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Important Final

Important Final

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


Juliet's pov
"Peter, I think it's time we take Erick to go meet his brother. If we don't do it now, he'll hate us forever for keeping the truth from him. "I said as Peter and I laid on our bed.

Peter ignorede as he was busy operating his phone.
That's one habit he has and it makes us quarrel often.

"Am talking to you Peter! "I yelled and collected the phone from him.

He began struggling for it.
"Am sorry Juliet. Just cut up with work. "He said.

"Hold on, let me see the work! "I yelled and stood to my feet.
Before he could protest, I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in.

Peter always set a pass code in his phone so this is the chance I have to see what he's hiding.

I looked into his phone and scrolled to the chats he was having.
With a lady.

(The lady)  Shirley is fine, she just misses her dad. When are you going to visit again?

(Peter)  Juliet got me pinned down. I'll try to come over on Wednesday, I'll tell her am going to see my cousin.

(The lady)  okay then honey.. I love you and also, I can't wait to feel you in me soon. I just miss us soo much.

(Peter)  I miss you more Faye. My boring wife here doesn't give me access into her crotch. She's such a wreck and she doesn't want another kid  I blindly married her due to what she has been through.

.... I couldn't read more. I turned off the phone. My face was teary.
Peter has another family behind my back?

I managed to come out of the bathroom and there the bastard stood looking at me with his hands in his pocket.

I slowly removed the ring on my finger and threw it to him.

"Am sorry Juliet. I had a one night stand with Faye, the lady that brings cocoa to the office. She got pregnant and we have a two year old daughter... "He said.

I smiled out tears as I shook my head.

"Bring her here then. "I said going to the wardrobe. I opened it and began bringing out my clothes.

I packed my bags and took them to Erick's room. Erick was asleep but I didn't mind, I packed his stuff too. I called my lawyer and told him to prepare divorce papers.

In two day's time, it was ready and Peter and I signed them.
Great! We're no longer married but am deeply shocked and suprised by what he did. Lying to me and cheating even after everything we've been through together.

(At Nathan's mansion)
Nathan's pov
"Divorce her Nathan! "Mom yelled.

"Please Nathan. Don't do this. "Isabelle pleaded before me.

I took the pen in my hand and signed the paper. I passed it to Isabelle. She signed it.

"Now leave my house and never show your face Here  again. "I said to her. "I rather be single than marrying and arrogant but infertile woman.

Isabelle smiled and took her luggage leaving.
Derrick ran to me hugging me.

"Hey son.. "I said

"You'll never believe the dream I had dad. I  saw mom... I saw her holding me. "He said.

I sighed softly.
I so much pity him.

"Your mom? "I asked him.

He nodded happily.

Juliet's pov
I arrived at the airport with Erick and lodged in a hotel.
We boarded a cab straight to Nathan's mansion.

Its been a while now, I wonder if he's still handsome like he was 10 years ago.

I wonder how his marriage has been with Isabelle, probably better than mine.

We arrived at the mansion and alit. I payed and the cab left. I squat down before Erick looking into his eyes.

"Are you ready to see your dad and brother? "I asked.

He nodded. "I am mom but I hope I look better than my brother. "
I smiled lightly and hugged him.

We both proceeded to the gates of the mansion.

We were  let in. We approached the mansion.
A maid told me Nathan was with his son playing in the garden.
I approached the garden holding Erick. We got to the garden. I saw Nathan throwing a ball to Derrick and he catches it.

I hope he forgives me for keeping Erick to myself.

He looked to my direction and when he saw me. He froze at the spot.

Nathan and I stood by the verender watching Derrick and Erick play ball together.

"I can't believe you could do such Juliet. Dividing the twins. "Nathan said.

"I had to do it Nathan. You can't leave me wondering around like I never gave birth. I wanted one... Besides its equal. "I muttered remembering the doctor's words.

"What of Isabelle? "I asked.

"We divorced. You? How's that jerk peter? "He asked.

"Divorced. He had a side chick and side daughter. "I said sadly.

There was a long silence.

"It's almost time for lunch, we have to leave Nathan. "I said.

He held my wrist softly.

"Am not letting you go Juliet. Not again. "He said.

"No Nathan. I want to be a single mom. "I said.

"At least leave with me. "He pleaded.

I shook my head.

"No, there can never be an 'us'. You are a monster Nathan. You cheated on me when I was pregnant with your own baby. I'll never forgive you for that! "I said with tears.

He let me go and I rushed to Erick and Derrick at the garden.

I hugged Derrick.

"I love you Derrick. We're  going now. "I whispered.

"Don't leave me mom, please... Forgive dad so we can live together. "He said as tears trickled down at s cheeks.

My heart softened and I hugged them both crying.

I looked up to see Nathan standing before me.

"Please Juliet. If I ever cheat on you, you have the right that you please shoot my head off. "He said.

"I'll live with you but on  one condition, you buy your mom another house, I don't want her to live in this same roof with me. "I said.

"Done. "Nathan said and chuckled.

"We're just going to live together, no marriage. "I said.

"Please Juliet. "

"My finger is still hurting from Peter's ring I wore for 10 years for nothing at all. "I said and looked away.

Nathan held my hand. He pulled me into a hug.
"When ever you're ready for the wedding... You let me know. "He whispered.

I smiled.

    The End 

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