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Important Episode 4


Important Episode 4

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


Wendy's pov

My hands shook vigorously as I tried to call Nathan.
He picked up immediately.

"She fainted... "I stuttered.

"What?! Why? "He asked with shock resounding in his voice.

"Get here fast. "I said and disconnected.

I tried my best to carry Juliet carefully to my bed. She eats alot so she added alot of weight. And I was being careful cause she's pregnant.

It wasn't up to 5 minutes and Nathan arrived. He took her into his arms and we went out of the house driving to the hospital.

Nathan had the doctors take a good look at her while I waited at the lobby.

Isabelle's pov
I tried Nathan's number for the 5th time... Dang it!
He's ignoring my calls

Am extremely furious. What kind of guy is this??

Am the sexiest in the land... Why can't he just see me as a goddess for once.

Last night, I came to his room to see if we could work something out with a little s•x but he walked  out on me like I was some piece of trash.. And the annoying part is he keeps postponing our wedding.

This only means one thing..  A WOMAN.

There's another woman drifting his heart from me.

And am guessing his mother, mrs Anderson knows about this woman too cause she's too strict and would have forced Nathan to push through with the wedding by now.

They're all hiding something from me and am gonna find out soon.

Juliet's pov
My eyes  opened slowly as Nathan's image became clearer to me. Oh God, he found me... Or am I hallucinating.

"Is she fully awake now? "He asked.

"Yes sir.. She's awake now. "Another voice said from my left and I turned to see a lady wearing a white lab coat.. She's a doctor which means am in a hospital!!

I sat up as my head was feeling heavy. A drip was attached to my arm and it hurts a bit.

"Where's Wendy? "I muttered.

The doctor left the room leaving just Nathan and I.

"She's around. "He said with a hint of anger in his voice.

I looked up at him.

"Look what running has brought you to; you nearly endangered the life of my baby. "He said furiously.

"This baby is not yours folly, so stop claiming for whats not yours. "I said.

"I don't believe that  Juliet. You're not a whore. "

"Maybe you turned me into one! "I yelled at him.

I reached for the tip of the syringe and detached it from my arm. Nathan held my hand and pinned me back on the bed in furry.

"Say whatever you want, but am not letting you outta my sight till that baby is born and am sure its mine. "He said with some sort of authority in his voice.

I looked into his eyes also furious.

"We'll see about that. "I mumbled.

Isabelle's pov
"What do you mean she's Nathan's mistress?!!! "I yelled at the top of my voice as Nathan's mother sat there wearing a pissed off look.

Well I don't care... I just need answers.

Nathan came home with some girl And they have been together in his room since. I was curious and confronted his mom to know who the girl really is and she just told me... She's Nathan's mistress... How?

"She's carrying Nathan's child, if you must know.. "She said.

Words can't describe how I feel right now.
I'll be sharing Nathan?

No way.

"So, what's gonna happen after she haves Nathan's child? "I asked.

"We do to her what we do to people who try to ruin our plans... "She repliedwith a smirk.

I smirked too.
So, she's just a bait.

I have Nathan to myself

But... There's still a problem.
What if she ends up giving birth to the baby and Nathan wills everything to her child instead of my own child... We'll be given lesser share.

This only means one thing... I have to get rid of that baby.

She has to go entirely.

Juliet's pov
As the night went darker... I finally decided to sleep though I didn't want to.

I was in one bed with Nathan but I distanced myself from him alot.

I didn't even use the bed cover.

I woke up due to the yelling outside. I looked at the bed but Nathan wasn't on the bed with me.

I stood up and went to the big balcony looking down to see what was happening... It was Peter yelling my name.

"Let Juliet go, you cowards!!! What have you done with her?!!! "He kept yelling m

The securities were  running towards him but he had no idea.

Why did  he come here??

Suddenly, one of the securities hit him on the head and he blacked out.

I covered my mouth with my palms as I gasp. They carried his body leaving.

I felt someone stand behind me.

I turned to see Nathan.

He wore a smirk.

"That idiot has been yelling since morning.. Let me tell you the deal Juliet.if you Run away again, I'll make my men beat your friend up till he's as good as dead... If you respect your condition and stay... I'll let him live and feed him well....

"Choice is yours....


Isabelle is bringing her A game.
Juliet is out of options
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