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Important Episode 3


Important Episode 3

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


Juliet's pov
I kept running till I was sure I wasn't being chased again. I was in the middle of nowhere... Just trees and bushes.

I sat on the bare floor cause I was tired.
I started shedding tears.

I fear Nathan.
What if he wants to kill me so nobody finds out am carrying his child??

I've watched alot of movies you know, and j know what rich people are capable of.

Am extremely tired due to all the running. From where do I go to now.?

I'll just go to Wendy's house and stay there till I give birth then am out of this city.

I got up to go but then I was exhausted. I sat back down sobbing.

After a while, I felt someone touch me and I looked up scared.

"Do you need some help? "He asked softly.
I nodded.

Nathan's pov
"Its been two days now Wendy!!! Where could she have gone?? "I yelled in furry.

"We'll find her but we still need alot of help. "Wendy said.

"How? "

"We need help from the press... Newspapers and then we make fliers and paste them all around. Its better we do that than going into the forest everytime looking for her. "Wendy said and I nodded.

"Okay... "

"Nathan!! "Mom yelled coming in..
 "What is this madness son?! I've sent 4 maids to inquire the date for your wedding from you but you turned them all down. Have you lost your mind?!!! "

"Mom, don't you get it? This wedding is not happening! "I yelled totally furious.

"What has come over you? "She muttered angrily.

I motioned Wendy to leave and she did shutting the door.
I sat mom down.

"Mom, I can't marry Isabelle cause she's of no use to us because I already have my heir. "I said.

"What? "She gasped with her eyes widened.

"I got someone pregnant mom. "

She frowned.
"Who? "

"Juliet Bells. she's carrying my baby... And I'll marry her Even if I have to. "I said studying mom's reaction carefully before she faints.

"You're not marrying a commoner Nathan. I accept she has ur baby but as for marriage, that's out of the question..

"And also, Isabelle's father is Ill  and might break down if he learns that her daughter has been duped right after her engagement. "Mom said.

I was so unhappy with this whole marriage thing. I just hop to see Juliet soon.

       weeks later
Juliet's pov
I woke up feeling much better than last night. I was very sick and was feeling nausea through out yesterday and no doubt I need to see a doctor.. But no money.

"Morning Juli... "I heard Peter say coming into my room with a plate of food in his hands.
I smiled as I sat up and collected the hot meal.

Peter is the man that rescued me that day I got lost in the forest.

"By the way peter, am going to see and old friend of mine. I really need to see her. "I said stuffing my fave with lagsania.

"That reminds me Juliet.. On my way to the market, I saw alot of posters with your pictures. That mr Nathan is still looking for you. "He said.

Geez!  Why can't he just let me be??

"I'll be careful Peter. "I mumbled taking the last spoon into my mouth.

I got up and headed for the bathroom.

I managed to get to Wendy's house with the help of my disguise - a face cap.

"Juliet! "Wendy yelled and embraced me.

I had barely knocked on her room door before she opened up hugging me.

She pulled me to sit with her on the bed questioning me like I had been gone for a year.

"Stop running Juliet, Nathan doesn't want to harm you. He cares about you. "She said.

I sighed.
" am still angry with you fish head! You told Nathan about my pregnancy being my back! "

"Am sorry Juliet, its for your own good. "She said then looked at me closely.

"You look sick Juliet. "She said.

I shook my head.
"Nah... Don't talk nonsense. "I defended and tried to smile so she won't notice my sick face.

Wendy's pov
I know Juliet and she's lying. I can't let her leave again.
She stood up and went to the bathroom while I reached for my phone calling Nathan.

He sounded really excited.
"Keep her busy, am Coming right now. "He said and disconnected.

I rushed to the bathroom to check on Juliet cause she's taking so long.
I opened the door and rushed in... Oh heavens!
Juliet was lying on the floor unconscious.


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