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Important Episode 1


Important Episode 1 

THEME: (She Has Something That's Mine) 


Juliet's pov
"Come on Juliet, go get ready! "My bestfriend,  Wendy yelled  pulling my arm with all her strength so she can be able to get me to stand.

I rolled my eyes.

"Don't stress it Wendy, am not going. You know I hate being in the presence of wealthy people so stop trying. "I said.

She stopped pulling my arm for a while and stared with a marveled expression into my face.

"Juliet, I don't believe this. Your  grandma is having issues with her pension and you lost your job. You both can hardly feed... You need this job. "Wendy said behind me.

"And the pay is good.. And who knows, your prince charming might show up as well. "Wendy said raising her brows  up and down.

I chuckled and shook my head.
"Prince charming my foot! "I said and stood up.

"Give me 10 minutes to get ready. "I said.

Wendy giggled.
I went into my room and undressed myself and stepped under the shower. I turned it on and let the cold water soak my hair in and out.

A short intro cause there's really not much about me.
Am Juliet, an orphan and I live with my aged grandma in a local city.
Wendy is my bestfriend and she loves me alot despite the fact I wasn't up to her standards.

She came from a middle class family unlike me who most times skip breakfast so I can have dinner.

Guess where we're going??
The richest family in our city is hosting a welcome party for their first son and they need alot of waitress for the event.

And we would be payed just for that night. Its quite a great offer but the problem is, I hate being in the mist of rich people, they're rude and always preys after decorum.

They're just unbearable!

Am just going to do this for grand mom.
 I wore my dress and fixed my full long hair.

After few minutes of waiting for Wendy to fix her make up, we left for the Anderson  Mansion.

When we arrived , the party had  barely begun. We were just in time to wear our uniforms and groom our hair into one style- a neatly parked donut ends.

We were given instructions which  sounded like a death sentence if we broke any of them.

Finally, The party started and important guests arrived who were extremely rich but not up to the Anderson's.

The celebrant, Nathan Anderson arrived and that was when the real heat begun. My fellow waitress fanned themselves like they would faint any moment from now.

He was cute and all that, he'll never be theirs  so why bother drooling over him.

The party continued as the Evening grew darker and I bet its already 9pm.

Few guests were starting to leave slowly, while some remained with the mindset that they won't leave until we run out  of  wine.

As I searched for Wendy to tell her I was tired and wanted to leave, one of the party planner who hired us held my hand.

"I've got work for you. I want you to carry this tray of drinks and go serve Mr Nathan and his friends... Over there! "He said and pointed to where they were. At a verender not too far from where we were.

Huh, I didn't want to do this.

I carried the tray smiling so I would get my pay. I can't just waste  4 hours in this boring party and leave without anything.

I walked slowly to the place and met three guys sitted there but Nathan was out of  sight.

I dropped the drinks one by one and as I was about to keep the last drink, one of the guys stopped me.

"That one's  Nathan's special. I suggest you go give it to him. He's inside there. "He said and pointed to a closed door.

 I groaned before opening the door and walked in. Nathan was shirtless and his body is just 'wow' but he looked drunk.

I dropped the drink on the table.

"Oh my head hurts... "He said and held his head.

I glanced at him for a while.

Rich spoilt brat.

"Why are you late? Don't you know i hate being delayed? "He asked.

I scoffed. If he was in his right senses, I would have slammed this tray on his head.

"Am sorry. "I muttered.

He got up and held me pulling me close to his body. I smelt his drunk breath. But I wasn't irritated cause he smelt extremely nice.

I tried to squeeze myself out but he was stronger and muscular.

"Stay still. I thought you're the naughtiest stripper in this city, why do you still have your clothes on? "He asked calmly.

I finally understood who he thought I was and why he's holding me.

"Let me go sir! Am not a stripper. "I panicked. "Am Juliet Bells. Please let me go. "

"Juliet.. we've got a problem. "He whispered and I remained still listening to him. "Once am turned on, am on. No stopping. "He said and before I could react,  He took my lips into his giving me a wet kiss.

I was whimpering as he hovered around me and dropped me on his bed. In an instant, he tore my clothes and I was unclad.

He got my hands pinned tightly to the bed as he found his way inbetween my legs. He began kissing me all over making me wet and moan aloud.

The foreplay was fun and I didn't want it to end.
But then he pulled in with his excessively big d••k. I couldn't help but scream my lungs out and take in the bitter sweet feeling.

I didn't want to cry though it hurts alot.
Oh, what have I gotten myself into..

I woke up when I felt a little ray of light flash on my face. I yawned loudly.

I had a dream where I was in bed with....

wait a minute, I looked at the person holding me. it was Nathan. Its not a dream at all.

Nathan and I made out last night.

I just wanted to get away from here. I tried to pull away from him but I couldn't cause his grip on me was extremely tight and his hands stuck tightly to my waist.

I was backing him.

What kind of guy sleeps like this??

Oh God!  I looked down after my naked body to see blood stains on the bedsheets.

I sniffed slowly.
I continued trying to get free but it was in vain. I just wanted to bite his arm.

Soon a knock came loudly on the door.

"Nathan... "I heard Nathan's mother's voice call from outside.


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