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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 13


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 13

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

”Why did you save me back there?” Linda asked as Spartacus kept driving but he didn’t reply

”You once dared my life, kidnapped my brother but now why saving me or you want to kill me by yourself?” Linda asked trying to see his face but Spartacus was still quiet

”How the hell did you even know that I was there? That I was in trouble?” She asked further but still Spartacus didn’t reply

”What’s wrong with you? Are you dumb or what? Why ain’t you answering me” Linda asked a bit harshly as if she was very safe

”Because I don’t know what to say” Spartacus replied not looking at her

”You don’t know what to say? What don’t you know?? Why you saved me, why you dared my life, why you kidnapped my brother.. Which of these don’t you know” Linda asked

”All” Spartacus replied

”What?” Linda exclaimed shocked at his reply

”What do you mean All” Linda asked

”Don’t bother yourself about me” Spartacus said

”Try keeping your phone on and always with you for your safety” Spartacus said and stopped the car beside his power bike

”Why?” Linda asked but Spartacus didn’t reply as he stepped down from the car followed by Linda starring at him surprisingly

”Better don’t go to work today.. Drive straight home. Send a letter that you are ill to your work place. Don’t leave for house till tomorrow” Spartacus said

”Why all these instructions?” Linda asked still surprised

”Take care, I have a friend to visit” Spartacus said

”You have friends?” Linda asked confused on what to say but spartacus only looked at her and ignited the engine of his bike

(Remember, Spartacus is always wearing a mask, no one sees his face)

”Thank you.. But at least tell me you name” Linda said starring at the unseen eyes of spartacus and her held his brakes

”Better start leaving” Spartacus said to her and drove off.. Linda starred at the dusts from his bike for some seconds before she came back to her senses knowing she might get into danger. So she entered her car immediately and drove straight home..

”Why are you home this early and this tattered” Dave asked as Linda drove in and alighted from her car

”It was him..” Linda said

”Who??” Dave asked starring at his fast-heart beating sister..


”Good day Madam” Spartacus greeted Mrs. Ali who was sitting on her couch watching the television from behind. As she looked back she was shocked

”How did you get in here?” She asked and tried pressing the alarm button

”I guess the question should be, why do you want to destroy young innocent people?” Spartacuas asked and shot the alarm activator and Mrs. Ali was more shocked now

”Please, who are you?” Mrs. Ali asked falling on the floor and shifting backwards as Spartacus walked slowly towards her

”Letting people like you live will be a very big mistake” Spartacus said

”Please.. Who sent you?? I will pay you double of what he paid you, please don’t kill me” Mrs. Ali pleaded

”Money.. Money.. That’s why you rich people think you can do whatever you wish.. Money” Spartacus said

”Well, your case will be setteled in the other world” Spartacus said and shot her on her forehead..

The sound of the gun was heard from outside and the policemen outside all ran in to see Mrs. Ali laying dead in a pool of blood

‘aSearch everywhere!!” The Senior sergent ordered them and they all dispersed

”Hello, is this the emergency.. Mrs. Ali’s residence.. Immediately!!” The Senior Sergent ordered on the phone immediately holding looking at Mrs. Ali..


”This is the news flash at 3pm” The news caster said asn Chief Williams and Chief Wilson were watching the television from their different homes

”Mrs. Ali was found in a pool of blood this afternoon shot right on her forehead. No one knows who or what killed her. The doctors and the police men are trying to see if she could live again and find out who ar what did this to her. Thank you” The news caster said and went offline

”What!!??” Chief Wilson exclaimed and calle don his wife immediately to tell her. Mrs. Wilson and Cynthia ran out immediately


”Oh my.. My enemies are going down bit by bit” Chief Williams said and his phone rang immediately

”Hello Prof..” Chief Willians said

”Of course not.. I don’t have a hand in this” Chief Williams replied to the unheard voice of Prof. Michael

” Yeah.. Late then” Chief Williams said and dropped the call

”Always Good News…” He said and walked upstairs


Spartacus was seen in a burnt down house surrounded by bushes. He sat on one of the Still-standing window side. He has a picture in his hands. He used his thumbs to slowly and softly rub the picture.. He said nothing as he did so, but tears rolled down his eyes which soaked his mask so he turned around and removed his mask as great tears rolled down from his eyes still silently looking at the picture…



…..”Seriously, you have been talking for the past minutes here but I can’t get a clue of you are talking about” Dave said to Linda looking confused..

