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In Love With My Little Sister- Episode one


In Love With My Little Sister-Episode one

®️Blessing D 

         Jason's POV

I was still on my project when a noticed someone's presence, I turned and it was Jack.

"Hey jack ! I greeted and continued with my project.

"Hi buddy , he replied and took a sit next to me.

Where is Amelia? He asked and a thought niggard at me.

I know jack likes Amelia and he'll be willingly to take her out.

"Uh..Jack can you do me a huge favour ?

"What is it? He inquired.

Can you take Amelia out for picnic ? I asked and his eyes widened.

"Really man? That will be a pleasure, he replied smiling.

"But, why ask me? He asked.

Well , I have this stuff to take care of , I replied showing him the project.

Come on buddy , that project is to be submitted next months, he replied.

"I know but I just don't want to follow her, I replied more like a whisper.

"And why's that? He asked leaning closer.

I want to stop taking her out , I mean she's eighteen, guys might think I don't want them around her that's why am always taking her out , I replied even tho I no that's not the real reason.

You no her buddy , she won't take it , jack replied and I nodded my head .

That's why I need your help , I need you course I no your feelings for her so am allowing do all that, I said and he smiled.

"I want to J , but it..you no she doesn't go out with anyone expect you, he said.

"We are gonna change that Jack , from today onwards I won't take her anywhere.

Whoops that will be crazy.

I will give it a try , he replied, stood up and headed upstairs to her room.

You and I need this Amelia tho I no it will be a bit tough , I thought to myself and continued with my project.

         ★Amelia's POV ★

A knock came at the door and I ignored it thinking it was Jason.

Amelia its me jack , open up, I heard and immediately stood up to open the door.

Hi, I cooed and he starred at me.

Uh..you see Amelia Jason is busy and I'd love to take you out myself, he said.

Really? I asked.

"Yea ,will you follow me?

I'd love to but I'm no longer in the mood jack , Jason really spoilt my day , did he tell you if I offended him In anyway? I asked and he shook his head.

"Am so sorry jack , I can't.

Okay what of tomorrow? He asked.

Em..I'll think about it , but will Jason follow us?

"Nope he won't, he replied.

OK then I'll think about it, I replied and closed the door.

Wait Amelia think about what ?I thought and opened the door again.

He was about to go down .

You no what jack ? I yelled and he turned.

I'll go out with you tomorrow, I replied and I could see the smile that formed in his face.

6:00 pm then , he replied and went down while I closed the door.


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