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Quarantine Love - Episode 6


Quarantine Love - Episode 6

©Kayode Odusanya

They were in Caroline’s brother’s room now, playing Mortal Kombat on Playstation. The sky blue pyjamas that Caroline had gotten for David was laid out on the neatly made queen size bed. Bed sheet and walls were immaculate white and it got David wondering how Caroline’s brother maintained the place. The room had a little set up of a big couch facing the plasma TV by the wall, next to the door. There was a, deep brown, hardwood TV stand underneath the 60-inch TV where the Playstation console was placed on.

A punch, uppercuts, kicks, and special moves; the sound of the game characters fighting echoed through the room. They were seated on the rug, between the couch and the TV stand, looking up at the TV with PS controllers in their hands, and grins on their faces as they battled themselves on screen. Every now and then Caroline would nudge him with her shoulder if he was winning her in the game, and sometimes she would tickle him a bit so that she could get some moves in. It surprised David to see her so playful. At some point, there was power outage, and they both groaned in protest.

They had been using the generator all day, and power had been restored, so the gate-man had switched off the generator. When Ahmed switched over to the normal power about a minute later, they sat in silence as the Playstation 4 went through a booting process, projecting a bright sky blue light from the TV screen on their faces.

“Is it wrong that I don’t this quarantine to end?” Caroline said, breaking the silence.


“I mean, our quarantine, not the total lockdown in the country.”
“Well, let’s see…are you ready to handle a worried mother?” He said and she turned to look at him with a puzzled look on her face. “I’m talking of my mom being worried about Toluwani.”

“Oh my God! Do you know I totally forgot your sister was here?” She said and laughed lightly. After a prolonged silence, she said, “I don’t know, it feels like I’ve known you longer than just a day.”

“It feels that way with me too.” He said and the room went quiet again.

The Playstation completed its load, and they continued playing the video game.
After playing two hours of video game, Caroline yawned and paused the game. “I think it’s past my bedtime.” She said with a little laugh and dropped the controller on the TV stand.

“Your yawn is sexy.” David said with a smile.

“My yawn is sexy?” She said between laughs, got off the floor and sat on the couch. “I’m so tired.” She said and collapsed sideways on the couch. After a while, she sat up, but didn’t leave. He sat up on the couch too and his heart started beating. Is this an opportunity to make a move, he thought to himself. Even though he had had girlfriends while in school, they had most times been in his class. Seeing them every day and knowing everything about them made it easy to approach them. But with this girl, he felt she was out of his league, and he didn’t want to read the wrong signs.

He felt like the sound of his heartbeat would get louder than the sound of the air-conditioner any minute now. If only the space between them on the couch wasn’t too damn much, it would be easy to reach out and touch her. But what if she wasn’t thinking what he was thinking. Heck, they just met a few hours ago, this was definitely too soon. He thought to himself.

“Oops! I almost dozed off.” She said and got off the couch. “I must be more tired than I had thought.” She said as she yawned and stretched. Even though the only light coming from the room was from the TV, he still got a glimpse of her flat belly. It was a sight pleasing to the eye. “If you need anything, my room is the second door to your left.” She said in a tired voice.

“Okay.” He replied as she walked out the room and gently closed the door behind her. He sat still for a few seconds, then got off the couch and stretched. He walked over to the restroom, turned on the lights and looked himself in the mirror for a while. Caroline had told him earlier that he was lucky to have fallen on his side when he slumped, if not his face would have been a bloody mess. She had wiped off dust off his face while he slept, but when he looked deeper into the mirror, he saw a little spec of dirt in his hair. He turned on the tap and splashed water on his face a couple of times, and then onto his hair a few times too. He grabbed the white towel from where it hung on the wall and walked out of the bathroom as he dried his face and hair.

David sat on the bed for a few seconds, but still felt too dirty to sleep, so he went back in the bathroom and turned the shower on. He got dressed, stepped in the bathtub, and got under the shower, shaking the first few seconds as cold water hit his naked body.

There was big white bar of soap the head of the tub. He bent to grab it and washed his body quickly, as water from the shower washed off the foam on his body. He was about to be done when he thought he heard a voice. He turned off the shower and grabbed the towel by the wall as he stepped out the bathtub.

“I was asking if you…” She was saying and her voice trailed off as he stepped out of the bathroom, bare chest, with the towel around his waist. David had had very little to do in the village he had been sent to for NYSC, so he spent most of his stay there building his muscles; little did he know that one day all that work on his body would pay off. He saw her staring at his chest in admiration for a few seconds too long before she caught herself and looked away. “Sorry, I wanted to ask if you…if you need me to bring up orange juice for you. I mean, just in case.”
“Umm! No, I feel great. I don’t think I would that again anytime soon.” He said, feeling uncomfortable himself.

‘Okay. See you tomorrow.” She said, turned around and walked out of the room quickly.

He watched her gently close the door and laughed lightly before heading back into the bathroom.

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