My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 2


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 2

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


  They didn't make any attempt to move
 or cover up themselves, I wanted to run
 out but it was as if an unseen force rooted
 me to that spot. I stared at Sandra who
 remained sitted on his stomach,his
 dick was still buried deep inside her. Her body was sweaty, while Michael stared
 inquisitively at me, she made to call my name,
 that was when I gathered enough courage
 and ran out,I heard them laughing afterwards.
 I came out of the apartment and sat
 Mallam Shehu kiosk at the front of the
 yard, what I saw kept replaying in my head.
 I felt a sweet chill run down my spine and an unusual feeling have never felt before. After twenty minutes he came out with
 Sandra beside him, their hands were
 locked together, I must confess then
that he had
a pretty huge dick and he is handsome
 too, with an axe tattoo at his nape.
 I slapped
 my forehead to discard the thought but
 it still won't go away. Sandra got back
 and asked me if I liked what I saw back
 there and I replied in the negative,
 gave me a wide grin saying "Babe no worry,
 very soon you go dey chop cucumber pass me"
 and I wondered what she meant by that.
 Anita came back later in the evening with
 two big bags filled with goodies;one was
 filled with clothes and shoes, and the
 other contained provisions and I really
 wished I could be in their shoes even
 for a day.
 "Hey Jessy have this" she gave me a smaller
 bag and I thanked her wholeheartedly
 for her kindness and benevolence act.
 On opening it I saw new dresses, three  pairs of shoes, jewelries, and lastly a
 Android phone and make-up kit.
 "Hmm Annie,
 you know I don't wear make-up but thanks
 anyways" I reminded her, Sandra laughed
 so hard at me and called me a jew girl
 wey never know wetin dey sup.

all had dinner and went to bed, I woke
 up around 11pm because of the sound
 I heard and it turned out to be Sandra
and Anita dressing up. I wondered where
 they were heading to by this time of the night...

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