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Reincarnation-Chapter 27a


Reincarnation-Chapter 27a

Theme: Death is not an option


The black malton brothers were sitting together as usual like the diety they were. No words transpired between them but each knew what was going through their mind.

The door suddenly screeched open and her beautiful figure appeared in the room.

"My my I was wondering who would dare barge in without knocking first ". The youngest brother said looking at her.

"You know there's only one human being capable of doing that and that's me". She replied with a cold smile.

"Mark said you'll meet us when you were ready, we were not expecting you to be ready so soon ". The first one said adjusting on the chair.

"Mark delivered correctly and I could be ready at any time " she replied taking a seat.

"Alright then sister, tell us ". The second one finally spoke up.

"Leonardo ". She whispered faintly and sad expression creased her face.

"Leonardo?? ". They all spoke back at once.

"Yes, I saw him "

"And? ". The eldest asked
"What do you mean and? I couldn't face him "

"Silvia, what in the world is wrong with you? ". The second asked gritting his teeth.

"You wanted him right, we did what you wanted but you didn't take him, I thought you said you loved him, we killed your best friend so no one would interfere, for more than a century now you avoided him and now you're trying to kill yourself with depression ". The third one growled at her.

"That's the point brother, I can't possibly take him, I feel so guilty, I asked you to kill Amy, that was cruel, she trusted me yet I betrayed her, up till this very moment, her face still haunts me, then how can I possibly be with her man.. It's not possible.. I can't ". She half yelled close to tears.

"God.. Silvia.. Then why did you ask us to do it.. If you knew you wouldn't be be able to take it? ". The first one asked with concern.
"I was blinded by my feelings for him, but now I regret it, please brothers undo what you did to me please I want to die and forget this pain please ". She begged tears were already flowing freely down her face.

"Dear sister, it is not possible, death is not an option here and it'll never be, in case you don't know this, we were already planning to multiply your life span before you even made that request, so when you asked us to kill Amy we took is as an opportunity to do what we wanted ". The second brother explained.

"We only shot Leo to make it look like an assassination to him when he wakes up, the only way to undo what we did is to do the same thing and that's not possible " the third one added.

"What did you do? I only asked you to kill Amy, I didn't say I want to live forever, tell me what did you guys do and why didn't anyone remember us? ". She wailed bitterly.

"What we did and why no one remembered you is not in any way your concern, all you have to do is go on with your life, continue living and just so you know you can't dare to disobey our orders, you know perfectly well what we're capable of doing to disobedient people, and you should be grateful we kept you alive to see the world grow and change, you should gratify us for giving you the honor of staying alive with us". The first one answered angrily.

"Well I don't want to live any more " she wailed banging the table.
"You can try killing yourself, you would only reawaken in the same way". He replied.

She was devastated, sad, depressed and angry.. Angry at herself, angry at them, angry at the world.....
'Why?'. She thought frustratedly..
Why did things have to turn out this way, if only she knew, she wouldn't have made that stupid request.. Nothing like this would've happened, she would probably be resting peacefully in her grave right now and her grandchildren or great grandchildren would've been the ones here right now... Not only that her brothers were the most wanted criminals, how was she even supposed to live with that?

And she's also involved, how would she be able to get out of this mess?


She roughly got up, wiped her tears with the back of her palms and made for the door.

Before she got out she threw one last dreadful glare at them.

"I hate you.. All of you". She spat before banging the door shut..

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