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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 20


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 20

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


Although Natasha felt at home living with a Criminal, she felt at home but it wasn’t same for spartacus who never felt too good since Linda left and Natasha came…

Spartacus walked up to the Veranda upstairs where he normally stays and thinks about his past. He looked up at the four stars sadly but later started smiling a bit removing his mask. As he was smiling, Natasha walked in unknowing to him

”So, this is you” Natasha said from behind and he quickly wore his mask and turned around looking at her

”What are you doing here?” Spartacus asked looking at the floor

”So you can smile” Natasha said ignoring his question

”Why are you not in your room?” Spartacus asked with a bit harsh voice

”There is no need shouting or hiding things anymore” Natasha said walking closer to him

”Those stars defines pains to you, then why are you smiling at it” Natasha asked and Spartacus turned around

”I guess there is no need hiding my identity from you” Spartacus said and slowly unmasked himself revealing the fair skinned handsome young man.

”Oooh.. My God!!!” Natasha exclaimed

”So this has been behind the mask” Natasha added

”Are you satisfied now?” Spartacus asked

”Such a soft hearted kind looking young man” Natasha added

”Why did you begin all this?” Natasha drew closer to him

”I couldn’t bear the pains!” Spartacus said hitting his hands on the iron bars

”Take it easy, I know how it feels” Natasha said and Spartacus looked at her

”I smile at the stars because I remember the wonderful times I have with them” Sartacus said and Natasha starred at him

”I guess it’s time to let go of the past and face the Present” Natasha said

”Not until I finish what I came here for” Spartacus said

”And what’s that?” Natasha asked

”Nothing of importance” Spartacus said and wore his mask

”I guess it’s enough now. Go in” Spartacus said

”I know I’m not your family neither am I your Sister” Natasha began holding his hands

”But I know that we both have same past and probably have same future” Natasha added and Spartacus paused

”I wish to revenge my Past” Natasha said and Spartacus starred at her

”You don’t have to tred the path I passed through” Spartacus said

”I don’t have to, but I will follow it” Natasha said

”I will only tred on the path of the young man behind the mask” Natasha added and began to unmask Spartacus. She took off the mask and starred directly into Spartacus’ eyes

”What are you looking at?” Spartacus asked

”Nothing” Natasha replied and drew closer to him

”I just see much innocency in those eyes” Natasha added slowly and their lips locked up together. They kissed for a long time and unknowingly to them one of the stars got back its light. Now only two stars were dull…


”Linda!! Linda!!” Stephen called out on Linda as she walked into the office and she turned around immediately but ignored the call seeing it was Stephen. But Stephen ran up to her and held her hand

”What is wrong with you?” Stephen asked

”Nothing actually” Linda said and still walking

”Why can’t you give me a chance” Stephen said

”Are we supposed to be talking about this or finding a way to file the case of the person you call a Criminal” Linda said and Stephen left her immediately with her words ringing in his head

”The Person you call a Criminal” Stephen said with a low tone to himself and walked away.

Linda got into her Office and sat down, immediately she sat down and brought out a Picture starring at it. Her eyes turned red in tears starring at the picture but a knock on the door withheld her tears

”Linda, the Boss calls for you” Emeka, the messenger told Linda and she cleaned up her eyes standing up immediately


Linda walked in to see Stephen already standing there and the Boss sitting down looking at the door as if he was waiting for someone

”Good day Sir” Linda greeted but the Boss didn’t reply her pleasantry

”I learnt you have a Link with the reverred assassin that murdered the President” He said and Linda looked at Stephen but stood boldly

”No Sir, why do you ask Sir?” Linda replied and asked at same time

”Nothing but I learnt you have been behaving abnormally since the case of the said Assassin” He said to her

”It’s a Personal matter Sir and I believe you won’t ask me to tell you about it will you??” Linda said boldly

”Not at all Linda, you can leave” He said, Linda looked at Stephen and Left

”Sir, I’m sure of what I’m saying Sir…” Stephen said

”I don’t even know why I blindly listened to you initially” The Boss said

”Anything we do is by Evidence.. Provide an evidence to support your complaint! Now you may leave” The Boss said and Stephen left feeling a bit angry…



Spartacus drove off with his Power bike to go and do his training in his home gym few steps behind the building. He left the gate opened as he never closes the gate. Hours later, he walked back to the house using a white towel to wipe off his face. On walking closer, he sensed some foreign absence in the house and immediately, he wore his mask and took out his pistol, tactfully walking into the house.

