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Reincarnation-Chapter 24


Reincarnation-Chapter 24

Theme: Death is not an option


As Cecilia reached the door of Leo's room she knocked and few seconds later the door flung open revealing a shirtless Leo.

She stared at his naked chest with her mouth slightly parted.

"Can I help you miss? ". He asked with a sly smile.

She blinked rapidly and cleared her throat, trying as much as possible to look anywhere but his well chiseled features.

"I... Uhm... I.. Was.. Just.. I just "
"When did you become a starmerer? " he cut her off.

"I. I'm sorry, I just need to ask some questions, can I come in? ". She finally got her senses in place.

He stood still for a while as if he was lost in thought before finally giving her space to enter.

"What do you want to ask? ". He questioned, shutting the door behind him.

That was when she realized that she'd actually forgot all about her purpose of following him.

'Cecilia, you're drooling over his body ' her subconscious drawled at her.

'But to be honest he's hot ' it added and her inner goddess nodded in approval, mouthing a 'very hot'.
"Cecilia, I'm all ears ". He pressed again crossing his hands over his chest and her eyes trailed down his abs to his torso and to where a perfect V formed just above the waist band of his pants.

"Uhm can you put something on first? ". She said trying to look at just his face.

"Why? ". He asked stifling a laugh.
"Uhm.. It.. Uh you know it's. "

"Do I affect you that much? " he cut her off with a toothy grin.
"No.. Just because you look hot doesn't mean that I'm affected ". She blurted out before she even realized it.

"Geez.. So I'm hot? "
"Yes... I mean no, you know what just please put on a shirt and let's talk ". She sighed softly .

He turned towards the closet laughing silently.

"You know Cecilia, I would gladly help you out of that evening dress you're wearing it's already past midnight ". He taunted looking for something light to wear.

"I didn't know you're pervert Mr Perez". She mumbled loud enough for him to here, grateful that he was backing her.. Coz she was already forty shades of red.. But almost immediately he spun and a malicious grin appeared on his face, seeing the state she was in.

"Pervert, miss Martin? ". He questioned arching his brows.
"Yes "

"Nah... I don't think so, coz you're responding just fine "

"What? "

"Look at you, its obvious everything is hitting the right angle " he drawled pulling a white shirt on.

"You know Miss Martin, we could actually do what the guys accused us of, I'm in full support of it"
"Leonardo, okay that's it, stop with all the pillow talk and let me do what I came for". She snickered frustrated.

"Do what you came for,? , okay ma'am I'm so ready ". He replied winking at her.

"Alright, who is Silvia Stars and how do you know her ". Her senses finally came back to her.. He's fully clothed now.

"You such a kill joy, I was actually in the mood but you just spoilt everything " he mumbled dryly.

"Glad I did, now answer me " she replied.

Leo already saw this coming so he'd already thought of the perfect lie to give.

"I don't know her, but I know she died some years ago, a friend of mine worked on her case. " he lied.

He could lie and you would never suspect but you can't lie to him and not get caught.

"O " she mouthed
"But what could be the reason why Fay told Anne to use that name, she's dead right? Then why would she want someone else to use the name without the fear of getting caught? ". She asked.

"I'm also thinking about the same thing, but that's why we have a plan.. Just play along and pretend you don't know anything ". He replied.

They planned to pretend and befriend Fay, then they would try to dig into her past and fill the missing gap, Anne was not left out too,she would be kept hostage but at the same time, try to communicate with Fay and act as if nothing's wrong... Fay who wouldn't suspect a thing would readily pour out all her secrets to her trusted friend.

Leo was not so sure about how everything would turn out, there were just so many things on the line.. He needed some closure from his past, he needed to find the most wanted criminals.. He also has to play a big role in finding the sole aim of the so called Fay and at the same time, figure out these niggling feelings he had towards the beautiful lady standing before him right now.
"Is that all? " he asked after awhile of silence.

"Yes "

"Then you should go and rest, we're leaving early tomorrow before anyone would suspect that something is wrong ". He bellowed, but deep down he was actually thinking of something totally different.

"Yeah.. Okay, I'll leave now " she replied but instead of turning to the door she stood rooted to the ground getting lost staring at him.

"So you're leaving or not? ". He asked noticing how pointedly she was looking at him.

"No.. I mean yes I'm leaving ". She stuttered unconsciously moving closer to him.

