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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 23


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 23

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


Chief Williams was still sitting starring at Prof. Michaels

”Why are you starring at me?” Prof. Michael asked him

”Eerrhmm.. You have never sounded this serious let alone disturbing me when I’m busy” Chief Williams said

”I see..” Prof. Michael said resting his back on the couch

”Well, Chief Wilson has postponed his flight to next week” Prof. Michael said not looking at Chief Williams

”Wait.. How sure are you about this news?” Chief Williams asked

”Do you think I break fake news ar do I look like a gossip to you” Prof. Michael asked rhetorically

”C’mon Prof. I just want to be sure” Chief Williams said

”My Spies never lie to me” Prof. Michael said

”I see… He has extended his death date” Chief Williams said

”What do you mean extending his death date” Prof. Michael asked

”Well, he won’t die so soon anymore” Chief Williams said sipping from his glass of wine

”What??!!” Prof. Michael exclaimed

”What’s what?” Chief Williams asked

”So you still want to kill that man?” Prof. Michael asked

”Of course Yes” Chief Williams said

”Chief, are you that foolish and blind?” Prof. Michael asked with a bit loud voice

”I will take that as a friendly compliment” Chief Williams said

”I’m sorry for that Chief, nut this man is forfeiting his post and also being the President just because of you and you still want to kill him” Prof. Michael said

”Prof. I don’t think you are the one saying this” Chief Williams said

”Of course it’s me Chief, look at his order in the last meeting. Does it look like he wants the Presidency. He is doing it because of you Chief” Prof. Michael said trying to convince Chief Williams

”That’s true Prof. I won’t kill him anyways. He doesn’t deserve to die” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael exhaled

”At least not alone” Chief Williams added shaking the wine cup in his hand

”What does that mean?” Prof. Michiael asked

”Yeah, he isn’t going to die. I’m gonna wipe off his generation off the earth” Chief Williams said and drank up the wine in his wine cup..



”Dad, you don’t have to postpone your flight till next week” Cynthia said walking behind her father who was walking fastly towards his car

”Dad, listen up.. Why did you do this?” Cynthia asked and Chief Wilson stooped and turned towards her

”See darling, this things are complicated and I don’t think you should be compiling all this in your mind at this age” Chief Wilson said

”What does that mean dad? What does it has to do with the Flight and your Life dad?” Cynthia asked

”My dear.. It’s personal, the good thing is that I’m still travelling isn’t it? Calm down dear” Chief Wilson said and entered his car

”I’ll be back soon dear” He said and drove off as Cynthia folded her arns and looked at him

”He has never been this way” Mrs. Wilson said from behind resting on a pillar.. Not long enough, she walked towards Cynthia and placed her head on her shoulders

”It began since his friendship with Chief Williams was cut off” She added

”I don’t think it’s just that.. Something more that just friendship is bothering him” Cynthia said and walked inside the house leaving her mother confused

”I also don’t still understand this girl these days” Mrs. Wilson said and walked inside with her..



”Spart… Spart..” Natasha called out on Spartacus as she sat on the couch with a bag of food from a restaurant. Actually, she has done a good job in the building clearing the inside to look good but the outside was left old and dirty as not to leave traces of life in the building.

”Spartacus…” Natasha called out again and Spartacus rushed down immediately

”What’s the matter?” Spartacus asked looking serious with his gun in his hands and Natasha laughed aloud

”C’mon baby, drop the gun. I just called you to come and eat.. That’s all” Natasha said and Spartacus calmed down. He walked abd sat besides her in the couch and kissed her

”Do you mind?” Natasha said opening the bag of food

”I don’t want to die of starvation” Spartacus said and they laughed, on eating the food, Spartacus paused in a hurry

”What’s it?” Natasha asked noticing it but Spartacus was still silent

”Talk to me.. Do you need water?” Natasha asked and Spartacus looked at her

”I can’t remember the last time I laughed” Spartacus said and Natasha felt for him

”It’s been years gone since my teeth was closed from the earth in anger and anguish” He added

”I’m so sorry for that my dear” Natasha said

”But you have brought back that smile.. You made me laugh.. I just don’t know why but I haven’t felt this way in years” Spartacus said

”Thank you” Spartacus said to Natasha and even Natasha was shocked

”Don’t thank me.. I owe you more than just a smile. You save my own world and I’m down to save yours anytime” Natasha said and they began to kiss.

On kissing, Spartacus phone rang which made them break the kiss. Spartacus looked at the phone and saw it was Chief Williams

”I got to go” Spartacus said and wore his mask immediately and Natasha cleaned her lips

”Don’t keep me waiting” Natasha said

”Daniel Maxwell” Spartacus said walking towards the door ignoring her last sentence

”Daniel Maxwell is my name” He added but before Natasha could look towards the door, she couldn’t find Spartacus anymore

”Daniel Maxwell?” She asked herself

”I think I know that name” Natasha said trying to think deeply but she couldn’t

”Anyways, the past is gone, let’s face the future..



”Sis.. Sis..!!” Dave called out on Linda watching the television without shofting his eyes

”Sis, you’ve got to come and see this..” Dave shouted aloud and Linda walked down the stairs to the sitting room

”Can you imagine Sis.. I don’t understand what this country is turning into” Dave said still not looking away from the television

”Can you imagine the Vice President ordering for a mass candiddacy in the Presidential election, huh?” Dave said

”Even a Local govt. Chairman or even a King can be a candidate” Dave added

”That’s really not good.. He shouldn’t have done that. Why should he throw up such a decision” Linda said

”Who knows.. Selfish desires maybe” Dave said

”Even if he doesn’t win, he mist have extorted money from all of them” Dave said and Linda wondered

”That’s why they kill themselves leaving the Citizens in fear” Dave said and the sentence rang in her head

”That’s why they kill themselves” Linda said in a low tone after a long while of thought

”What’s that Sis” Dave asked now looking at her

”That’s why they kill themselves” She said again with a more higher tone

”What’s it about killing themselves. I didn’t say anything wrong” Dave said

”Sis..” He calle aloud touching her noticing she was absent minded and Linda shocking dropped down from her memory drive

”That’s it!” She exclaimed

”That’s what?” Dave asked

”Errhm.. Dave, can I borrow your car?” Linda asked

”Why mine? Why not use yours?” Dave asked

”Where are you going to this saturday evening?” Dave asked again

”I just need some fresh air” Linda said and walked out

”I no longer understand this girl ooh” Dave said stretching his eyes towards the window but he couldn’t see Linda. Few seconds later, her heard the engine of his car driving out of the compound

”Hmmm…” He exhaled and continued watching the television..

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