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Love To Tears Last Episode


Love To Tears Episode 6

©The Law



-Last Episode

After offing the light I walked like a blind man to the bed, "Hannah, where are you?" I asked in the dark room struggling to see her figure. I was scampering around the bed with my hand when it came in contact with flesh "yes, sq---ze it" Hannah said breathing heavily.

I did as I was instructed, I climbed the bed with my d---k. Her bare body clung to me as we kissed slowly, I kissed her slowly from lips down to her breasts. She held my head and lower it further down to her nether "I can't" I mumbled as I smelt her pussy scent, she giggled and raised my face to her face and we kissed again, I unclad myself and lower my lips on her nipples and started sucking "ah, ah, yes-- baby" she moaned.

I lower my hard d---k deep inside her w-t p--sy and thr---sted in, we went on and on till we ended it in four rounds. I slept off immediately, Hannah is so full of energy. I woke up to see her on me in the morning smiling "this your dick ehnn" she said teasing the head with her finger, I smiled. She already brought breakfast, we ate together feeding each other.

We moved to Port-Harcourt, I and my sister. We moved to mile 3, I started attending lectures while I changed my sister's school. After lecture for the day I'll go about my transportation business. Life was good with Hannah, I couldn't sleep a day without hearing from Hannah. She came visiting time to time,
I graduated after completing my two years programme and Hannah also graduated, Ada entered the university. I wrote an NIS recruitment examination and I was recruited into Nigeria Immigration Service.

I didn't hear from Angel again, I saved my salary and bought many buses. I gave it to drivers who pays me everyday, I was able to build a house. I took Hannah out to the beach, we walk bare footed talking beside the shore.

"Your eyes as blue as the sea,
sends shiver down to my spine
Spirits witness as I confess
My undying love, will you marry me Hannah?"

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I said kneeling before her, she started shedding tears of joy.

"Yes, yes, I'll marry you" she replied, I placed the ring on her finger as she hugged me so tight. I posted it on social media that night, I even uploaded a love up picture of me and Hannah.you can hi (THE_LAW) on +2348163633066 to read more mind blowing episodez

I was about retiring for the day when Angel called me, I didn't pick at first but the calls still persist "yes, what do you want?" I said angrily into the receiver "Vic, I know you are angry with me. And am sor..." I cut her off "young lady go straight to the point am very busy" I snapped angrily at her.

"Vic, am sorry for all I have done to you, please don't marry Hannah, she is a devil" Angel said, I was so angry that I ended the call immediately and blacklisted her phone number. We went ahead and planned our marriage, Angel was everywhere begging me not to marry Hannah. I ignored her madness, we got married and we returned home that night to travel out of the country.

"Welcome, home" Angel said smoking with a gun, I was scared at the extend of Angel actions but Hannah was unmoved. "What is the meaning of this, Angel?" I asked standing at the centre of the sitting room scared to heart. "You should redirect that question to your wife beside you" she told me pointing the gun at Hannah.

I looked at Hannah she was silent, Angel threatened to shoot her if she didn't say anything "Vic, she was the one who made me lost my virginity, she made me love alcohol and sex, she gave me that boyfriend that made my life miserable, thanks to this gun I killed him after he destroyed my womb" Angel said crying, I was confused. Hannah was silent she didn't say anything "is it true" I asked Hannah who stood beside me without saying a word "go to hell" Angel said and shot her.

"No..." I shouted, and ran to the fallen body of Hannah that was bleeding "my love wake up" I cried shedding tears, I heard another gun shot. I looked up at Angel who has shot herself in the stomach "I'll always love you Vic, find happiness" that was what Angel said as she fell on the floor and her ghost left her.

I cried out my eyes as I called the station.

That night was a night that I'll never forget. The night I have loved two girls to tears.

The End

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