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Reincarnation-Chapter 26


Reincarnation-Chapter 26

Theme: Death is not an option

Nex dresses with flay just below the knees and the newest brands of Carl Benz's fuel cars were parked at random areas.

A party was going on at an hotel el grande , a place that when compared to the buildings of the present day would look like a house for beggers.

Slow country music could be heard blaring from the speakers and men and woman where slowly dancing to it.

It was the engagement party of Leonardo Perez Freeman the son of the town's head doctor and Amy Camwood the daughter of the town's only bakery owner..

It was indeed a joyous celebration as two people from different worlds were becoming one.. The bride Amy was clad in a black gown with long sleeves and puffs on the shoulders , her was styled in a beautiful way and almost all the other ladies envied her, she looked more beautiful than any other woman present there, it was her party anyways... The groom on the other hand was wearing one of the most expensive suits, imported directly from Spain... The pants were loose and the jacket triple of his size, but who cares he was getting engaged to the love of his life anyways...

The couples were all smiles as they were already dreaming of getting married.

Leonardo walked up to where his would be wife was standing with her friends among them was her closet friend, Silvia Stars, the only daughter of the Mayor, after Amy she looked the most beautiful in her red flay gown, matching her auburn hair.

"Hi ladies " he Leo greeted, flashing a toothy grin at them.
"Hello ". They chorused only Amy and Silvia kept mute.

"Would you mind if I borrow my woman for a few minutes? " he asked flipping the strands of hair that rested on his temple.

"Of course not, you can borrow her for as long as you want ". Ursula Amy's cousin replied and dragged the rest with her. Only Silvia and Amy remained standing.

Leo barely noticed Silvia as all his attention was on his beautiful fiance.

Silvia on the other hand was staring directly at him with a weird smile on her face.

"Congrats Leo, you better not toy with my friends heart, else you know the consequences ". She said prompting him to glance her way.
"Thanks Silvia and you know I wouldn't dare hurt her" he answered with a broad smile.

"Good enjoy your night ". She said lowly before walking the opposite direction.

"Let's dance " he bellowed pulling the red Amy with him to the dance floor, he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer leaving almost no space between them.

"I can't wait for our wedding day, I wish we could just skip all these damn formalities and start living together ". He whispered as they began to move with the music.

"Punk, it's just three days from now, you don't have to rush". She whispered back locking her fingers behind his neck.

" Just Three days? It feels like its three years away, I seriously can't wait to make you mine already " he drawled.

"I'm yours already my love, it doesn't matter whether the priest has blessed us or not, our souls have made the vows already "
"You're right sweetheart, you're mine and mine alone "

"But you also belong to me too okay? " she asked playfully hitting his shoulders.

"You said it yourself, our souls have made the vows, we only belong to each other ". He replied caressing her cheek.

"I love you Leonardo Perez ". She whispered faintly.

"I love you more, Amy Camwood ". He answered and their lips locked.

Forgetting every other person but themselves they kissed and poured out the unsaid words and promises, they explored each other like it was going to be the last time they'd kiss... Unknown to them it was actually the last time they'd feel each other... It was the last time they listened to the thumping of each others hearts..

A loud shrieking screamed suddenly jolted them out of their lovely moment.

All heads turned the direction of the sound and they all gasped at the horrible sight they met... In a pool of blood the Mayor's precious gem layed lifelessly.

"Silvia!! ". Amy screamed running to kneel beside her friends body.. She had been shot in the stomach.

"Silvia? ". Leo also called running to where her body lay.

Amy was already in tears, wailing bitterly and calling out her friend's name, the crowd gathered around them and Leo quickly checked her pulse rate but she was dead already.

"Silvia please don't leave, please wake up!! ". Amy cried.

Leo raised his head up looking for where the bullet came from, he sighted a man dressed in black holding a pistol with a silencer on it.. The figure of the man looked familiar but before her could alert anybody the man pulled the trigger and a bullet came flying directly to..

"Amy!! Watch out!! ". He shouted but it was already too late the bullet hit her... The next thing that happened was simply strange and unexplainable.

Leo felt waves pass through him, everything started to seem blur and distant, he couldn't feel or hear anything, he only saw two men running towards them, every other thing started to disappear, he felt a sharp pain, pierce through his chest and he saw himself falling, his eyes darted to the wrist watch he was wearing and the time was strangely reversing and in a flash it came back to normal but that was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed .

End of flashback...

"That's all I remember, when I woke up I found myself at the cathedral and no one remembered me ". He sighed.

"That's strange.. ". Conan said keenly.

"But wait the last thing you saw was the time reversing right? ". Sawyer asked.


"Maybe that's why you were forgotten, the reverse kind of wiped out your existence, the only thing now is what multiplied your cells and why were you the only one to reawaken. "

"Yes" Leo sighed again.

"Leonardo, you'll have to try and give me every single detail of that night, anything at all, writings, signs, faces, anything ". Sawyer urged.

"Alright I'll try to remember ". He answered with little hope and determination...

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