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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter32&33


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter32&33

Theme: Weeping Love



” you must not make any mistake in this mission and make sure you’re not distracted by anything, just complete your mission and get your ass out, your transport will be waiting for you outside, remember no mistake” Goat said to me as we both head to a room which I haven’t seen anyone enter ever since our debut into the underground building.

On entering the room, I saw an elevator inside it but it was kinda different from the normal elevator as it was made of metal and possesses a seat

” get inside and sit down” Goat motioned to me and I obeyed him.

I sat on the seat inside the elevator, but instead of it to descend or ascend, it started swirling.

It was slow at first but everything suddenly got heated up and it bacame fast.

I found it hard to breath and dizziness descended upon me like a heavy blanket.

When I couldn’t it hold it again, I shut my eye and everything suddenly felt normal.

I opened my eye and found myself on a green lawn

How I got there, I know not.

I stood up to survey my surrounding but not a single soul was around, I could only hear the chirping of the cricket.

I suddenly felt the nice and gentle breeze brush through my face for the first time in many years

It was a sensational feeling as I shot my eye, then raised my hands up as I savoured the sweetness of the soothing breeze.

” are you coming or you want to fly” I heard a muffled voice said and I opened my eye to see who the spoiler was.

” whatever” I said in an indifferent manner as I viewed the creature with a mask on his face as he stood in front of me with his hand folded behind him.

” always with an angry issue, I’m your anchor in this semi mission you’re undertaking” he said as he walked magnificiently towards me.

” then let get it done” I said as I also locomoted to meet him.

” you’ve got anger issue, utilise it well because you’re gonna need it for your mission” he said trying to massage my hair but I shoved his hand off and he smiled mischievously.

” follow me” he ordered as he started heading to an unknown location.

Soon we started seeing buildings and a distant street laced with street lights could be seen from afar.

I was really into the moment and will give anything to have an everlasting experience at it than been stucked in an underground bunker training some kids.

Goat had already inform me that the last contest to determine the field agents is taking place after the completion of this semi mission {as Goat called it}.

I was sure the other trainee are also unto theirs like I’m doing now. And if they also possess the same determination I’m possessing, i.e to experience an eternal freedom than been locked up training some kids, then the contest was going to be a tough one.

Because Goat already informed me that none of us has procure any injury, so it was going to be settle with a mass combat.

” here we are lad” the guy with the mask on his face said procuring my attention which was already lost in thought.

A bike was in front of us and he hopped it.

” sit” he said when I didn’t make any motion to sit.

I obeyed and soon, we’re already on the tiled road going at high altitude.

He parked few meters to a beautiful house, barricade with fence which has electric barb wire at it top.

The house was well lit with the big bulbs that was fixed at the top of the fence.

I got down but he didn’t.
” do you see that house”? He asked pointing at the house I described earlier.

” I can see it” I replied.

” here” he said stretching a gun towards me and I collected it and a whistle

” there’s five bullets in it cartridge and you’re to kill every soul inside that building sparing none” he added leaving me dumbfounded.

” why will I kill them” I asked when I finally found my speech box.

” that’s your mission and you don’t question a mission but undertake it, meet me down there” he said,riding his bike away and parked it in a dark segment in the neighborhood, not giving me a chance to ask another questions that clustered to my throat.

The questions “how the hell am I to get inside what should I use the whistle for. “.

I crossed to the other side of the road where the house was situated.

I took notice of my surrounding and the building to see if no one was around.

I felt my heartbeat increased as I got closer to the building.

Tho I’ve killed someone before but it was in self defense and I’ve shot gun many times but I was always aiming at mannequin not a human being.

I tucked the gun into the band of my trouser .

I surveyed the house looking for a way to get in but none was around so I decided to do it in the gentleman manner.

I walked to the gate, I was about to knock it when I noticed the door bell attached to the pillar used in holding the gate in place.

I dab at it and after some seconds I heard the sound of a door being opened and the sound of footsteps grew closer.

The see through part of the gate was opened.

” who I be that” I heard a person asked in pidgin English with thick Hausa accent.

I moved closer to the see through part so he can see me and with some of the tricks I’ve learnt, I made my face look pale.

” oga, me I never chop since morning and walahi, I need am por water well well” I also replied him in pidgin English with Hausa accent.

” you I look foor true true ,I give am por you water inside” he said as he shut the see through and opened the pedestrian segment of the gate.

I ambled in like a weak child and seeing how I was walking, he helped me in.

” you I wait make I give me water” he said as he wanted to enter the building that was beside the gate.

As he wanted to enter, I removed my gun and with a bang he fell inside the building.

Their was a silencer attached to the gun so it didn’t made a loud sound.

I suddenly heard the barking of dogs, yeah, it was not a single sound and their barking was ferocious as it swiftly got closer.
In few seconds, I saw two big bull dogs racing towards me, I wasn’t in any bit scared of them.

I wanted to shoot them but I remembered that I only have four bullets left in the gun and I don’t have the count of the remaining people inside the house.

I suddenly remember the whistle that he gave me, it was in my hand.

