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Reincarnation-Chapter 25


Reincarnation-Chapter 25

Theme: Death is not an option


Back in Pomona....

"Home sweet home ". Moran squeaked as she and Cecilia entered Cecilia's condo.

"Yes, but this is my home not yours ". Cecilia responded sniffing the air..

"Is it just me or is there someone in the house, I smell chicken ". Moran asked also sniffing.

"Someone's here " she added.

Almost immediately a plump middle aged lady with short blond hair emerged from the kitchen.
"Wanda!! ". They both yelled like preschool kids and ran to hug her.

"O my, you guys are back! ". Wanda poured returning the hug.

"Wanda, how did you know we were not around? ". Cecilia asked as they disengaged from the hug.

"I know your in and out my child, I actually came to see you, but you were not around and your house was a complete mess so I figured you were out of town and of course you don't go anywhere without Moran.. So I decided to stay till you returned. " the older lady explained.

"Oh thank you so much Wanda ". Cecilia said smiling like a little child.

Wanda was more like a nanny to her but since she was old enough to take care of herself, she would only call Wanda when things were hiked up for her.

"Do I smell chicken? ". Moran muttered playfully.
"Yep I made your favorite, I just had a feeling you might come back today " Wanda replied.

"Yay my mouth is watering already ". Moran squealed.

"Which mouth is watering? ". Cecilia cut her off.

"Just turn around and go back to your house, before your gluttonic stomach sucks all my food "

Moran gasped and placed her hands on her waist feigning an angry face.

"Are you trying to say I'm glutton? " she asked.

"I'm not trying, I'm saying you're a glutton and I want you to leave my house coz I'm not ready to share my special dish with you ". Cecilia snickered at her.

"I know what you're trying to do Cecilia, you want to make me angry so I can storm off and leave you to savage the meal alone, too bad its not working, I must eat to my satisfaction and I'm also sleeping here tonight ". Moran answered turning towards where Wanda came out from a minute ago.

"You're forgetting that I can call the cops on you ". Cecilia drawled trailing behind her.

"Please do and I'll be glad to invite them to join us for dinner "

"You pest, leave my house else I'll spray you out "

"I'll be elated to see you try " and that's how they continued arguing forgetting Wanda and their luggage at the entrance of the house.

Wanda, who had a smile on her face, carried their bags and took it to their rooms before joining them back in the kitchen.

Leo was lying face down on his bed, he was sated and tired but sleep refused to come... How was he even supposed to sleep when he had so many things to think about and put in place.

The door suddenly flung open and Sawyer's head popped in.

"How many times do I have to remind you to knock? ". Leo growled at him.

"There's no beautiful lady in the room with you, why should waist useful glucose banging my hands against a wood. ". Sawyer answered with a crooked smile.

"Whatever.. What do you want? "

"Come with me to the lab, there's something you need to see "

"What? "

"It's about your blood test result "
"What about it? "

"Grandpa just come with me and stop being a pain in my ass" Sawyer replied and shut the door.

The only two people that knew about his condition were Conan and Sawyer, coz they were the closest people to him and he could only trust them.

Sawyer took it upon himself to help look for the cause of his inability to die and ever since he'd been working on it. Leo had long since given up finding a cure or cause, he'd worked on it for years and no meaningful or accurate result came forth.

Sawyer is a forensic scientist, so he had a personal laboratory at the basement of the house the three of them stayed. He worked on Leo's case in the lab trying every single method he knew to put some sense in the issue.

He ran a blood test on him just before they traveled to Texas and he just decided to through the results, when he found something unusual.

"Tell me ". Leo muttered as he entered the well equipped lab.
Conan was also there intently looking at something under the microscope.

Leo resisted the urge to laugh at how Conan was handling the microscope, what was he even looking at? It's not like he understood anything going on under the slide.

"Look at this ". Sawyer said to giving him a booklet of all the test they previously carried out.
"These are my previous test results ". Leo drawled almost rolling his eyes.

"Yes, isn't there anything different about the results from the one's you did before we met like, after your second death? ". Sawyer asked.

"Nop I don't see anything only a slight change in the hematocrit percentage. ". He answered paying little attention to the book.

"There is.. Look at the result of the test you ran before your second death, that was when you had an accident according to you, and that was also before we met"
"Yeah.. So? "

"If you notice, your cells before then were tripled and after you died and reawakened it became double. ". Sawyer expounded.

"I don't get you". Leo muttered.

"What I'm saying is, before you died for the second time , each cell in your body was in threes and after you died and reawoken it reduced to two presently each of your cells are in twos ". Sawyer explained.

"So you're saying, maybe the cells are responsible for my life spam and after each death it reduces meaning, that now I have two lifelines and before my second death it was three? ". He asked understanding what Sawyer just proposed.

"Yes... Look ". Sawyer continued pushing Conan away from the microscope.

"Look closely, each cell is double " he urged.

Leo slowly walked to where the microscope sat and looked at what was under the slide... Indeed all the white and red blood cells were joined together. I. E two cells were joined as one.

"All the cells in your system are exactly like that". Sawyer said.

"If that's the case, then how do we explain why people forget about me when I reawaken? ". Leo asked raising his head up.

"That's what I'm still thinking about, perhaps it's from something in your past life and maybe how you were killed? Do you remember anything unusual? "
"No.. All I remember is dancing with Amy at our party then everything turning blur and it was like time suddenly came to a halt and I blacked out". Leo explained with a sigh.

'How is all these making sense? ' he thought sadly.

"Then we have to dig deeper Leo, try to remember". Conan nudged.
He closed his eyes and felt like he was suddenly back in his previous life, when everything replayed..

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