My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 7


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 7

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


He positioned his di-ck on my pus-sy entrance,
I closed my eyes in readiness for the warmth
and exciting feelings it will give when
it enters my honey pot. He thru-sted into
me and pushed all of his di-ck inside me,I gasped
in pain and separated my legs more to
accommodate his huge di-ck. He continued
thrusting in and out while fondling my boobs,
I could feel him hitting my womb and G-spot.
My pu-ssy walls tightened around his di-ck
as I neared orgasm. He spurted all his
loads of cu-m deep inside me,I got up and
licked off the remaining one before we
both went into the bathroom to take a shower
and we had another round there.
transferred my payment into my account
and dropped me off on his way going,
I called the guy who referred me to him and
gave him some money.

*Two weeks later*

I was on my way back from Abuja when
I saw a call from Anita,I immediately picked
up the call because it's been long I heard from her.

Jessica:Babe wetin dey sup nah? U just forget me like that. why nah?

Anita:It's not like that jor,I have been going through a rough time,I just broke up with my guy and the thing dey pain me for body wella!

We talked and talked about how our business
has being going,I decided to ask about
Sandra and she sighed deeply.
I asked
what was wrong and she refused to tell
me but told me to come over to their place during
the weekend. I hanged up afterwards
and noticed we were already at home.
I have a car, but I don't usually go out with it
when I am out for business, I hire taxi rather.
I instructed Mike to see me in my bedroom
immediately he takes care of what I returned
home with. I went to visit Anita on a Saturday
morning, I got to the house and met Sandra
in the sitting room and we exchanged
pleasantries. I noticed she was not looking
like her usual self,she was a bit lean and
 her voice was unstable. I decided to ask
what was wrong,she started telling me about
how she aborted so many times for her
boyfriend and how she almost lost her life
last week during another abortion due
to over bleeding and even at that,she
still had the remains of the foetal in her.
she then went to another hospital to get it
removed but the doctor told her that if she
attempts to do it she may lose her life in
the process,he then ran a scan and blood
test for her. The results came out and
she got the most shocking news of her life.

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