I said a short prayer inwardly with hope that the whistle is what I think it is.

As they were about to get to me, I blew the whistle but no sound came out of it.

But I also detected that no sound was coming out of the dogs again.
I looked down and saw them wagging their tails in front me.

” good boys” I said patting their heads as I made my way to the main building.

The door suddenly open when I was about to get to it and I swiftly hid myself .

” what’s happening Abubakar” a man with a shotgun in his hand shouted not moving from the front door.

” General, Colonel” he called when he didn’t get a reply from Abubakar who I think I murder earlier.

The two dogs ran to meet him wagging their tails.

” why were you barking like that earlier” he asked the dogs patting their heads like he was expecting them to answer him.

The dogs suddenly started barking again as they head to the building beside the gate.

The man followed them as he cracked the gun, aiming it forward.

I sneaked behind him on my toe tip.

” Abubakar” he called as he got closer to the building and seeing Abubakar’s legs outside while his body was inside the building.
When he was about to get him, I was also closer to him, he suddenly turn with his gun aiming at me, but before he could shoot it, I disarmed him easily and use the base of the shotgun to hit him on his head with force and he fell down.

The dogs wanted to charge at me and I swiftly blew the whistle again and they kept calm.

Blood gush down from the man’s head as he looked helpless on the ground.

” Junior” he suddenly said with a bewildered tone when he saw my face but my hand was already on the trigger and bang goes the shot which lodge into his forehead.

I proceeded to the main building with the gun in my hand.

The door was already opened by the man.

I locked it as I made entry into the house, welcomed by large living room.

Three sofas formed a half circle and two lone chair were opposite it.

A 24 inches long TV clung unto the wall with a dead front.

A bar was situated close to the dining room. On the wall were some pictures in frames, one, of the man I killed outside, a lady which I presume his wife and two kids.

A boy which looked more like me when I was little and a girl.
I saw another picture consisting of the girl and the boy which looked like me.

After the two pictures, none consist of the boy that looked like me again.

But I saw other pictures of the littlegirl who’s now grown up with another little girl,the man and the lady but they’re much older than they’re in the picture consisting the little boy that looked like me.

” who are you” a feminine voice asked me as I was staring at the pictures.

I swiftly hide my gun as I turned around to look at her and it was the lady in the picture.

” Junior” she suddenly exclaimed in shock as she saw me.

” Junior” she screamed hugging me tightly.

” what, how, why” she couldn’t complete a question as she tried to ask many things at once.

” darling, darling” she screamed repeatedly not letting go of me as she still embrace me but no response came.

” how did you escape, what did they do to you” she asked finally disengaging the hug but held me by my shoulder as she stared into my eye delightfully.

” I’m sorry” I said freeing myself from her hold and she looked surprised.

” I’m not your son again and if your darling is a guy wearing a white tunic, I think you should save yourself the stress of calling him because he’s already dead” I said bringing out the gun.

” no, no, it can’t be true” she said wailing as she tried to move closer to me.

I shoved her off and she fell down.
I pointed the gun at her and I felt trickling of tears coming out of my eye.

” I’m sorry mom, but your son is over the edge now and gone” I said as I pull the trigger.

” please, my son, I don’t mind if you kill me, but spare your siblings sleeping upstairs, this I ask of you as a last wish” she pleaded pitifully on the ground.

” upstairs” I said as I shot her.

I climbed the staircase that led to the upper floor, located the girls room and shot them in sleep.

I scoured the house thoroughly to see if any soul was still alive but found none.

I took the man’s shotgun and shot the two dogs.

The shotgun produced a loud echoing bang sound, but I made sure I shot the two dogs before I swiftly exit the building.

As if he was already expecting me, I met the masked guy outside on his bike waiting for me.

” are they all dead ” he asked me as soon as I was outside.

“Yeah” I answered him as I got on the bike and we sped out of sight.

He took me back to the lawn I found myself earlier, he clicked on some buttons on a gadget in his hand and the ground, just a little bit above us splitted and the elevator I entered earlier appeared.

” good bye lad, hope to see you in future” the guy said as he motioned to me to get into the elevator which I did, and in a swirling motion, it buried automatically into the ground.
” knock knock” Goat said as he entered into my room.

I was relaxing on my bed as my head whirled around the mission which I just completed.

” How are you kiddo” he asked as he sat beside me on the bed..

” I’m fine” I replied, he was kinda surprised at my answer but he tried to hid it.

” what happened during the mission” he asked feigning ignorance.

” you already know what happened” I replied him sternly.

” then you’re not supposed to be fine ” he retorted.

” why shouldn’t I be fine when I only murder two dogs” I said smiling.

” dogs” he asked with a surprise expression.

” do you think I’m dumb” I asked rhetorically

” I know those were all your people, I knew the gun was blank, I only played along in your game” I said laughing out loud.

” I knew it, you’re going to be an updated version of Toy” he said excitedly.

” you’re the only one to decipher it after Toy” he added with a tone that depicted he was proud of me.

” but make sure no one knows about this, no one, even bull eye” he warned me and I shook my head.

