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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 24


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 24

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


Barr. Stephen was in his house that day, sitiing on his bed operating on his phone as so many thoughts ran through his mind. Just then as the thoughts became deeper, he dropped the phone

”Why can’t I get what I want?” Stephen thought

”She hasn’t been useful in this case, not at all” He thought further

”She know the assassin which I’m sure but no one can believe me without an evidence” He added

”Hmmm..” He exhaled

”I just can’t loose all round” He thought again

”I’ll see her for this last time” Stephen said to himself

”If it yields no fruit then I’m gonna track her down!” He added and jumped down from his bed wearing a nice cloth..


Linda walked gently into Spartacus Lair. Immediately she stepped foot into the compound, Natasha who was on her bed felt it and she walked out from her room. The place was more quiet than it used to be earlier

”I pray he is in” Linda said with a low voice just before Natasha pointed a gun on her head

”Who are you?” Natasha asked Linda from behing corking the gun and Linda raised up her hands immediately

”Please don’t kill me” She said shivering but still surprised hearing a female voice

”Turn around” Natasha said and Linda slowly turned around. As she turned around, she couldn’t see the face of the lady pointing the gun at her becuase she was on mask

”On your kneels. Now!!” Natasha ordered

”Please, Spare my life” Linda pleaded

”Batter start giving me reasons to do so” Natasha said

”I just came to.. Came to..” Linda started stammering in speech

”I can see they sent you to spy right?” Natasha said

”Well you failed” Natasha added but before she could pull the trigger that will blast open the skull of Linda, Spartacus with just a bullet shot off the gun from Natasha’s hands and rushed towards them immediately

”Stop!” He exclaimed and Natasha starred at him

”What was the meaning of that?” Natasha asked

”Let her be” Spartacus said

”Do you know her?” Natasha asked surprisingly

”I think so. She is a Barrister” Spartacus said

”More reason why we should kill her” Natasha said

”Don’t tell me you have gone that far as killing the soul of this lady here” Linda said boldly

”What’s she talking about?” Natasha asked and Spartacus looked at Linda

”I warned you never to come here again! That could have landed on your head and you’ll never be found again leaving that young brother of yours no choice that to become Me” Spartacus said

”Don’t try making things right on just one side.. Some thing are already done, which you can’t change but you can only change things that are meant to be” Spartacus added

”Now Leave immediately” Spartacus ordered Linda who stood up and walked out of the building with the words of Spartacus ringing in her head

”Never come back here again” Spartacus said to Linda and she drove off..

”I’ll explain everything later” Spartacus said seeing the pale face of Natasha despite the mask she was putting on


Linda drove still contemplating with the Words of Spartacus

”Some thing are already done while somethings are meant to be and that’s the only one you can change” Her thought ran fast backwards at Dave’s reaction whenever she leaves home or wasn’ta round let alone when she dies

”Gosh!!” She hit her hand on the steering wheel

”Why can’t I stop this?” She asked herself

”I just have to stop.. I can’t bear having my brother as a criminal let alone a well known assassin” She concluded with her thoughts and concentrated on her driving..

As she burst into the main express way, Stephen who was driving out from his home sighted her car

”Is that not Linda’s car?” He asked himself and drove speedingly towards her

”What could she be doing on this lonely road?” He asked himself looking at the lonely road where Linda drove out from

”I must get to the root of this” Stephen said amd follwed Linda’s car..


”Cynthia, you don’t have to be sad or things like that” Chief Wilson said to Cynthia who stood outside

”I’ll be travelling on monday and that’s it” He said

”You were supposed to travel yesterday Dad” Cynthia said

”What’s your fear my dear?” Chief Wilson asked

”It’s you Dad, I just don’t know but I have this negative feeling Dad” Cynthia said

”Don’t worry darling.. Nothing will happen to me” Chief Wilson said and higged her blaming himself for explaining things to her initially..


….Stephen followed Linda closely but not letting her know. At a point, Linda took a sharp turn into the street that leads to her house and Stephen stopped. He came down from his car and looked at Linda’s car as it went out of sight. Slowly he bent down wearing a hand glove in his hand, he picked up a moulded sand partucle that fell off Linda’s tyre as she turned.

”This is just the beginning Linda” He said and placed the Sand in a small white bag

”We are gonna know who is the boss” He added and drove off….



…”You don’t have to explain anything” Natasha said to Spartacus who tried to explain why he saved Linda instead of helping in killing her

”I understand” Natasha said

”You do??” Spartacus asked

”Yes, I do.. Barr. Linda” Natasha called her named

”You apprehended her brother when Chief Williams had a court case” Natasha added and Spartacus looked at her

”I see you are already familiar with her” Spartacus said and sat down

”But why were you so serious to kill her?” Spartacus asked

”Nothing..” Natasha replied and started walking upstairs

”I understand..” Spartacus mimicked Natasha and smiled. Natasha walked back and sat besides him smiling..

”So, what was Chief Williams talking about?” Natasha asked

”A new picture to delete” Spartacus said

”And who might that be?” Natasha asked looking curious

”I guess the last one maybe.. It’s chief Wilson” Spartacus said

”What?!!” Natasha exclaimed

”What’s what?” Spartacus asked

”That’s his best friend” Natasha replied

”There is nothing like Friendship, I only believe in Brotherhood not Friendship.. Tonight, he is going down” Spartacus said and Natasha nodded her head in agreement

”I will go with you” She added

”No Natty, you won’t”Spartacus said

”Why?” Natasha asked again and just then Spartacus’ phone rang

”I’ve gotten a change of Plan” The Voice on the phone said and Natasha listened quiet enugh to hear the conversation

”Make his family a News” The voice added and Spartacus dropped the call starring at Natasha…

”Who was that??” Natasha asked

”Chief Williams.. There has been a change of target” Spartacus said

”And who is it?” Natasha asked

”Not Who is it? The question is Who are they?” Spartacus said

”What??!!” Natasha exclaimed and Spartacus walked upstairs to prepare for the night not saying a word to Natasha..


Chief Williams sat with Prof. Michael that late evening both drinking and chatting under a fancy tree in his compound.. Their chat was funny enough but not until Prof. Michael changed the topic

”Are you sure you want to kill this man?” Prof. Muchael asked and Chief Williams face changed

”What do you mean by that?? The idiot is going down tonight” Chief Williams said

”Have you been watching the news network lately.. This man is making things easier for you to be the next President” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams starred at him

”If you don’t have better things to say, I think it’s getting late and you have to leave” Chief Williams said angrily

”Oooh;… Sorry, I never meant to annoy you” Prof. Michael said closing the topic

”Better” Chief Williams said but still stood up and walked away from Prof. Michael. Prof. Michael seeing the rude behaviour as a normal thing stood up and left for his house..


Stephen was busy with a hell lot of research so as to prove his point right, get to the assassin that killed the President and make Linda pay for her refusal to his proposal.. His target wasn’t just on one lane, it was vast.. So many books of different sizes was seen on his bed as he sat erect scheming through them one after the other but it seemed to him like he is getting no clue of what he needed

”Gosh!!!” He exclaimed

”How can this be so hard to tackle” He asked himself shifting away all the books on the bed. Just then, he remembered the sand he picked up from Linda’s car tyre

”Yes, I think it’s time to act Detective” He said and began to inspect on the sand with so many tools and instrument..

”No.. This can’t be” He said after few minutes of experiment

”Maxwell Domnic’s lane has been abandoned for more than 20 Years now. No one even knows that it exists..” Stephen said to himself

”But what can Linda be looking for there??” He asked himself but getting no clue of all his questions..

”There is only one way to find out” He said and jammed his hands together…

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