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Reincarnation-Chapter 28


Reincarnation-Chapter 28

Theme: Death is not an option


"Killed 1896?"

" Leo? " Moran mumbled mostly to herself.

"What in the world is this? ".

"And wait... I've seen this lady before ". Moran gasped, recognizing the lady with auburn hair.

Now it was all clear and the pictures are different, there were slight differences. The lady in the other picture looked more like Fay but in this picture everything is clear and complete.

"Where? Where did you see her? " Cecilia asked.

"At the hotel in Texas "

"How can you be sure it was her you, this picture is more than a century old and it clearly states here that they're dead, all of them ". Cecilia pointed out but the was mostly telling to herself.

How in the world is this possible... How?

Or perhaps the man is not Leo.. Maybe he's his grandfather or great grandfather ?

But how can they look exactly alike and Moran saw the lady?
Nothing made sense..

"But the tattoo on her arm its the same, it was on her arm". Moran continued bewildered..

The both of them were completely shocked and clueless..

"What if Leonardo is working for the B. M. Bs? " Moran suddenly questioned.

That was Cecilia's fear, what if all this while he was just an agent to get more info, what if he's just playing them?

She would definitely feel betrayed and to even think about the feelings she's nursing for him would completely shatter her. She turned to face Moran, a flare of flame shone in her eyes..

"There's only one way to find out... He's the only one who can answer that... "

Leo was in his room thinking about last night's play with Sawyer, now he had little hope that his problem would be solved, he was damn tired of the world's drama... He needed to live a normal life, go out and date or even marry without the fear of being left alone in the end.. He would be able to fall in love freely... Many people would want to be in his place right now, who wouldn't want to live forever?
But the point here was he was tired of living a lonely life, he was tired of wishing that there was someone who he could hold tight and confess his fears to... Maybe if Amy was here he would have loved to live till eternity..... Maybe if there was someone he could reach out he wouldn't be so depressed and the fact that he couldn't die of the same depression is infuriating...

He suddenly started hearing voices from outside his room.. Feminine voices, he rose from the bed and checked the time, it was still early, the crew are not supposed to show up now and they were not going to be meeting at his house... Just then someone started knocking furiously on his door and the beautiful melodious voice followed afterwards...

"Leonardo!! Open up!! ". She yelled

"Cecilia? ". He mumbled surprised, what could she want so early, and how did she even know his house.. Or she could have just called.. What could be so urgent?

"Leonardo!!! ". She called out again..

He quietly scuttled to the door and unlocked it, she barged in the instant he opened it.

"Whoa, Missy take it easy " he bellowed playfully but the expression on her face said otherwise.. She looked angry.. In fact the way she was panting, he could see invisible smoke puffing out of her.

"What's wrong and how did you know where I live? ". he asked taking cautious steps towards her.
"I asked you that same question sometime ago remember ". She replied her expression softening as she looked at him.

She suddenly became afraid, she was already falling for him or she's already fallen for him.. What if her suspicion was correct, what if he was just an agent what if he was just toiling with them... And she'd imagined the feel of his lips against hers..she'd actually imagined him making love to her.. Her eyes darted to his chest.. He was shirtless .. Her mouth formed an O as she raked her eyes over him.. She was now forgetting her purpose for being here as stupid thoughts breezed through her mind.

She unconsciously started walking to meet him halfway the urge to touch him was suddenly strong... Before she could think of what she came here for.. She'd already pulled him to herself and their lips locked..

She felt herself spinning as pleasure surged through her..

He was surprised, very surprised, is this what she came here for? But she looked vexed a moment ago, but this is actually what he'd always wanted to do since the night he set his eyes on her.. So he seized the opportunity, he wouldn't let this chance go, what if this is the last chance he'd get... This is actually the same thing that happened the night was killed... No he wasn't gonna let this go.

He wrapped his hands around her and took control.. He explored deeper and let what he'd missed for a long time gain hold of him..
As first it was slow but moments later it transformed into a heated hungry kiss.. They were both hungry and were definitely not thinking straight...

Cecilia finally came back to her senses when she felt her back hit the bed.... Okay no this is not what she came for... She forcefully pushed him away and sprung to her feet... Leaving him gobsmacked..

"What the? ". Leo mumbled... This lady was just too full of surprises..
"I'm sorry about that but I need to ask you some questions ". She said avoiding his eyes, she doesn't know what will happened if she looked him..

"Questions?? ". He muttered
"Yes and I'm gonna go straight to the point... Who are you?
"Who am I? "

"Yes who are you? ". She asked this time removed the paper from her jacket pocket.. His eyes widened in shock when he saw what she was referring to... Now he's officially doomed..

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