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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter36


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter36

Theme: Weeping Love


” hello, who is this” Gina said rather rudely as she answered the call from an unknown number on her phone.
She looked stressed, sad, worried and worned out.
” listen to me carefully” the voice ordered.
” you’re going to see him in an address I’m going to send you soon, get there before 10:20 or lose him” the voice added in an ordering tone and hang up before Gina could ask anything.
” the number you’re trying to call doesn’t exist, please check the number and try again” the network courier alerted Gina as she tried to call the number
Just then a message appeared on her phone screen from the number she just tried and doesn’t exist.
The message entailed the location of the vice president {Aminat’s dad} private garage for his jet.
” let go to Maitama” she ordered her private guards as she rushed out of the hospital and they followed her.
She entered into her pink Bugatti and sped out of the hospital with her guards behind her.
Without any restrain or enquiry, she was allowed passage with her guards into the big building of the VP garage as soon as the security saw Gina and also saw her guards .
Luckily for Gina, she wasn’t wearing high heels, just a maroon colour tennis shoe which matched with the maroon colour crop top she’s wearing.
She ran into the big building which looked like a big hall with its exterior design.
She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the VP jet parked and its door was still opened.
” good morning ma” a steward who saw Gina coming towards the jet greeted her bowing his head as he saw her, but Gina didn’t reply him as she swiftly thread on the stairs of the jet which was glued to the opened door that rested on the ground for easy entry into the jet.
” Gina” Aminat exclaimed with shock as she saw Gina.
She was talking to one of the steward inside the jet when she saw her.
” Where is he ” Gina asked Aminat with an apoplectic tone at once.
” who” Aminat asked trying to feign ignorance.
Gina swiftly passed beside her and walked directly to the emergency segment of the jet while Aminat followed behind her.
Gina saw Ben strapped to a bed in the emergency room.
But this was done with utmost care. A plastic mask which was connected to a portable oxygen was fixed on his mouth.
” you know he has to be taken out of the country in order to wake up before the estimated time and also retain his memory” Aminat said behind Gina with a worried tone.
Gina forced a smile and turned to look at her.
” but that’s not right, his mom doesn’t consent to it” Gina said trying to be cool with the situation.
” but it’s the right thing to do for him depending on his situation” Aminat retorted in a low tone.
” let me take him out of the country so he can have a chance to be out of this soon” Aminat added increasing the sound of her voice.
” I can’t allow you to take him out of the country” Gina said with a tone that depict she’s sorry.
” please Gina, don’t do this, you know how much I” Aminat suddenly stop talking and shot Gina a surprised glare.
” no Gina, don’t tell me you also love him” Aminat said with a disbelieving tone.
” yes, I do and I can’t allow you to take him out of the country” Gina replied sternly.
” no Gina, why” Aminat cried out.
” you’re my best friend and I trust you, you traitor” Aminat shot at Gina who doesn’t feel taken aback for her proclamation.
” I’m not a traitor, I tried to make sure you get a glimpse of it but you decided to turn a black eye to it, and for friendship sake, I’m also going to turn black eye to this too and keep it a secret” Gina said as she signalled to some of her guards who were stationed in front of the entrance of the emergency room and they came inside.
Wisdom smiled mischievously as unconscious Ben was wheeled out of the emergency segment of the jet.
” you’ve gotten yourself a worse enemy” Aminat shot at Gina as Gina exited the jet smiling without an ounce of remorse visible on her face.

Gina’s p.o.v
I was damned happy about the turn the event took, I finally have a reason to give my dad so that Ben can stay in the castle with me on my floor but what I couldn’t get out of my head was who the hell the guy who snitch the location of Ben to me is.
How he knew the exact location and also that Ben was missing, how he got my number and how the number he used doesn’t exist.
All sorts of questions flooded my brain but I was able to avert it all with the thought that I got Ben back, maybe I’m going to solve the puzzle some other day.

