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Reincarnation-Chapter 27b


Reincarnation-Chapter 27b

Theme: Death is not an option


Cecilia woke up to the smell of freshly baked cookies, filling her nostrils. Her lips slowly curved upwards into a smile.... 'Its good to have a mother figure in the house ' she thought... That was when it occurred to her that she hadn't spoke to her mum for almost two weeks now. She stretched and reached for her phone on the bedside table and dialed her mum's number.

Mrs Gloria Martin picked the phone on the third ring.

Good morning mum!!


how are doing mum?

"I'm doing great dear how's work?
work's fine how is Owen

He's doing fine, still jumping from skirt to skirt

I know he'll never change, I just hope a damsel will fall from the sky and steal his heart away.

I'm for the same thing too hun, but tell me when are you coming to see us?

I'll visit when I'm less busy. Okay
Alright sweety but don't stress yourself out okay, take care and send my regards to Moran for me..

I will mum, I love you.

I love you too hun, bye

She smiled and dropped her phone back on the table, she really missed her mum and younger brother.

"Once all these is over I'll go spend some time with them " she said to herself before heading downstairs to see what delicacy Wanda had prepared.

An hour later Moran and Cecilia were driving towards the city library...

"What exactly are we looking for? ". Moran asked with Fay's file in her hands.

"You know sometimes I wonder where you were when the creator was giving brains to people ". Cecilia replied with an eye roll.
"What's that supposed to mean? ". Moran retorted.

"I mean you have a fish brain, are you not the same person who reminded me that we saw the picture in the library? "

"So.. Is that why you called my unique brain a fish brain? "

"Unique brain indeed ". Cecilia drawled with a sarcastic tone.

"You know what, I don't have the energy to engage in an argument with you, I know you're just jealous of me". Moran retorted and flipped her off.

"Oh geez look who's angry " Cecilia bellowed laughing.

She parked a few metres away from the library and turned off the engine.

"Will get out of my car or should I drag you out " she said to Moran who was threatening to throw a tantrum.

She skipped out of the car and banged the car door forcefully, before Cecilia could comment she started walking into the building... Cecilia just followed behind laughing silently.

"Good morning miss Devin ". The library attendant greeted Moran as she walked in.

"Morning Felicity " Moran replied.
"Miss Martin "

"Hi Felicity, long time no see"
"Yeah, you're both looking good ". Felicity complimented.

"Oh please dont flatter us, you're not looking bad yourself". Moran replied.

"Hmm" Felicity hummed back in return.

"Would you need any help around? ". She asked.

"No don't worry we're going to our usual section ". Cecilia answered.
"Alright then ".

They both turned right and headed to the history section.

"I'll check the newspapers from, the period of the Mayor's death, that's last year ". Moran said to Cecilia in a hushed voice.

"Alright, I'll check that of the past years. " she answered in the same tone and they both set to work.

It was almost an hour of fruitless search, when Cecilia came across and old magazine, a very very old magazine, it looked old and worn out and it was not even supposed to be there, she was about to return it to the shelf when something on it attracted her.

It was the cover photo... She looked closely at the picture and her eyes widened in shock... It was the same picture, only that this one was complete... She wouldn't have been surprised at seeing it because it was what she actually looking for... What shocked her was the person that completed the photo... The man in an oversized suit, holding a beautiful lady and his free hand was on the second lady's shoulder with a broad smile on his face.... The man was Leonardo!!

The headline read ;

17th January 1896

"The hell!! " she half yelled attracting angry glances her way... She almost forgot she was in the library..
Moran quickly moved to where she was to see the cause of her reaction,.. And She also almost shouted when she saw the picture and what was more shocking, the headline...

"Killed.. 1896?... "


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