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Lex - Chapter Twenty-Three


Lex - Chapter Twenty-Three


©Tz_ Chilest

1984 A.D

"Austin! I have a secret to tell you"

The voice was so husky; and Austin jerked instantly at such a familiar voice. It was his best friend- he looked straight into those puzzled eyes and could see that worry was written all over it.

"What is it that you wish to share with me?"

Austin friend looked around- gazing everywhere.... He could see that the vampires there won't mind eavesdropping... But this was a secret with great endangerment. And he wasn't ready to take chances- cause life is at stake.... A lot of it!

So he dragged Austin to the inner court room; A room protected by magic- any discussion done in that room can't be eavesdrop by a vampire outside the room.

Kol created that room four years after he usurp power. He used that room as a meeting place and disclose highly confidential information to some high ranked vampires.

"This place is magically protected from any from of eavesdropping" the vampire said

"What is it that you want to share with me cause your suspense is killing me" Austin couldn't hide is bemusement at such a precautionary measure.

"-wait a minute..." Austin continued at the sight of a baby in his friend hand "isn't that Sarah child?"

"Yea, that is Alexander"

"Oh! What a crazy love- you babysitting her child" Austin gave him a great guffaw

"Austin! please be serious....there is a lot to this child than you can imagine"

Austin laughter soon began to fade

"What do you mean by a lot? And beside, where is Sarah? I thought you have a date planned out for the two of you this evening"

"Yea! I pictured a perfect evening for the two of us- not until she said she was going to see Alex father"

"What do you mean by Alex father?"

"....the father of her child..."

Austin had become so puzzled... He just couldn't place it- Alex father was dead right before Alex was born... So a resurface back on the land of the living was something Austin didn't understand.

"I thought Sarah said Alex father was dead?" Austin said after a long thought

"So I thought-" Austin friend said ".... and that is where the problem lies-"

He was interrupted by a young lady who opened the door of the courtroom and majestically walk down to meet them.

"Austin! Gerard needs you in his office now" the lady said

"Oh! Father! I totally forgot... Tell him I will join him soon"

"Okay-" the lady said as she made a turn "... But wait a minute- what are you guys doing in the courtroom"

"And how is that a business of yours" Austin said, frowning.

"-tell father, I will join him soon... So get the hell out!"

The lady ran out of the court room. She was well aware of the Olsen temperament and how they react when they are angry.

"So... You were saying something about problem?" Austin said, focusing his attention on his friend.

"Austin what am about to tell you is a great secret that can lead to the death of the party involved"

"Seriously- this whole thing is scaring me already" Austin gave him a pitiful look "just spit it out"

"....Alex father is a werewolf-"

"Were-what!" Austin exclaimed "Michael do you realize what you are saying? That is a very serious statement... And can bring about death!"

"Sarah told me herself-"

"So... You mean this baby is a -"

"Yea, Alex is an hybrid!"


Kol was boiling- his whole body system was in distress. He hadn't felt like this in a very long time- voices echoing in his head, screaming and waiting to be unleashed. It was like the monster in him was afraid... But he wasn't sure what he was afraid of- maybe Lex!

He wasn't ready to admit the fact that Lex was growing in strength everyday- increasing in might every seconds... Even faster than a regular vampire. His abilities were equal to the Olsen... And that feared Kol.

Kol was very unrest after watching Lex wrestle with an ancient vampire... And beating his superior and norms to the prize. So he left the field signaling Austin and Michael along.

It was like the two of them already understood what was happening.. They looked at each other with fear circulating their system. The secret they had buried had decided to stay awake....

"I need Lex file right now!" Kol voice was beyond it usual self. He shouted as he settled on his chair with his eyes sparkling of anger.

Michael ran to the archive and searched for Lex file. After minutes of ransacking, he saw the old file which was already very light and prone to be destroy easily. So he dashed back into Kol office holding the old file in his hand.

Within a minute, the file was already in Kol possession. He checked everything without leaving a word behind.

"Alexander Maslow......." Kol said, dusting through the file from the beginning to the end.

