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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 16


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 16

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

…. Spartacus’ mind wasn’t too bold as he drove to the Federal Govt. House, the words of Linda rang often times in his head. He tried ignoring it but it kept ringing in his head. He couldn’t concentrate, so he stopped the car unmasked himself, his eyes was red with angry tears, looking so sober. After some minutes, he raised up his head in anger and masked himself again

”I am Spartacus!” He said and ignited the engine of the car with full speed..


Tight security was everywhere, armed Police officers and thugs patrolling making sure everywhere was safe. Five Policemen were at the gate and Five others opposite the gate

”Good day Officers” Spartacus greeted wearing a very shiny and neat Designers suit, looking very handsome but he mask changed his face

”Arrrh… Oga, good morning ooh” The Police Officers happily replied at mere looking at him

”How are you guys today?” Spart asked

”Oga, we dey fine ooh” They replied

”Errhm.. Please, I want to speak with the President” Spartacus requested

”Oga, nobody enters here except on appointment” They said to him

”Well, he doesn’t know that I am coming but just tell him that the Daniel, the Son of late Chief Maxwell wants to see him” Spartacus said with smiles and the Police Officer pulled a call through immediately to the President who immediately approved it

”Sorry, Oga, you can go in Sir” One of the Police men said and opened up the gate immediately

”Alright, you can have this” Spartacus took out some wraps of dollars and gave to them which made them happy and hailed him as he slowly drove in..

Spartacus drove in very slowly and watched all corners of the Place, studying the whole area..

He parked at the Garage and majestically alighted from the car.

The Inside was more guarded than the entrance, so Spartacus gently walked in escorted by two Policemen.

”Arrrh… You are very welcome my Son” President Donatus said shaking habds with Spartacus who smiled broadly

”Good day Sir” He greeted

”Please Sit” President Donatus offered him a seat

”I never believed I will see the Son of my long gone friend again” President Donatus said

”No one even believed that you are alive because we searched for you everywhere” President Donatus said and Spartacus pretended to be heart touched

”After my Dad died, I ran away to nowhere” Spartacus said

”You could have come to me” President Donatus said

”It’s alright Sir, it’s all gone. I am now here” Spartacus said

”I really thank God, you are now fully grown up” Donatus said and they laughed

”Sirry Sir, but can they excuse Us, I want Us to talk a bit Sir” Spartacus requested and Donatus dismissed all the Police and Thugs in the sitting room. As they walked out, Spartacus counted their footsteps one at a time and concentrated

”I only came to appreciate you Sir, thank you for being there for my Father” Spartacus said and Donatus bent to take his cup of wine from the table

”In appreciation, I want to offer this to you Sir” Spartacus said and immediately Donatus raised his head, he tied his mouth and injected him with some unknown drugs. Actively, he balanced President donatus on a good sitting position on the couch and left immediately but wisely. On his way out, he smiled at the Police Officers he met Outside and entered his car. He drove on a normal speed till he got to the gate. The Officer there opened the gate for him, but before he could drive out, somebody shouted

”Close the gates!! Close the gates!! The President is dead!!” and immediately everybody was alert and fired at Spartacus. Spartacus with full speed dorve out of the gate before the gate could be closed. They all entered their cars and picked an Asphalt chase with Spartacus. He drove very fast as they shot at him.. The bullets from their guns shattered the back glass which made him vulnerable to bullets. He got on a staright lonely path and left the steering, steadily pressing on with a greater speed. He undressed himself and removed the Facial mask and put on his normal mask. The Police were almost on him, so he diverted to the bush path and they followed. He drove confusedly in the bush path trying to outrun them but they splitted and kept on the chase.. At a moment, the Police car surrounded Spartacus’s car at almost the end of the bush path. They fired steadily at it

”Come down with you hands on your head” One of them shouted but no one came out, so they all walked close to the Car. They opened the car only to see a sitting statue dressing just like Spartacus dressed initially

”Gosh!!!.. We have been fooled!” They exclaimed

”Keep Up the search boys.. Immediately!” The head Officer shouted..


”I don’t know when you people will learn” Spartacus said, wore his helmet and sped off on his Power bike..