” I’m going to have him in the seventh floor which he used the last time he was here to stay for a week” Mr David said to Gina who stood in front of him inside his large sitting room with her petition.
” no dad, he can’t be cared for very well in there” Gina swiftly protested.
” then where should he be” Mr David asked Gina like he knew she’s got one of her mischievous plan.
” I think he should be with me in the first floor, the doctor can come treat him there, his oxygen can be replace by me and I am going to get the chance to monitor him so as to ascertain that what happened to him in the hospital doesn’t repeat itself till the completion of the three weeks we’re going to leave the country ” Gina divulged like she’s got her story readied before.
Mr David suddenly started laughing as soon as she stopped talking.
“I knew you’re up to one of your mischievous act, he’s staying in the seventh floor with a doctor and guards will always be present with him everytime ” Mr David said abruptly stopping his laugh and feigned to be serious.
” then I’m going to move to seventh floor” Gina retorted with a glare.
” do you derive some kinda pleasure in giving me headache or you just like doing it” Mr David said holding his head, wrenching his face.
” you won’t be getting headache if you listen to me every time” Gina said smiling.
” I shouldn’t have make you know that you’re my favourite, I regret making you know” Mr David said with a regretful tone.
” go, I need to cure my headache” Mr David added making a motion with his hand towards Gina that she should leave.
” does that means he should be in the first floor” Gina asked smiling.
” in fact, take him to the hundredth floor, I don’t care again” Mr David said to Gina holding the back of his head.
” you’re the best dad” Gina said happily as she exit the room.
” no different between her and her mom when she’s young, always stressing me, get me a glass of water” Mr David ordered one of the three guards stationed at their position inside the sitting room.

Wisdom’s p.o.v

I have got him cornered in my grasp, before he wake up, he would already have the inmate cloth on him, all I just have to do is decipher which organisation he’s working for, till then, keep my future girl company in your unconscious state.


Snap’s p.o.v

I was able to do the right thing , now he’s got the protection of the president, hope this work in getting Toy off him till he’s recover and able to go head to head with him.
I’m certain of his skills, he should be able to defeat Toy with it, and during the time he’s in slumber, I need to sharpen my hacking skills more, so that I can be able to beat Toy’s hacker and support P1 well for his mission against Toy, I know he’s automatically off the president mission, only God know who’s going to be assigned for it, I only pray Toy isn’t the one assigned for it.
It’s time to visit America.
Just hang up in there P1, I’m coming back big and better.

” what do you think I can do for him during this three weeks we’re stuck here” Gina asked Tabitha who just served her, her favourite beverage {coffee } as she sat on one of the chairs in her bedroom facing Ben who seemed to be peacefully in slumber.
If not for the oxygen mask on his face and the tubes connected to his wrist, used in transfer of liquid from the drip hung on a drop hanger beside the bed , someone would have thought that he’s just asleep.
” I thing you should read hi some books, heard that some patient in comatose state can hear what there love ones are saying to them, and this can help keep them company” Tabitha said staring at Ben.
” cool, I think you’re right but do you have any book in mind” Gina asked Tabitha looking clueless.
” hmm, I’ve a book I just finished reading, the title is Angelz do weep written by horluwa p1, one of the young trying authors, and the book is very interesting” Tabitha replied Gina, describing the book as if it’s the best she’s read.
” what’s the book about” Gina asked Tabitha.
” it’s about an immature guardian angel who fell in love with the human he’s supposed to be guarding”
“But how can an angel fall in love with a human when they’re not supposed to be visible” Gina asked interrupting Tabitha.
” I think you should read it first, then find out what happened, and how an angel who’s supposed to be invisible became visible, the writer really made sure he put everything down in an awesome and exciting manner which will make you crave for more, I’ve been checking the Internet everyday, after I finished the season one to know if the season two is out.” Tabitha said, portraying in her words how she’s excited about the book.
” you’re making me crave for it, get me the book so I can read it and take this coffee, get me another one, it’s already cold” Gina said stretching the coffee which was on a small suacer in her hand to Tabitha, who collected it and placed it on the tray in her hand which she used to bring the coffee to Gina.
” alright” Tabitha said as she exited Gina’s room.
Two weeks and four days later.
” I continued my journey back to heaven with
my heart in my mouth because I know not
what await me by the supreme one, but I
thought he should still reward me because I
was returning the immortal sword to him,
that was when I remembered that it has
been long since I felt the immortal sword on
my leg, I touched the place I put it and that
was when I knew that I’ve lost the sword.
What now await me, reward or punishment.
THE END” I read out loudly as I finished reading the story for the sixth time in two weeks plus that I’ve started reading the story to Ben.
Truth be told, the story was an interesting one, I loved it so much and couldn’t find another one to replace it, so I decided to keep reading it , especially as it main actor name is also Ben.
The story was structured well just that the ending wasn’t nice, but I hoped Ben comes back in season two just like I was also waiting for my Ben to come back.
I finally saw the reason why Tabitha was keened on waiting for the season two.
” can you hear this, Ben” I asked him staring at him as he remained motionless on the bed.
” don’t behave like this Ben and leave me to heaven, just come back quickly, I love you so much and won’t be able to find a replacement for you” I said as I pecked him on his forehead.
” are you sure” a voice suddenly asked as I sat back.
” yeah” I replied.
” What” I startling exclaimed when my brain booted…

To be continue….

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