"Mother- Sarah Maslow..... Father- unknown..." Kol gave Austin a disgusting look.

"Who the hell is his father?" Kol asked, with rage.

"I don't know, grandpa-"

"What do you mean by you don't know....!!!"

Michael saw that this discussion was really going to dig up what he had buried. So he tries to cover up-

"Sarah ran away from the penthouse- claiming she wanted to live with the humans...... Well, she was successful with her escape- but she came back after four years....."

Kol frowned. He thought of how a Vampire would run away from the penthouse and decided to live alone.... With the humans!

"-when she came back to the penthouse, she wasn't alone- she brought a baby along..."

"And that baby was Lex?"

"Yes... He was just a year and few weeks old when she brought him to the penthouse"

"And nobody knows anything about his paternity?" Kol asked

"Yes- no one knows anything about his paternity.... But our best guess was that- his father might be a human" Austin who just found his voice said.

Michael and Austin gave each other a look that signifies... 'Well done!'

"It says here that Sarah is dead- how did she die?"

"-from a werewolf bite"

Kol tries to believe what Austin and Michael were saying... But something in him chose not to believe the story. An half human half vampire won't possess that great strength Lex possesses. Kol knew that there was more to the story than what he just heard.

"You both can leave..." Kol said after a long thought

Michael sighed. At least Lex life is secured for now... But he wasn't sure of later- so he have to warn Lex now...

"I predicted this day many years back" Austin said dragging Michael inside the courtroom.

Michael raised a brow- he didn't understand what Austin meant by 'I predicted this day many years back'

"We should have killed him when he was a baby-"

"What the f*ck!" Michael screamed, cutting Austin off.
"You know that I can't- he is Sarah son... My first-"

"-first love... Blah blah blah blah.... Am sick and tired of hearing that word- first love!" Austin shun him

"-Sarah is dead... She didn't die yesterday- she died a long time ago.... Forget about her... Only if you wish to be piked!"

"We can't let Lex secret be known to the world- he will die!"

"But what can we do? Nothing!" Austin said "his powers kept growing everyday- how is that our fault? We tried our best, Michael- what else could we do? Protecting him like an infant for years..... I think it's time he learns how to protect himself"

Michael agreed with Austin... It's time for Lex to learn how to protect himself. Michael went to see Lex in the dormitory- he was already done with the pant of human blood. He could feel a strong gush of energy run through his veins. His strength had become triple- his vision doubled- his olfactory was sharper than any creature. He was now at his full strength.... At his peak!

"Lex!" Michael called amidst vamps who were surrounding Lex.

Lex turned with joy in his eyes. He had thought Michael was here to celebrate with him... But the look on Michael says otherwise.

"What is wrong?" Lex said as he approached Michael "-you should be happy for me.... All your training didn't go in vain"

Michael gave him a disgusting smile... True! All his training hadn't go in vain; but there is danger lurking in the shadows. Lex must be very careful because Kol will keep him under surveillance.

"Am happy for you, lex.... But there is a problem"

Lex ear lit instantly; he was ready to know what the problem was.

"What is the problem, Michael?"

Michael sighed and said "You!"

Lex was very puzzled, and didn't understand how he was the problem

"You are the problem Alexander....."

"-but how?"

"Your abilities- I want you to stop showing them in front of everyone... Expect me"

Lex didn't understand what was going on.. Why won't he show his Powers? His strength?.... His Abilities!

"Why?" That was the only word Lex could come up with.

"- don't you know? Your abilities are raising a lot of suspicion..... And that is very dangerous!"

"I seriously don't follow-"

"Lex! Just stop showing your abilities in front of everyone...." Michael shouted, and Lex realize this is more serious than he had expected.

"Will you do that for me?" Michael added

Lex nod his head in agreement.
What else could he say? Michael  was the one that raised him after the death of his mother. Michael was all he could call a parent- so seeing Michael this serious means there is a cannon on its way.... And that means trouble!

Lex knew they were hiding something from him- but what it was is the question he kept asking himself.

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