”You drove in saying you saw him.. Who’s the him? But you haven’t given me a direct answer” Dave said standing in front of Linda who seemed not to be listening

”Dave, I need you to draft me a letter” Linda said to Dave

”A Letter? For what?” Dave asked

”A letter of abstinence from work, send it to my Office Mail now!” Linda said turning her hand bag inside out

”You ain’t going to work today again?” Dave asked

”He said I shouldn’t” Linda said keeping her bag aside

”What sort of a nonsense is this!! Why keeping me in the dark here” Dave said looking sober

”Dave, please I’m sorry, but can you kindly go and take some rest, I need to put my head back together, don’t bother about the letter anymore” Linda said looking very confused as she carried her bag and ran upstairs. Dave starred at her as she ran up the stair case

”I wish Mum was here to handle this.. Gosh!” Dave said and closed the front door, walking sluggishly to his room..



Cynthia walked around the big compound alone in a red gown. She held her phone on the left hand, walking quite slowly like someone in thought. Chief Wilson went out, only Mrs. Wilson was around at that moment but the compound was quiet..


Cynthia walked out of her room that night to see her father sitting alone in the sitting room with his hands on his jaw. Cynthia looked at the time and it was 1:12am and she walked towards her father

”Dad, what’s bothering you? You haven’t gone to bed” Cynthia’s voice said from behind and Chief Wilson shockingly looked behind him

”Ooh.. Cynthia, you haven’t slept” Chief Wilson asked turning around

”How can I when you are not sleeping” Cynthia said and sat besides him

”What’s the matter Dad. Is anything wrong?” Cynthia asked looking into his eyes

”It’s actually nothing my dear. Please go and sleep, I will join you later” Chief Wilson said

”You can only tell that folk tale to a little girl Dad, you can’t be this worried and tell me that it’s nothing” Cynthia said now holding her fathers hands

”Hmmm.. My daughter, you won’t understand” Chief Wilson said

”Then make me Understand Dad” Cynthia tackled his statement and Chief Wilson looked at her

”I did a very bad thing during my youth age” Chief Wilson said looking sober

”We can still fix the past Dad, your present good actions can make up for your past” Cynthia said

”No.. My daughter. This one isn’t that easy. I did it thinking it was the right thing to do but now I feel sorry for my actions” Chief Wilson said to her not looking at her

”Tell me Dad, what was that you did” Cynthia asked

”Don’t bother yourself about that my dear. I just pray Karma and Nemesis doesn’t catch up with me” Chief Wilson said and stood up

”Good Night sweetheart” Chief Wilson said and walked inside as Cynthia starred at him not actually understanding what he was talking about…


”Cynthia!!!… Cynthia..!!” Mrs. Wilson called out touching Cynthia on her back

”Ooh.. Mum..” Cynthia said coming back from her trance

”How long have you been here?” Cynthia asked

”Long enough to know that something serious is bothering you” Mrs. Wilson said pet rubbing her shoulders

”What is it my daughter” Mrs. Wilson asked

”Are you quarreling with anybody?? Is there anyrthing you want?” Mrs. Wilson asked restless compound questions

”It’s nothing Mum.. I’m fine” Cynthia said and stood up immediately to avoid any further interview from her mother..


”I told you all that I’m not guilty but you all refused and paid deaf ears to me. Even the accusing Lawyer professes my integrity” Chief Williams said standing in the long oval shaped table filled with Ministers, Governors, Senators and lots more, headed by President Donatus

”I don’t have much to say again but, I thank God for it all” Chief Williams concluded and sat down.

”Chief Williams, have you heard that Mrs. Ali is dead and she was shot on the fore head?” President Donatus asked

”Oh, Yes, maybe she killed herself as she couldn’t bear the death of her husband” Chief Wilson said

”Arrant Nonsense!!” Senator mustaphar barked at Chief Williams

”You eveil man, you killed them all and used your charms on the day of the court procession to free yourself. You are a devil!!” Senator Mustaphar said boldly..

”Mind your tongue young Man” Chief Wilson said supporting Chief Williams

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”And if I don’t!!” Mustaphar still yelled at Chief Wilson

”Sit down Senator..” President Donatus ordered and he angrily sat down. Chief Williams steadily looked at him as he sat down..

Story continues…

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