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Heart Of An Assassin's- Last Chapter


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 25

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


”You don’t have to do this alone Spart” Natasha said as Spartacus gathered up his armour for the night’s work. Spartacus paused and looked at her

”I have always been doing it alone and I think I’ll like it to be that way” Spartacus said and continued what he was doing

”Why then am I here?” Natasha asked

”Why then did you teach me all you taught me?” Natasha asked further

”That was a mistake I will always blame myself for” Spartacus said

”I see.. So, you want it to be just you and I’ll be sitting down here alone” Natasha said with a bit harsh voice

”Natasha, calm down and do what I said” Spartacus said

”Why you should I calm down?” Natasha asked and Spartacus felt a deadly anger in her and he stood up

”This is all my fault” Spartacus said walking towards her

”What’s your fault?” Natasha asked

”I shouldn’t have saved you, I should have captured you and handed you over to Chief Williams but now I saved you and have created another blood sucking demon like I am” Spartacus said and Natasha starred at him

”Why will you call me that?” Natasha asked with no trace of tears on her eyes in respect tot he insult Spartacus gave to hee

”This is what I mean, earlier, you wanted to kill Barr. Linda even when I held you not to and now you want to join me in killing people. You never had this heart Natasha” Spartacus said

”And it’s all my fault that I created you” Spartacus said and walked out of the room. Natasha followed him immediately with his words ringing in her head

”Spart..;” She called out as she followed him to the sitting room downstairs. Spartacus stopped and looked at her

”I can’t let you become the personality I see in you” Spartacus said before Natasha could say a word. Natasha quietly walked towards him and stood close to him for some minutes not looking at his masky face. Spartacus also kept quiet waiting for her to say something

”Thank You Spart” Natasha said and Spartacus was surprised

”This isn’t me, I don’t know what came over me” She added and Spartacus hugged her

”And I won’t let that overtake your mind” Spartacus said and disengaged the hug

”Good Luck” Natasha said and Spartacus left..

Natasha sat on the couch and exhaled heavily. She later stood up walking aroung the house. She walke dup to the verander where Spartacus used to go and looked up into the sky and her eyes caught was shocked her..


Chief Wilson walked out of his house with his wife and Cynthia, they all looked happy as they walked around the compound

”Like I promised, we will be travelling tomorrow” Chief Wilson said and they all laughed knowing the troubles his not travelling has caused in the house

”Erhhmm.. Cynthia, I think it’s best that you come with us” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia held his hand

”No dad, you and mum should go on tomorrow, I have some things to finish up then I’ll move to Spain to continue my studies” Cynthia said

”It’s alright then.. If you say so” Chief Wilson said

”I think it’s not a good idea darling” Mrs. Wilson objected

”Mum..” Cynthia called out

”Let the girl be.. She is grown up already” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia smiled

”It’s alright, My hands are off..” Mrs. Wilson said and they continued chatting and laughing as they walked around the compound. Just then, Cynthia realaized that she left her phone in her bed room inside the house

”Ooh.. I’ve got to call Bella, Let me get my phone Dad” Cynthia said and rushed into the house.. As she entered the house, there was a knock on the gate

”Who is it knocking at this time of the night?” Chief Wilson asked his wife. All the Police Officers in the compound bacame alert just incase if it was danger incoming

”Musa!!” Mrs. Wilson called out

”Yes Madam..” He answered running out of his room

”Didn’t you hear the knock on the gate? Open the gate” Mrs. Wilson said

”Yes Ma” He answered and rushed towards the gate

”Who be that?” He asked aloud but nobody replied. In escort of two Polic Officers, he opened the gate no one was there, the flashed torch lights around everywhere but no trace of who ar what knocked on the gate

”Madam, Nobody ooooh” Musa said and tried closing the gate, but Spartacus shot him dead immediately, stabbed one of the police officers and gave a head knock to the other simultaneously..

”Oh my God!!” Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilsn exclaimed and began to run to hide.

Hearing the gunshots from down stairs and the shout of her parents, Cynthia rushed down stairs as fast as she could.. The Police officers fired steadily at Spartacus who ran and dived out of the way of the bullets. He slipped out a grenade and threw it at the officers which exploded and killed some of Officers and got others laying on the floor. On the phase of the explosion, Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilson fell down.


