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My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 3


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 3

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


I decided to satisfy my curiosity by asking
Anita what they meant by fun and she
me they were going for a party outside school.
I gaped at them open mouthed like someone
who just saw a ghost, Sandra's harsh
tone made me shut my mouth after she
asked me why do I bother to disturb them
if I never wanted to join them.
do make we dey go jare. I wonder why
you dey always mind this JJC sef" Sandra
said.  She hissed and stared at me batting
her long eyelashes "you think say money
dey fall from heaven, babe... shine your
eyes" Sandra snapped at me. I  was disappointed
in them, I asked of the money their parents
normally send them, why do they have
to involve in such act if their parents were
giving them so much money to live the flamboyant
lives they were living, both of them looked
at themselves and roared in laughter.
I wondered what made my question comical
or  turned into something laughable, Sandra cleared
her throat and said "I talk am!, this girl
na better jew babe!!" she made it clear
that whatever they had wasn't from their
parents that I should stop  seeing  them as
of Dangote's children, "girl start to dey
use wetin you get to get wetin you want , babe
wise up oh! hungry go kill you one day oh!"
Sandra replied firmly with her palms opened.
I was curious to know how they came
about possessing all what they had as
their own, if their parents weren't actually
rich as they said. "Jessy Jessy! If you
want to Know ehn, just dress up and come
with us let's teach you how to fish because
we can't be catching fish and feeding
you forever" Anita complained bitterly.
I wore my best gown that stopped below
my kneel "babe, no be campus fellowship
we dey go, we are going to party.
babe, this girl no serious" Sandra snarled
at me. Anita gave me a short gown and
helped me with make-over, it felt strange
and exciting too, 'cause that was the first time
am wearing make-up and it makes me
look extremely beautiful. As we stepped
out of our apartment, I kept wondering
where we are heading to and will it answer
the question I asked them earlier. We got
out of the gate through the help of the
gateman that Sandra tipped, a car was waiting,
just in the front of  the Mallam's kiosk, Sandra
got in the front with the driver while Anita
and I entered the back seat. The car was
dark, I couldn't see the driver because
the inner light were not on "I see, you came
with a friend" the voice seem familiar
but couldn't place the owner of the voice.
"Oh! it's Jessy" Sandra replied him and
his voice dragged on with surprise "isn't she the one who walked in on us
the other day?" Sandra nodded and he
ignited the car's engine and we drove off.
we drove for a long time before stopping
in front of a building and we all came out
of the car.


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