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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 17


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 17

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


Natasha was packing up her bags to leave when Mrs. Williams entered her room

”Natasha” Mrs. Williams called out and Natasha turned around looking at her

”I didn’t know you were there” Natasha said and focused on the bag she was packing

”Haven’t I been good to you? Haven’t I given you all you needed? Haven’t I been a good guardian since the day you came here?” Mrs. Williams asked Natasha walking close to her but Natasha kept quiet

”Why are you leaving now?” She asked her again

”Answer me Natasha!” Mrs. Williams shouted with a loud voice

”I just want to leave Ma, I have a future to face” Natasha replied

”Why don’t you face it with Us here?” Mrs. Williams asked

”No Ma.. I really appreciate your Love for me but I think it’s time to let go..” Natasha answered and zipped up her bag



Chief Williams stood in front of Spartacus with smiles on his face

”You did well” Chief Williams said and brought out a brief case handing it over to Spartacus. Spartacus took the bag and immediately, Natasha walked out and was shocked at what she saw. She pretended not seeing anything

”I am leaving” Natasha said to Chief Williams

”May God lead you” Chief Williams said and Natasha left. Immediately she left, Chief Williams walked up to Spartacus

”Don’t let her walk too far” Chief Williams whispered to Spartacus and he left immediately…

”Life is sweet when you have the Power” Chief Williams said and laughed at thin air sitting on his couch.



Linda sat looking lost gazing at a file. The thought were deep that her body was still. Michael, Linda’s work partner walked into Linda’s Office looking very worried

”Linda.. Linda…” He called out but Linda didn’t reply so he touched her and Linda’s mind returned with a shock

”Oooh.. Michael.. How long have you been standing there?” Linda asked

”Long enough to know that everything is not right with you” Michael said

”What’s the matter?” Michael asked

”I’m fine.. It’s nothing” Linda replied and Michael accepted her answer although it wasn’t satisfying

”There has been a case dropped on our shoulders concerning the death of the President. We were given a limited time to figure the mystery but since then all you do is come to work when ever you wish, sit here talking to no one and zoom to your home without altering a word to anyone” Michael said with a bit harsh Voice to Linda to show her how serious he was

”Is this why you came into my Office? To yell at me?” Linda asked with a harsh voice also

”You better keep your family matters at home and face your work when you come here” Michael said

”I think you should leave my Office now, I’m not in the mood of talking now” Linda said

”Oh.. Yeah, you won’t, but if we loose this job, then you will” Michael said and walked out immediately

”God!!!” Linda exclaimed, grabbed her car keys and walked out of her office.


Natasha stood beside the express way a few miles away from Chief Williams house. She held her bag in her hand waiting for a taxi to pass by. Soon enough, a taxi stopped in front of her

”Hey dear” The voice of the handsome young man in the taxi called out

”Good day” Natasha replied

”Where to?” The taxi driver asked

”I don’t know” Natasha replied entering the taxi

”What do you mean you don’t know?” The taxi driver asked and Natasha’s voice was full in tears

”Just take me to the nearest hotel” Natasha said with a broken voice which touched the heart of the taxi driver.

”Madam, please take it easy.. Why are you crying” The taxi driver asked igniting the engine of the car

”It’s none of your business” Natasha said but kept on crying..

The taxi moved for a long time and Natasha was surprised

”Haven’t we gotten to any Hotel yet?” Natasha asked

”Not to worry Ma, I’m taking you to a very nice place where you can feel happy away from your tears” The taxi driver said and took a sharp turn into a lonely road

”Stop!! Stop!! Stop this car” Natasha yelled but the driver kept moving

”Where are you taking me to?” Natasha said in fear

”To a very good place” The taxi driver said removing the facial mask he wore

”You??? I saw you back in Chief Williams house.. Where are you taking me to?” Natasha asked but Spartacus said nothing. Soon enough, Spartacus parked at a very big black gate a bit deep in the bush but the area where the house was located looked very neat. Spartacus dragged Natasha out as she pleaded for her life.

”Go inside” Spartacus said but Natasha kept pleading

”Move in!” Spartacus oirdered corking his gun and in fear Natasha walked into the house and Spartacus followed her…



Natasha sobbing in fear walked into the building but was surprised on how beautiful but dusty the house was.

