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Important Episode 5-7


Important Episode 5-7

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


<1 month later>
It was dark and I felt really sleepy. I laid on my bed and covered myself up.. Nathan is yet to be home.
Yes, I decided to stay cause I care for peter alot. My tummy is becoming a little big now.. Just a small bulge.

Since I've been here, I don't associate with anyone not even Nathan's ugly fiancee and his Angry pants mother.
I shower them with insults whenever they want to make  me feel unsafe about having my baby. But Nathan has instructed me not to leave the room and go around looking for trouble.

He's always the one to bring my meal's for me.

I was half asleep when the door opened and closed. I heard keys dangling till it stopped.

I looked up, it was Nathan.

He stared at me for a while as I was looking at another direction. We argue alot so if he wants more, he should dare talk to me.

He exhaled and removed his shirt and went into the bathroom.
He came out later with a towel round his waist. He took some clothes from the wardrobe and began wearing it.

When he was done, he came to the bed and laid beside me. I backed him.
He came closer  held me by my waist.

"How's my baby? "He asked.

"Well... What do you think?! "I asked with a hoarse voice.

He began kissing my ear and slowly proceeded to my neck.

I moaned uncontrollably.
What's wrong with me.

He succeeded in turning me on fully and getting me wet and before I knew it, we were both unclad.
We made out.

He got down and laid on the bed panting  softly. Tears filled my eyes as I imagined what I've become ; a free p••sy to him. Where's his fiancee??
Why couldn't he go to her instead.

I sniffed and he noticed I was crying and turned me to face him.

"Why the tears? Did it hurt cause of the baby? "He asked looking so innocent.

I shook my head and wiped my tears. I rolled to my side and acted like I was asleep when I was wide awake.

Next morning ☀
I woke up and rubbed my eyes like crazy. The tears made my eyes all itchy and irritating.

I need a bath!

I looked beside the bed to see a tray with food on it. Like he knows am extremely hungry.

My appetite is simply... Oh wow!

I was already done eating when the bathroom door opened and Nathan walked into the room.

"Morning futmor.. "He said  looking at the tray of food.

He calls me futmor for future mother.

It gets annoying sometimes.

He sat beside me and pushed the tray away.

"I was gonna feed you sweetheart. Too bad Nathan junior is as hungry as a bear. "He said and touched my cheek. "Thanks for last night Juliet. I loved it. "

I got angry with his last statement.
Ah! Who does he think he  is??

"What happened. Did your strippers p••sy explode before you could dive in?! "I asked and smirked.

"Nah... I got turned on when I remembered the first time I screwed you... You were juicy and crying like a baby. "He said.

How dare he?

"I was not crying. You liar. "I half yelled.

"You were, you were like... 'I want my mommy. This hurts so bad. Don't stop but it hurts. "He said.

I felt like beating the daylight out of him.
I jumped on him and before I could get my hands to do the beating, he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to his body as we  fell back on the bed.

"What, do you want to give me an early morning beating and hard on at once?

"I know you like me and my d*ck alot but please pity me for now... I haven't eaten. "He said.

Me? Like?

What am I gonna do with this spoilt brat??

Isabelle's pov
I watched Nathan kiss Juliet wet before he left for downstairs, driving to office.

Is he starting to like her, right in front of me??

I've been to lazy to push through with my plans but I think I've seen enough now

I took a bottle of water and spilled it on the tiled floor right outside her room.

She must break her hip and loose that baby in one way or the other.

I stood from afar and watched.

After like 30 minutes, Juliet stepped out of her room with a laundry basket filled with clothes and I can see Nathan's wears to.
Can't she let the servants do that??

She was about to take a step when she slipped and fell landing On her butt. She winced in pain.

I laughed loudly and came out of my hiding place.

"Clumpsy slut! "I yelled and walked past her.

Juliet's pov
So she did this! Damn it! I don't feel so good.
What if something happened to the baby.
I need Nathan right now.

I tried so hard to get up walking back into the room.

My hip hurts and am scared for the baby.

I took my phone and dialed Nathan's number, Immediately , he picked up.

"Missing me already.? "He asked.

"Stop gloating and get here fast. Isabelle spilled water on the floor and I tripped and fell. It hurts so much babe... We need to see a doctor. "I said and the phone slipped off from my hand and fell.

Did I just call him babe??
Someone that's married. We're not even together or anything.
How can I make such an ugly mistake.

I just hope he didn't here that part or he'll use that to make fun of me.

Nathan arrived minutes later and we left for the hospital. In the car he looked really angry.

I was taken to see the doctor and he ran some tests on me.
When he was done, he called Nathan and they both went  to a private place to discuss what was wrong.

When he returned he wore a smile but I can tell he was sad.

He payed and we went home.

"What did the doctor say? "I asked him in the car.

"He said you're okay. "Nathan muttered and opened the car door coming out.

He came over and opened mine.
We went into the house.

Immediately we got into the living room, his mother and that bitchy Isabelle was there.

"Nathan... Is she alright? What really happened? "His mom questioned.

"Don't bother to know mom. All am sure of is, Isabbelle is going to leave this house today. She dare play a stunt on the mother of my baby. She's leaving mom! "Nathan said angrily and pulled my arm with him as we left.

Why is he super mad.
What did the doctor tell him??

Nathan was able to get rid of Isabelle but his mom gave her access to Nathan's penthouse.

Nathan still doesn't want to say what the doctor told him. I have to get the truth out of him.

He sat by the edge of the bed. I came  to him rubbing his back.

"What's  the matter? "I asked him.

"Nothing... "He chipped in and took my hands facing me. He placed my hands on his bare chest.

"Is it about what the doctor said? "I muttered.

His happy face frowned.

I have to do something I've never done before just to get the truth.

I took my hands to his zip and drew it down. I got down from the bed and knelt before him.

"Trying to do the impossible. "He muttered.

My hands was shaking yes but I can do this.

I put the enormous d*ck into my mouth not even knowing where to start from in the sucking.

Nathan threw his head back and I smiled cause I knew he's enjoying it.
But I don't even know what am doing.

I stopped and pulled my lips away.

"Tell me Nathan. What's really wrong with me? "I asked.

"Juliet... You, it's possible... That you're pregnant with twins.... And due to the fall, one might..... Die. "


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