The news of President’s Donatus death has speedingly and broadly spread across the country. Search Party were at every junction, every corner and every road trying to lay hold on any criminal. News Flash flowed everywhere, Senators and men of great importance came together in meeting calibrating on how it all happened and what is their next step because the Presidential election is still in a Month time….

On hearing the news, Linda was shocked and she grabbed her car keys and walked out very fast

”Sis.. Sis!! Where are you going to..” Dave asked aloud but the wheels of Linda’s Car has already rolled out

”Gosh!” Dave exclaimed and fell on the couch

Linda drove with a little speed and got to the same Place where they met Spartacus earlier on. She stopped the car, alighted from it and stood besides the car. Few Minutes later, Spartacus drove in. He was angrily shocked to see Linda standing in front of his gate. He parked his bike and walked angrily towards her

”I thought I warned you to leave and never to come back” Spartacus said walking closer to her but Linda said nothing

”Do you think you are an exception to the people I kill in seconds?” Spartacus asked angrily getting more closer, but tears began to flow down the eys of Linda which made Spartacus to stop in front of her with his masky angry looking face

”Why did you kill him?” Linda asked in tears but Spartacus said nothing

”Why….” She asked again but Spartacus kept quiet walking towards the gate

”This isn’t you!! You are not Spartacus!” Linda said and Spartacus stood in shock

”How did you know my name” He asked

”Never mind” Linda said

”The real you is behind tht mask! What brought out Spartacus” Linda asked still in tears

”I don’t know why I care about a Killer, but I know this feeling of innocence I do see in those dark eyes is of the person behind that mask” Linda said

”Than wait till you can talk to the person behind the mask, because that person will never come back to life anymore” Spartacus said

”No.. He can. You can talk to me” Linda insisted

”I guess I know why you are here” Spartacus said

”For Rank and Promotion right.. He who catches the Spartacus gets a great reward, isn’t it??!!” Spartacus asked her angrily

”No.. It’s not true” Linda tried defending herself innocence

”Maybe you will explain that to the gun” Spartacus said and corked his gun pointing it at her. Linda shockingly closed her eyes

”I know you won’t do it” Linda said

”The You I know won’t pull that trigger at me” Linda added and looked directly into the mouth of the gun

”Kill me.. I want to die saving you” Linda boldly said

”You think you’ve got courage huh??” Spartacus asked

”No.. What I’ve got is a Psychological insight about you” Linda replied and Spartacus brought down the gun

”Leave this Place now before I do something stupid” Spartacus said turning around

”I knew you wouldn’t do it” Linda said

”Don’t take my patient mercy for granted young lady.. Leave!” Spartacus said and Linda entered the car immediately and left. Immediately she left, Spartacus unmasked himself

”Daniel is dead! Spartacus Lives!” Spartacus said to himself and walked in..

”Darling, President Donatus is dead” Mrs. Williams ran and told Chief Williams looking very excited

”Just a very last person remaining” Chief Williams said and Natasha walked in immediately

”Good day Sir, Good day Ma” Natasha greeted and they looked at her

”I will like to leave” Natasha said with a serious face

”Leave?? To where?” Mrs. Williams asked

”Anywhere…. Thank you for being there for me since I turned an Orphan, I think it’s time I faced my future” Natasha said. Chief Williams and Mrs. Williams tried talking her out of her decision

”You don’t have anywhere to go to my dear” Chief Williams said to her

”Sorry but I have made up my mind.. I’m leaving tomorrow morning” Natasha said and left them

”Why is she acting that way?” Mrs. Williams asked Chief Williams

”I don’t know, she is grown up enough, let her go and face her life” Chief Williams said

”Alright then” Mrs. Williams agreed and left..


”Why do you want to leave?” Chief Williams asked entering the room of Natasha

”You are here to sleep with me once more before I go?” Natasha replied with a question

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”No problem because I am ready for you” Natasha said and undressed herself laying naked on the bed

”I knew you are a good girl” Chief Williams said and laid with her immediately, Natasha’s mind was now filled with hatred but tears still flowed down her cheeks as Chief Williams had sex with her…

Story continues…

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