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In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Four


In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Four

®️Blessing D 

        Writer's POV

After the jack's night outing with Amelia he realized he was really in love with her.

The the next day at school he asked her out and being Jason's best friend Amelia accepted to be his girlfriend.

Jason became more than jealous anytime he sees them together .

Jason couldn't help it , the more he tried to stay away from Amelia , the deeper his feelings for her grow.

Then one day Jack suggested they went for an outing with
Amelia and her two close friends.

They decided to go on a Saturday to a beach.

        Jason's POV
Well I agreed to go out with them because I needed to free my mind from things , until now I've not seen a girl that I want to date maybe because I have feelings for Amelia .

Amelia's two friends caro and Liza came over with few of their things .

My other friend "Lukas" also joined us on the trip to the beach.

We set out on Saturday morning and arrived in the afternoon.

We settled our things at one of the rented house nearby . The females had their own room while the males had there's too.

After unpacking, we all gathered in at the beach. We were putting on briefs while the girls were putting on swimming wears.

And they all looked beautiful in their dresses especially Amelia - of course .

The girls were running around pushing themselves and I watched them playing happily.

Hey man ! Anything? Jack asked sitting beside me on the sand .

Why aren't you engaged in anything yet? He added and I scoffed.

Engaged in what? I asked still starring at them.

Don't tell me you're busy watching over your sister, man! Nothing is gonna happen to her come let's go play some games , he said and dragged me up with him.

We went to a restaurant nearby and had gizzard with some beer and then we played chest.

To be honest my mind wasn't really at the game the whole time we played it, I just wanted to see Amelia's face again course I happen to miss her.
Few hours passed and it was evening already.

We gathered around at the hotel to have our dinner and head to bed .

We were all taking and laughing until jack decided to spoil my mood by kissing Amelia right in front of us.

I felt like choking immediately he did but to avoid suspicion, I excused myself and went to the restroom area.

I bent my head and closed my eyes trying to ignore what I saw but the image just wouldn't leave.

I held my head and screamed loudly hoping no one heard it .

I looked at the mirror in front of me and felt like punching it and breaking it into pieces and I did.

I punched the mirror till it scattered and I didn't notice that my hand was already bleeding seriously.

I closed my eyes as tears rushed down my cheeks .

Why me? Why am I messed up like that? Why does it have to be Amelia ? My own little sister , I think am really possessed, I thought to myself as I cried.

No , no, I can't keep holding back this feelings, they just keep coming back with force, I need to tell someone maybe they can help. I need to tell someone - yes I need to tell mom.

With that , I flushed my eyes open only for me to see Liza.

I moved backward immediately I saw her as if I was afraid of her.

Wh...what are you doing here? I stammered but she just kept staring at me akimbo.

She was staring right into my eyes and suddenly she signed and took her eyes to the scattered mirror and then my injured hand.

Why don't you tell her about your feelings? She asked and I flinched.

Wait, what the hell is she talking about? Does she know?

Your likes are too disappointing.

Try to improve guys please...

So what do you think about what Liza said?

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