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Reincarnation-Chapter 23


Reincarnation-Chapter 23

Theme: Death is not an option


"Hey people " Leonardo half yelled as he walked into the suite with Cecilia.

The warhorses who seemed to be having a discussion stopped and turned to their direction.

"O my, the king and queen have arrived ". Justin drawled with a smug look..

"Where are you guys coming from? it's 12: 45 am ". Moran added with the same expression as Justin.

"Is something brewing between you two? ". Erika questioned still with a smirk.

"Look guys we're tired keep your questions to yourself " Leo said collapsing on a couch and Cecilia followed suit.

”my my they're tired,, was it that strong? ". Susan squealed.

"Yep can't you see how messy their hair is? " Sawyer supported
"Goodness,, Leo is that what you told me? So that was the something that came up? ". Conan tuanted and they burst out laughing.

"Why are you guys not asleep? ". Cecilia groaned, crimson red.
"We wanted to see how you both will look after uhm.. You know what we mean ". Sawyer answered and another round of laughter broke out again.

"Alright alright guys let keep shut. So they can tell us how it actually went ". Moran silenced waving her hands in the air.

"Are you nuts Moran ". Erika bellowed.

"So you think they'll explain to us how they started eyeing and checking each other out? ".

"Wait ". Cecilia suddenly sprang up..

"What's your problem? Can't you see we are stressed out.. Please that's enough taunting for one day or one night " she groaned with a frown

"Stressed out indeed " Justin grunted and they laughed again.

Leo just quietly got up and made for his room...
"When you're all done with your ranting, go to bed we are leaving this place by 8:00 am ". He said and disappeared into the dim hallway. Cecilia also followed wordlessly and ignored the looks she was getting from them..
"Cecilia I thought we and the girls were sharing the same room, why are going towards Leonardo's room? " Moran questioned.

"Oh oh round five is coming up". Justin cooed
"Please try not to make too much noise, we need to sleep ". Sawyer added and they kicked off into another annoying round of hysterics,
Cecilia just stuck her tongue out and showed them her middle finger before dashing after Leo,, she's gat questions to ask.

Mark the B. M. Bs most trusted messenger, walked briskly into an abandoned factory,, he reached a room which used to be a store, slowly he traced his hands on the wall till he touched the light switch, he flicked it up and instead of the light bulb to turn on, bright blue rays of light flashed and the room started spinning few seconds later it stopped and he stepped into another planet on earth...

Hackers, assassins, smugglers, drug dealers.. Just name and you'll find them,, they were all too busy with their business to notice him.. It was already past midnight but with the way this place bustled with life you would think the day just broke.

He made his way to the first room, reaching the door he took a deep breath before turning the door knob to meet with three pairs of eyes he honestly didn't want to see.

'Don't this people go to bed? ' he thought frantically.

"Mark ". The first brother drawled staring piercingly at him.
"Hi sirs ". He greeted taking a seat before he was even offered.

"How did things go? ". The second one asked.

"Fine.. Though he seeked for an increase in the pay " Mark answered.

"Hmm he'll get an increase when we see his work ". The third one replied

"Yes, I told him that and I've already sent the address for our next meeting with him "

"Good.. where's she? ". The first brother asked still looking at the poor guy the same way.

Mark who already understood who the 'she' was, didn't even hesitate to pass the message.
"She said she'll meet you when she's ready ".

"Hmm alright no problem, you may leave now ". The second one said dismissing him.

"Right.. Good night ". Mark replied and walked out.

Once he was out, the first one turned to face his brothers.

"What is wrong with her these days? ". He asked none of them in particular.

"That's what I was also wondering ". The second one answered.

"Can you believe she questioned me about our life spam..? " the third one added
"What? She asked that? ". The first one grunted.

"Yes she wanted to know how to end it once and for all". The third one answered.

"She must be tired of this world. ". The second one added.

The first one sighed shaking his head from side to side.

"I don't blame her though she must be lonely.. " he spoke.
"But that was why we granted her request ". The second one answered.

"But she didn't take him " the third one responded.

"This should not be happening to her, we should talk to her when she is ready". The first one said stroking his chin with his index finger.

"Yes brother, we should talk to her because no matter what.. Death is not an option... "

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