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My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 11


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 11

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


 I held onto the couch with my eyes closed and I bite my lips in pleasure as my orgasm hit me hard,he licked up all my love juice . He layed on the couch while I straddled him with my boobs facing him,I lowered myself on his dick and began riding him. I soon increased my pace as Alhaji was screaming
 Alhaji:Ahhhh.  Jessy oh,ahh
 U Willi kill me oh, see as u sweet! I want to cummmmmm
     He spluttered all his cum inside me,I got down and licked his dick clean,mmmmmm I love the taste of cum.

  We both laid on the couch exhausted . I opened my eyes later and looked at Alhaji,I woke him up and we went inside to freshen up as it was already morning. I dressed up in a bumshort and crop top while Alhaji wore his usual kaftan,we held hands like couples while walking to the beach. We had lot of fun at the beach,I even rode a horse!!
    We went back to the house late in the evening, Alhaji went into the bathroom to freshen up while I waited for him. I also took my shower and dressed up with just a short polo without pantie thats how naughty I can get. I later went to the kitchen to make some food for Alhaji and I,we couldn't finish the food as Alhaji swept me off my feet to the room when he couldn't hold himself anymore. We had three rounds before I was satisfied.

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    He fell asleep while I was still awake thinking about making him my main man since he likes me so much,he also has enough money to give me even though he isn't handsome. I decided to try and stick with him since I didn't want to contact any sexually transmitted disease by sleeping with different men,I slept off with this thought.
  Which I  knew what awaits me

I woke up the next morning but didn't find Alhaji beside me, I smiled to myself as I remembered what happened last night.

It started raining in the night,I have always been afraid of thunder as a little girl. I shrieked in fear as I tried my best to sleep,I had to wake him up.
He held me like a baby while I snuggled up with him,he kept whispering sweet things to me till I fell asleep. Who knew that Alhaji could be romantic?I shook my head as I got up to take my bath,I went down to the sitting room afterwards and I perceived a delicious aroma. On getting to the kitchen, I met Alhaji cooking,he was already dishing out the food when I got there so I just helped him to take it to the dining after saying a good morning to him with a kiss.
  I must say he is actually a good cook,I asked who taught him and he told me his mother did. I reminded him that I will be leaving in the evening,he promised to drop me off and also send me some money. I thanked him with a smile and told him to call me anytime he needs me.


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