

"I know that, it is clearly stated here, what i don't understand is how come? And you were killed or is it your grandfather? And the woman? Who is she? And why is it similar to the picture in Fay's file and also the program in the drive? ". She threw at him realizing just how many questions needed to be asked.

"Calm down Cecilia I'll explain "
"I don't know how to explain this to you but... I've been living for the past hundred years... I don't die". He dropped flatly.. And waited for her outburst, but she replied him rather cooly though disbelief was still spelt out with every word she uttered..

"You've been living for more than a hundred years? How? "

"I can't say because I also don't know.. All I know is that I don't die, I can't be be killed and even I'm killed I'll reawaken but no one would remember me... "

"How is that possible? Is it some kind kind of super power or something,? "

"Maybe.. I don't know but it all in 1896... ". And he narrated everything to her...

"So after you all were shot you only woke to find out that the world forgotten you? " She asked perplexed.. This is not the explanation she was expecting to hear but it actually fit in the whole situation, what other story would give a logical explanation to what she found.

But she still couldn't help but doubt him, what if he's just lying? What if he just made this all up? How can someone live for that long and still look exactly the same? How? And no one remembered him?

As if reading her mind Leonardo spoke up.

"Cecilia please believe me, all I just told you is the truth, I know it sounds absurd and lame but its the truth ". He assured
She looked at him and all she saw was the truth , there was not a glimpse of pretense on his face.. This is the first time she's seen him like this, his calm and collected self was no where in sight, he looked tired, sated, drenched and depressed... Now she understands why he never showed any emotions.. Just the short period they've spent together she'd come to understand how he lived.. He always isolated himself, laughed rarely, engaged in very short and serious conversations.. She didn't need to be told that he was lonely, very lonely. He had nobody to lean on.. No one to trust... She felt sorry for him and wished badly that he'd open up and take her in... Now she knew that, what she was feeling for him was not just like what she felt for her past men.. This is real and deeper.. She wanted him, all of him.... But then she knew she couldn't have him now, at least not just yet.. . There were many things to look into and he needs to trust her first..

"Leo I really don't know if I believe you or not and that's because there are many things you haven't told me yet, like how you knew about me even before we met and why your picture is a passkey to translate the program in the drive or why you didn't tell this to anyone in the first place ". She lamented.

He hesitated for a while before finally giving an answer.

"I came back to Pomona few months back, the SSA contacted me to investigate the amount of hard drugs that are smuggled through the border when I started the investigation nothing made sense, there were missing trails and I just didn't understand anything, so I had to go back to the source and it turned out to be the B. M. Bs, I figured that if I could get any info about them, then everything is settled, I would know all the smugglers and also put an end to them. So I directed my search solely on them, but along the line I discovered that someone was also looking for them and that someone is you, I took that as an advantage coz you might know something that I dont, so I started watching your movements.. That night I was right outside your house when I saw you going out and I followed you, but I didn't know that you were also working for the SSA mostly because you didn't make your investigation known to them... And as for the picture, I don't know.. During my first investigation,, I stumbled upon a parcel and the same picture was on it.. That only meant that the B. M. Bs are connected to my friends... The woman with the auburn hair is Silvia she was Amy's best friend, her brothers were also my friends... We formed a circle then... Only for the rich people but Amy broke that rule coz she was the only middle class person among us... Maybe they're still alive like I am, I don't know but even if they are. I know they can't be the Malton brothers coz I know them , they're not capable of such crimes " he poured out.

He was also as confused as hell..
He didn't know what to conclude or think... What is the truth? How can they find people who don't even exist? People who no one knows.. How?

Cecilia heaved deeply taking in all he just said.... True nothing made sense, but since they move about and control people they will surely be found.. Who knows what they're looking for might not be that far.. Maybe they were looking the wrong places... Maybe they just have to notice what they're not giving attention to and Silvia.. Moran said something about seeing her at the hotel...

"Uhm Moran said she saw her at the hotel ". She blurted out.
"Who? "

"Silvia "

"Silvia... That means I wasn't hallucinating ". He exclaimed.
"Hallucinating? "

"Yes, I saw her at the party but I lost her, I never got a chance to speak to her, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me "

"That means she's alive, maybe the same thing that happened to you also happened to her "

"Yeah maybe! " he exclaimed.

He was more than elated to know that she was alive, it meant hope.. Yeah, hope that everything would be solved.. Not exactly everything but a great part of his case.. But that night their eyes met and she fled...' Did she see me? ' he thought, if yes then why would she hurry off?

Another problem now is where in the world is she?

As if on impulse Cecilia spoke up.
"Anne.. Anne used Silvia's name right? Then it means the person who told her to use must know something about Silvia's whereabouts "

"And that person is...? "
"Fay.. "

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