"Miss Martin the door is that way". He whispered loudly pointing at the door.

"Oh.. Sorry, Uhm goodnight ". She muttered lowly snapping back to her senses, she sharply spun towards the door and scuttled out.

"My goodness " she heaved resting against the door outside.

"Cecilia what were you trying to do? " she mumbled hitting her head with her hands.

She knew now, that in the near future she might do something crazy, she'd always been very bold with guys.. In other words , she chose her men, like her last boyfriend Wilson Sparks.. A lawyer at one of the famous law firms in Pomona. She was the one who asked him out, and she broke up with him when she eventually got tired of his gibberish... That was three years ago and ever since she'd not found any suitable man who met her taste.. But now this man who she barely knew a thing about was gradually breaking down her walls and making her want do stupid stuffs....' This is something to worry about ' she thought as she dragged herself to the room she was sharing with the girls, they were already asleep.. She quietly carried a pillow and slumped on a nearby couch not even bothering to change into her nightie..

Dante woke feeling a slight headache.

He surveyed the room, trying to recall what happened the last night, but all he could remember was talking to Mark, bringing the stunning lady to his room and nothing more... He got off the bed looking for any sign of something that happened when he got drunk (that's what he thought) . His eyes darted to a note on the table in the middle of the room.. He picked it up and smiled at the content... It read;
Dear Dante,
You made my night fun and memorable. Sorry I get an urgent meeting to attend, my digits are below, you can call me when you free.

Hot lady,
He smiled broadly when he noticed lipstick marks on his body, but still he wondered why he couldn't remember anything.
With a sigh he walked into the bathroom to wash of the stains of yesterday, making a mental note to call her when he was done supervising the new project with the Malton brothers. ...

"So what our next move? ". Erika asked no one in particular as they all gathered very early to discuss how they were going to exit the building as quietly as possible.

"We leave just the same way we came and we'll meet at the parking lot, a car is already waiting to take us to the airport ". Leo answered.

"What about the real couple? ". Cecilia asked.

"Sawyer you should take care of them, you know what to do right? ". He asked looking at Sawyer.


"Good, Conan and Erika you would still act as our guards, Justin you're the chauffeur, Moran , you and Susan will still act as attendants so no one would suspect you wheeling out the luggages, Sawyer leave the building through the emergency exit, the car would be waiting just outside, Susan are you sure you've packed all your gadgets? "

"Yes ".

"Alright then, let's get ready? ". He snapped and everyone turned towards their various directions.
Thirty minutes later...

Cecilia and Leonardo walked out of the elevator still disguised, with Conan and Erika clad in black suits and Susan and Moran dressed like hotel attendants following closely each wheeling a trolley of luggages.

Justin was already waiting at the parking lot and Sawyer had gone to make sure that the couple left the hotel ten minutes before them.. They barely remembered anything so it was easy to convince them that they had a flight that morning.

Orlando was standing at the same spot where he received them 24hours ago.

His face beamed the instant he saw them and he scuttled to meet them.

"Frank, good morning, its still quite early are you sure you guys don't want breakfast? " he rushed out.

"Good morning Orlando, and no we'll have breakfast on the plane, we're actually going to Spain from here so we need to leave early ". Leo answered with a fake ascent.

"Alright then, my regards to your father, tell him to get well soon and safe trip.. ". Orlando replied.

And they proceeded to the exit of the building, just as they got outside, Orlando received a call, he shook hands with Leo, then pecked Cecilia before wishing them a safe trip and went to attend to what he was called for.

All these while, Cecilia was as nervous as hell and the instant they got to the parking lot she heaved a sigh of relief.

Justin quickly helped, load the boxes into the trunk of the car, and they all got in.. Susan had already hacked into the security cameras and temporarily shut them down.. So it would not get two hotel attendants entering into a car with clients.. Two minutes later Sawyer came our through the emergency exit at the back.. He was dressed in all black and his face was covered with a hoodie, he wordlessly got into the car and Justin drove them out.

The moment they hit the road, they all released breaths they didn't know they were holding...
"First mission successful ". Leo was the first to speak.

Erika opened a wine that was already waiting in the car..

"Let's make a toast to our first success ". She said pouring everyone a cup.

"Cheers ". They all mouthed, clinking their glasses with satisfied smiles plastered on their faces.

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