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Quarantine Love - Episode 5


Quarantine Love - Episode 5

©Kayode Odusanya

David finally called his mom and told her the whole story. She was dumbfounded for seconds, and he had to repeat ‘mom’ a couple of times before she finally responded. When she asked why he had fainted, he lied that he had drank a little too much alcohol the day before and was having a bad hangover. She got angry and cussed him out in Yoruba, but that was better than telling her the truth right now. She came by to the house minutes later, but the police told her she would not come out if she goes in. She agreed to their terms, but apparently the NCDC guys had locked the gate with a padlock from outside and gone with the key.

The walls of Caroline’s house were too high for his mom to see inside, and it felt like her kids were imprisoned. She started crying, and it took Caroline to talk to her on the phone for her to calm down. Caroline told her to imagine Toluwani was having a sleepover with Kehlani. After speaking to Toluwani on the phone for a couple of minutes, and the little girl also assuring her she was okay, she finally left outside the gate, but called back every now and then to speak to them.

David didn’t think the people from NCDC would go to the extreme of locking them in. It wasn’t like they were in the old Soviet Union. But he understood that it was what the governor had to do to make sure at least people were still able to walk around freely. The other states like Lagos that had had total lock-down for weeks had started experiencing an increase in crime rate. So, he saw this as a little price to pay for all that. He just wished he didn’t have to subject Caroline and her little sister to the torture of having their freedom taken away from them.

David and Caroline were seated opposite each other at the dining table now, having dinner; spaghetti and meat. Toluwani and Kehlani had had theirs earlier, and gone to bed. Before now, they had been binge watching Money Heist on Netflix. David thought the night would somehow turn into a romantic one, like it does in the movies. But so far, nothing magical had happened. There was chit-chat every now and then, but there hadn’t been any spark. She had been more talkative earlier, before they got the visit from the NCDC workers. It was clear there was something on her mind.

“Do you want to talk?” She said out of the blue. When David looked lost, she went on to add, “I mean, do you want to talk about the…the diabetes?”

Hearing her say it out loud made his heart start pounding in his chest. He had always felt like if he acted like it didn’t exist, it would just go away. But he guessed he had to stop living in denial, and face his reality. “I hope I didn’t offend you?”

“No. It’s okay.” He said and sighed. “I’ve always had dreams of how my life would turn out and things I would achieve in my life.”


“It breaks my heart every minute to think that I might not accomplish my own goals.”

“Come on! David. Having diabetes isn’t the end of the world.” She said with a warm smile.

“It sure feels like it.” He said and looked straight at her. Hearing her say his name made him feel a little better.

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“You just need to eat right, take your pills and insulin shots, and you are good to go.”

“You make it sound so easy. You’re a medical doctor; you know it isn’t that easy.”

“It isn’t, but you have to draw inspiration from famous people that have diabetes and still go on to do great things.”

“Like who and who?”

“Larry King.” She said, and looked into space for a few seconds before saying, “Halle Berry, and…Tom Hanks”

“Really?” David asked with shocked look on his face.

“Yes. And I’m sure there are many more; those are the ones I can remember.”

He bowed his head, deep in thought for a few seconds before saying, “How come you even know this?”

“It was research for a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago when this whole Pandemic started.”

“Oh! So, you’re a blogger?”

“Yes. But not a ‘copy and paste’ blogger, you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I know what you mean.”He said with a smile.

“I’m not one of those people that started blogging after Linda Ikeji bought her Banana Island mansion.” She said and he laughed lightly.

The room was quiet for a while before she said, “I do agree with you on one thing though?”

“What’s that?” He asked, curious to know what was on her mind.
“Life sometimes doesn’t turn out the way we plan.”

“Oh. Okay.” He said and sat back in his seat, deflated.

“I had gone online to check the result for a course I took months ago.”


“It wasn’t so good.”


“You might say, oh, it’s just one result, but it means a lot to me.”

“I think I understand.”

“People always say I’m an enigma; A personification of beauty and brains. But lately, the more I try to keep that up, the unhappier I am in real life.”


“Some days I just wonder what I’m doing all these for. The pressure can be suffocating. Some days I don’t even know what I really want.” She sighed and smiled at him from across the table. “I guess it’s cool sometimes when you get to watch over people. I mean, like when you passed out outside my house, and I happen to be a doctor.”


“It felt great watching over you till you woke up.” She said and focused her eyes on him with a smile. The look lingered too long, and she broke the silence with, “Are you done with your food?”
“Oh, yeah.” He said and cleared his throat. There were still a few strands of Spaghetti left, but he was full.

“You want more?” She asked as she got up from where she was seated with her empty plate and walked over to his side.

“No. I’m cool.”

“You don’t like my cooking?” She asked as she twisted her mouth into a scowl.

“What? No, I….”

“I’m joking.” She said with a light laugh as she picked up his plate and headed to the chicken. “You want anything to drink?” She shouted out from the kitchen.

“We have Coke, Pepsi, orange juice, chocolate drink, yogurt, umm…and, okay, that’s it.”

“Well…I won’t mind a bottle of yogurt.”.


She dropped a glass cup and a mid size bottle of yogurt in front of him a few seconds later. In her hand was a plastic bottle of Pepsi, with a straw, slowly bobbin in it. She smelt so good standing next to him and he had to fight the strong urge he had to hold her. He didn’t know where that came from. She walked over to her seat, started sipping her drink as she smiled at him.

He smiled back at her before saying, “You know that used to be my favorite. Now I can’t even take it, unless of course in the case of what happened earlier.”


“Yep! Unless my sugar level actually drops lower than normal and I have to get it up quickly.” He said.

They sipped their drinks in silence, lost in their individual worlds. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Caroline said, “If you’re ready to sleep, I can take you to my brother’s room.”

“Okay.” He said and looked at his wristwatch before adding, “I’ll be ready in about five minutes.”
There was silence again for a few seconds before she said, “It’s funny I went into my brother’s room earlier to look for something, and ended up spending a few hours playing his playstation 4.”

“That’s interesting. What game did you play?” He asked as his eyes lit up with excitement.

“Mortal Kombat.”

“Are you for real?”

“Yes. That’s my favorite game.”
“Wow! What a coincidence. That’s my favorite game too”

“You want to play a little before we go to bed.” She asked with a smile on her face.

“That won’t be a bad idea.”

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