My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 10


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 10

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


I waited for him in his car while he went inside to get his things,he got back sooner than I expected. Guess his bag was already packed.We drove down to his beach house,it was like an hour drive from his house. We didn't even talk much while going,the only thing I wanted was to get the weekend over with and get back to my house . The beach house was really beautiful,I could smell the fresh air,the beautiful sunshine and the palms whistling. I got lost admiring the beauty of the place,I imagined myself in a bright orange bikini with water dripping down my sexy body while posing for an artist to do a painting of me. I guess this weekend won't be as boring as I thought before.
Alhaji got down from the car and took our bags out his car,I stepped aside to let him through so he could open the door. I stepped into the house and marvelled at the decorations,I always thought him to be a boring man without taste but I guess I was wrong.
   He dropped the bags in a room while I made myself at home on the couch, I pulled out my phone and started preparing myself for him by doing a foreplay. I already downloaded some xxx videos earlier,I started watching them and the moaning sound  could be heard all over the house,I got really horny after a while,I pulled up my dress and dipped my hands into my lacey panties. He came back after a while wearing a short,am pretty sure he must be hard now. (Exactly what I wanted)I need a really good fuck right now.

 I dropped my phone, he pulled me into a kiss while using his hand to pull off my dress. He kissed me from my cleavages down to my belly button while giving me hickeys,I moaned out and held him tight as he lowered me to the couch. He struggled out of his shorts and started sucking my left breast while rubbing the other one.
 Ahhh oh gosh!
  He lowered his head to my pussy,spat on it and started twirling his tongue on my pussy but avoided the clit. I was going crazy with horniness and I screamed out "Shit! Fuck me already!
   Put that goddam dick inside me!
   He inserted two fingers inside my pussy while licking my clit too,my orgasm was starting to build up as he fingered me faster.


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