.. As the other officers where coughing laying on the floor due to the influence of the explosion, Spartacus shot at them one after the other easily and slowly. He walked up to Chief And Mrs. Wilson.

Cynthia was still running downstairs as her room was at the top most part of the building, she tried runnign faster and missed a step which made her tumble on the stairs. Despite the little injury she incurred from it, she stood up and continued running out but now slowly..

”Chief Wilson” Spartacus called out

”Please don’t kill Us” They pleaded

”We will pay you double.. We will pay you double of what whoever sent you paid you” Cheif wilson added

”Please, I will do anything, but please spare our lives” They continued pleading

”This is one problem I have with Rich Men, they think money can be the answer to everything” Spartacus said and shot dead Mrs. Wilson. At the sound of the gun shot, Cynthia pushed open the exit door, but before she could reach outside, Spartacus shot Chief Wilson. Just then, Cynthia rushed out in tears

”Daddy!!!!…” She exclaimed as her eyes beheld the blood that oozed out when Spartacus shot her father

”Mum… Mum… Dad!!!!!!!” She cried and shouted further still running not caring if she dies. Spartacus aimed his gun at her, trying to shoot her but Cynthia didn’t care

”No.. No.. Daddy..” Cynthia cried on and with the little strenght that was remaining in Chief Wilson and with blood filled in his mouth, he shouted

”Cynthia go.. Go.. Run away!!” Chief Wilson exclaimed and a very bright light sparked in Spartacus eyes just before he could pull the trigger. His head began to vibrate unbearably that he closed his eyes..


”Daddy.. Daddy.. Mum…!!!” Daniel exclaimed as he ran out of the house seeing his parents and his only sister laying dead on the floor and the assassins were walking away

”Daniel, run.. Go.. Go away!!” Chief Maxwell exclaimed and before the assassins could turn around, Daniel ran away and they took a chase after him…


The thoughts went too fast that Spartacus cried and screamed. Cynthia fell at the almost dead body of her father not caring what was happening to the Assassin.. But few seconds later, she discovered that the assassin didn’t shoot her and she picked up the gun that Spartacus dropped on the floor while he was battling with his thoughts. Cynthia aimed at Spartacus

”You killed my parents!!” She exclaimed but before she could pull the trigger, Natasha shot out the gun from her hands on a far distance, she ran in immediately and carried Spartacus out just immediately.. Cynthia continued crying and weeoping as she went back and held the head of her father

”Cyn..Cynthia” Chief Wilson called out with a low and shaking voice

”Yes daddy, please don’t die on me” Cynthia pleaded with him and he laughed with blood all over his mouth

”This is my past I told you about, I guess I couldn’t hide from it” Chief Wilson said

”What do you mean dad?” Cynthia asked shocked

”Please don’t talk till I finish” Chief Wilson said

”I killed the family of my closest friend when I was down to achieve Power over 20 Years ago” Chief Wilson said and more tears rolled down Cynthia’s eyes

”My past has found me my dear. Thank God you are still alive” He added

”Take this” Chief Wilson said and gave her some pictures from his pocket

”I have been carrying it around waiting for the right time and now is the right time” Chief Wilson said

”Please, go into my room, search thoroughly in my room, you’ll find… You’ll find…” Chief Wilson tried completing his sentence

”I’ll Find what dad.. Dad talk to me..” Cynthia said

”I Love you Cynthia” Chief Wilson said with the last strength in him and gave up the ghost

”Daddddddyyyyy!!!” Cynthia exclaimed not minding the blood in his body, she fell on him in tears.. Few seconds later, more Police Officers arrived with an Ambulance, hurriedly carrued Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilson. The Lady Officers helped Cynthia stand up, consoled her a bit and carried her along with them but Cynthia still pured out an ocean of tears from her eyes..


Natasha drove into the compound immediately.. She took out Spartacus who wasn’t fully recovered from his thoughts and helped him walk inside. She laid him on the couch and tried bring back his memory balance but all she tried seemed not to be working so she had no choice than to have sex with him so as to make him sleep. She battled with the thought of sleeping with him again but she couldn’t just let him suffer from the brain super fast thought transmission and she couldn’t knock him off as it could kill him instantly.. She undressed herself and Spartacus immediately

”I have to do this….” She said to herself and slept with Spartacus….


Season 2

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