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Important Episode 2


Important Episode 2

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


Juliet's pov

I can't let her catch me here, I'll be in big trouble.

I bit Nathan hard on his arm and he let go waking up.
He rubbed his eyes and looked at me. He took his time surveying everywhere with his eyes.

"What the... "He asked with a hoarse voice.

The knock came again.
"Nathan! "His mother's voice followed.

I got up and ran to the couch hiding behind it. My heart was beating fast and I just hope she doesn't find me.

"Uh.. Come in mom. "He said and the door opened.

I tried to peep to see her but I was afraid our eyes might meet.

"Nathan, you slept here? "She asked.

".. Yes. As you can see. "

"Get yourself cleaned up son and go to your room, nobody else must see you in this disgusting condition. "

"Whatever mom... "

"And also remember why you're really here. To marry Isabelle and give birth to your heir so you can access your late grandfather's wealth. Bear that in mind so you don't go messing around with world wide p•••y's! " I heard his mom yell.

"Please leave mom... I don't feel so good... "Nathan's voice came  out tired.

Excellent actor

After a while, I heard the door close with a bang. Ah, she's gone.
I stood up slowly totally confused and had no idea of what next to do.

He looked at me with pity in his eyes.

"Am sorry. "He said as he touched the blood stained part of the bedsheet.

I was really moody and just wanted to go home.

I went to the wardrobe and opened it. I saw men's clothes. I didn't care.
I brought a T shirt and pants and wore them, then I took a fave cap and put it on too.

"What I did was wrong and am really sorry. Please forgive me. "I heard Nathan say behind me.

"Screw you! " I yelled in anger and burst the door open running out of the area... I couldn't think of anywhere else but home.

I went into my room and pulled off the clothes angrily. I had a bath before wearing one of my ugly dresses. I wear them when am upset and just... MAD.

I sat on my bed strangling my pillow. I pictured the pillow as Nathan, I'll kill him.

The door opened and Wendy walked in looking angry but not as I was.

"Juliet, what happened? "She asked sitting beside me.

As I opened my lips to tell her about the encounter with Nathan, my lips shivered and I burst into tears.
I felt shattered and couldn't pull myself together at that moment.


Nathan's pov
Isabelle and I sat on our table in a Poncey restaurant in town.
Mom set us up on a date and I don't like the idea one bit.

I don't like this Isabelle of a girl and everytime she touches me, only God knows how much I really want to strangle her.

Once I get my heir, I'll f••cking divorce her.

We're engaged but will soon get married. Mom's the chief planner in everything right now.

And about the Juliet girl... I haven't seen her since and if I see her again, I would like to end up in bed with her again.

I'm still guilty for what happened but I can't lie, I really want to have her again.

Dammit! I need to find her...

Wendy's pov
"Take it easy Juliet. Its just a Pregnancy kit. Its not going to hurt in anyway. "I said trying to convince Juliet to give me her urine sample.

"I don't know why you're doing this Wendy.  I just got a fever... Nothing else. "She said.

"You're so stubborn. Let's just be sure! "I yelled at her.

She slowly took the stuff and went into the bathroom.

After a while, she came out and handed it to me.

"What does it say? "She asked.

I chuckled a bit at her ignorance. I've already told her how it works.

I looked down at the pregnancy test...

"Its positive Juliet, you're pregnant! "I said bewildered.

She gasped and closed her lips with her palm.

"Am done for Wendy! "She said.

I shook my head.
"This is great news Juliet, if we tell Nathan, he'll surely marry you and you'll be well taken care of. "I said.

"No way! This is going to be between you and I Wendy. "

" A pregnancy can never be hidden for long. And by the way, you really need to see a doctor so you can be told how to take care of yourself and the baby. "I suggested.

She still declined the idea of telling Nathan.
Oh Juliet, so stubborn.

If she's not ready to tell Nathan... I am.

Nathan's pov
"She's what?! "I exclaimed amazed.

"Don't make me repeat myself. "I said.

"Wow... Where is she now, take me to her. "I said excitedly.

If Juliet is carrying my inborn child, I don't have to marry Isabelle.

We arrived at the house. It was small and but well kept. Wendy and I walked in. I stood behind the wall watching her talk to Juliet who was stuffing her face with creamed mushrooms.

"All that for you? "Wendy asked.

"Yea... And am afraid am running out of food already. "She said and dropped the plate lying back on the chair.

Then silence took over... My chance.

"What name should we give the baby? "I asked softly.

Her fluttered open as she looked to my direction and I stepped out of my hiding place.

She looked scared and suprised.

I approached her.

She started sobbing and soon tears filled her eyes.

"How's our baby? "I asked.

She shook her head.
"Am sorry but you can't be a part of this child's life... You can't take 'it' away from me! "She said going backwards.

Before I could get a hold of her, she ran out of the house.

Wendy and I ran after her.
How can I take the baby away from her... Am not a monster...


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