”Feel at home” Spartacus said and Natasha was shocked

”What?” She asked

”I said sit down” Spartacus repeated and Natasha sat down immediately

”You mean you won’t tie my hands and legs and cover my mouth or kill me?” Natasha asked

”There is no need doing that” Spartacus replied

”Are you a Kidnapper or a Learner? What if I shout ar Scream for people to hear and the Police comes here immediately” Natasha said

”No matter how loud your voice is, no one can here you behind this door” Spartacus said and reloaded his gun. He took Natasha’s bag and kept it beside her.

”You can use the bathroom upstairs when you wish” Spartacus said and Natasha was still shocked

”Am I a hostage or a house owner?” Natasha asked but Spartacus kept quiet and left the room. Natasha immediately brought out her phone to call the Police emergency number but before she should place the phone on her ears, a bullet shot at the phone and it fell off shattered. Fear gripped Natasha the more

”Try that next time and the next bullet will be on your forehead” Spartacus said and left


Spartacus walked into the room with a pack of food, Natasha was already sleeping looking very tired. Spartacus tapped her and she woke up immediately starring at the masky face of Spartacus

”Here, You must be hungry, eat” Spartacus said looking at her

”And how will I know if it is not poisoned” Natasha said rejecting the food

”Anytime you get hungry, take it on the table” Spartacus said not replying the rejecting question of Natasha. He dropped the pack of food on the table and went outside. Natasha looked at the pack of food and saw the name of a well known restaurant on it

”How did he….. With that mask?” Natasha asked herself looking confused

”I’m not eating this” She tried holding her hunger but she couldn’t so she took the food

”Death is better than living with Chief Williams” She said and started eating the food.

Few seconds into eating the food, Spartacus walked in and Natasha starred at him

”Thank You” She said looking at Spartacus who slowly walked in. Spartacus stood with his leg on the table

”You have a good heart, then why wearing a scary mask and kidnapping people” Natasha asked and Spartacus turned his face towards her

”Why did you move out from Chief William’s house?” Spartacus asked her and she dropped the food immediately

”You sounded broken” Spartacus said to her

”He used me as a cheap sex girl for the past years now. He refused me from achieving my dreams just because he has sex with me and can’t stay a day without seeing my nakedness” Natasha began with tears

”My Parents died when I was few years old, I narrowly escaped the incident. Thinking it was luck, Chief Williams trianed me along side his Son but when it came to taking me to the University, he said it was not yet time” Natasha added drying her tears

”I accepted as they have been good to me, but what happened, he destroyed my life which I have decided to fix back” Natasha said as her eyes turned red

”Do you remember the name of your Parents?” Spartacus asked and Natasha looked at her

”No.. I don’t… I was told I had a slight memory loss after the incident. I can’t even remember anything. All I know now is what I was told after I was hospitalized because of the incident” Natasha said

”So you mean your name is not Natasha” Spartacus asked

”I think So…” Natasha answered and continued with her food. Spartacus looked at her for some moments which Natasha noticed

”What? I know my story doesn’t mean anything to you” Natasha said

”But even with the mask, I can see a touched face” Natasha added and Spartacus stood up immediately

”I have a change of Plans!” Spartacus said and Natasha looked at him

”What??” Natasha asked but Sartacus walked towards the door noy uttering a word

”Take your bags and go upstairs, dust as much place as you can. Don’t try running away because that will be your last thought ever” Spartacus said and left. On that Natasha was surprised at such kind of Kidnapper she ran into. The screeching tyres of Spartacus’s taxi left a great dust behind as he drove off with a great speed..


Linda got home so early to meet Dave in the sitting room watching a TV Show

”Hey Sis, you are back early today” Dave said

”Get me a cup of chilled juice please” Linda said and sat down on the couch. Dave rushed and brought the glass of juice

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”What’s the matter Sis” Dave asked hading the glass of Juice to her

”It’s nothing.. Just tired.” Linda said and Dave starred at her. Few minutes later, Linda placed her hand on her forehead and slept off on the couch which made Dave surprised….

Story continues…

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