”So, you have started spying on me right?” Spartacus’s voice sounded as he stood behind Linda who held a picture in her hands. Immediately she heard the voice, she dropped the picture and raised her hands on the sky

”Please don’t kill me” Linda pleaded

”Why shouldn’t I” Spartacus asked back

”I’ve warned you severally to stay away from this place” Spartacus barked at her

”Then why don’t you kill me and I’ll stop coming here” Linda said as tears rolled down her cheeks, even Spartacus was surprised

”This Picture!” Linda said pointing at the picture on the ground

”This is what changed you! This is what fixed that mask on your face. This is what made youa Killer.. You are not Spartacus!” Linda said with a bit loud voice and continued

”Stop!! Stop!!” Spartacus barked at her holding his ears

”It’s enough!!” He yelled at her but she kept talking

”We all have trials to face… This is actually not a revenge on one but on all” Linda said

”Why??” She asked as the tears from her cheek grew more stronger that Spartacus couldn’t bear it

”I can help you.. I can help whoever is behind that mask” Linda said and spartacus eyes turned red in blood, immediately, his voice changed to a thicker more fearful voice

”Leave here now” His voice sounded in anger that even Linda couldn’t stand it that she ran out seeing the anger in his eyes

”No..!! No!!!! No!! No…!!” Spartacus kept yelling and shouted immediately Linda left. He gazed at the picture on the floor and flashes of his childhood came on his memories. It tranced so fast that he could not comprehend any of the memories as he yelled, just then a hand touched his from behind and he immediately stopped and pointed his gun from the direction he felt the hand touch

”Easy.. Easy..” Natasha’s voice said from behind

”Natasha??” Spartacus asked looking at her surprised thet he didn’t know when he hugged her in angry joy.

”Calm down please” Natasha said and dragged him up placing him on the couch

”What’s the matter, I heard you shouting and rushed in” Natasha said sitting besides him and Spartacus pointed at the picture on the floor

”Take it away” Spartacus said and Natasha picked up the picture, she viewed it and understood what he was going through

”They were very wonderful people I guess” Natasha said and Spartacus nodded his head

”Don’t worry, I’m here for you” Natasha said and Spartacus’ mind mellowed down a bit and he looked at Natasha behaving like nothing happened to him

”What happened to me?” Spartacus asked

”Why are you here?” He asked further barking and taking out his gun, even Natasha was surprised at his questions

”You were screaming and killing you…” Natasha tried to say but Spartacus interrupted

”What are you doing with that picture?” He asked and Natasha looked at him, then back at the picture

”You told me to pick it up from the floor” Natasha said and Spartacus blamed himself, he already understood what happened to him

”Not again” Sartacus said and fell on the couch

”You have to really take it easy with yourself Okay” Natasha said to Spartacus who looked at her

”I thought I told you to leave this state” Spartacus asked

”Although, I can’t really say but you gave me another life.. You spared my Life, lied because of me, gave me a home and I don’t think I will like to leave that home” Natasha saidand Spartacus starred at her

”You want to stay here with me?” Spartacus asked

”Yes” Natasha said and Spartacus tried insisted but Natasha interrupted his speech

”It’s deadly, harmful and all that.. I know” Natasha said

”I guess we both have same route to take and I wish on being here with you” Natasha said and Spartacus looked at her

”Are you sure you can do this” Spartacus asked as he couldn’t refused, looking at Natasha reminds her of her family and he feels like she was his long gone Sister

”Yes I can, just trust me” Natasha said

”I do not trust anybody, and that’s the reason I’m still alive today” Spartacus said and Natasha smiled

”Thank You” Natasha said and dragged her bag

”What should I be calling you?” Natasha asked

”Spartacus” Spartacus said

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”Spart… Nice name” Natasha said and walked up the stairs

”Did I just allow her here.. Damn!” Spartacus blamed himself immediately for telling her to stay, but he just couldn’t break the cord of the connection he feels with Natasha…

Story continues…

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