” that’s my boy, rest for the night, the contest is tomorrow” he said before he departed my room.
From Narrator’s point of view
” how are you to him” doctor Ranking asked Aminat who ran to him as he exited the theatre room.
” his girlfriend” Aminat replied.
” I’m sorry Miss, but I can only disclose information about his condition to his family members” Dr Ranking said as he made an attempt to leave but Aminat swiftly block his path.

” see this” Aminat said showing an image on her phone to the doctor.
” that’s, that’s” Dr Ranking stuttered.

” yeah, the vice president and me taking a selfie and that’s because I’m his daughter” Aminat said with a grin
” so I will pretend I didn’t hear what you said before, so what about his condition ” Aminat asked again.
” he’s beyond critical stage, stable as of now but he’s in coma, and I..” Dr Ranking couldn’t complete his sentence when some guys wearing black suit suddenly trooped in, forming a walkway as Gina walked hurriedly in the middle and Wisdom at her back.
On seeing Aminat, she ran towards her direction.
” how is he” she asked Aminat with a worried tone.
” the doctor just finished operating on him” Aminat said pointing at Dr Ranking.
” how is him now, is he alright” Gina asked the doctor almost fidgeting.
“Please let go to my office ” the doctor said to the two of them politely and they followed him to his office.
” he’s lucky to be alive, but can’t vouch for when he’s going to open his eye, that depends on his instinct for survival” Dr Ranking said to the two girls sitted in front of him.
” base on your assumption, how long will it take him to open his eye” Aminat asked the doctor.
” it will take him at least three months” Dr Ranking replied her.
“And here” Dr Ranking said handing Gina a x-ray result.
” according to that x-ray, some tissues in his brain has been damaged and he might lose his memory when he finally wakes up” Dr Ranking said to the girls as they took turn to examine it.
” I think we should send him abroad for treatment, he should be out of coma sooner in there than in Nigeria and he might be able to retain his memory if he’s treated there ” Gina said almost like a suggestion.

” a transfer can be issued for him but his parents or family members have to consent to it and as it stand, none of this people is here already” Dr Ranking said in a polite manner.

” his mom isn’t residing in Abuja, but I’m sure she would have been on her way down here” Gina retorted .

Snap’s p.o.v.

“Shit, what’s happening” I cursed as all my gadget suddenly started emitting flame and it all shut down.

I was so close to getting the identity of Toy and all this suddenly happened.

I would’ve solved the riddle less than thirty minutes.

I would have solve it earlier if P1 was around to help but he’s no where to be found and according to the time, he should be through with his teaching in the last fifteen minute

My wrist watch suddenly started blinking the danger light and my phone rang.

Only P1 knows the digits of the line I was receiving the call from and I’ve made the sim unaccommodating to other numbers.

I wanted to trace the call but all my gadget were out, only my wrist watch was working, and now, it’s malfunctioning, inform me of danger when none is around.

The watch can detect bomb or any harmful technology around me but a map will be display to show me the location of the danger so I can take the safe route, but now, it’s only blinking and no map was displaying on it .

I was about to pick the call when I suddenly remember about one of the greatest hacking skill we’re told about when I was still in training.

Only few people are capable of doing it, and to my ill luck, I wasn’t among the few.

It’s the act of staging an undetectable bomb with a phone call.

I haven’t seen where it was done before but I’ve seen a clip about it , on how it work and how it is indestructible, except running for one’s life from the proximity of the phone.

Picking the call is like cutting a wrong wire from a time bomb, it will only facilitate and hasten it explosion.

I was oblivious of its time, so I don’t know when it’s going to explode if I decided to take the phone out and dispose it somewhere safe, if my assumption was right.

I dropped the phone as I swiftly picked P1 ‘s bike key and dashed out of the house.

I quickly disengage the bike’s cover as I hopped it, ignited it and sped out of the area.

I wasn’t 50 meters away when I heard a loud explosion, and when I checked where it was, to God be the glory, it was P1’s lodge.

I kissed my wristwatch as I smiled to myself for my narrow escape.
The noise of another explosion I heard when I was almost close to the school main entrance caught my attention.

I changed the bike’s direction to the location where I heard it.

When I got closer, I saw students running helter skelter for their lives.

The building that exploded looked like an eatery.

It was an eatery, the Mr Biggs fast food joint inside the school.

It was on fire.

Soon, the sounds of sirens was heard, an ambulance coupled with a fire service trucks made their way there.

The fire was swiftly put out and the health officials with their portable sickbeds made their way into the eatery to save the people who are still alive.

All the people they brought out were all dead, some without head, some hands and the other.

I jumped down from my bike when I saw someone who looked like Ben on the lifter that was brought out.

I swiftly intercepted them to check and he was the one.

I was shoved aside by the person carrying it in the front as they dropped him among the dead people.

I swiftly ran to him.

” P1″ I screamed as I placed my ear on his chest.

“He’s still breathing” I screamed as I heard his heart beating.

He didn’t procure any burn on his body but his head has almost split into two.

And his clothes were already soaked with his blood.

He was withdraw to one of the ambulance present their and it zoomed off with him in it..

After the incident, that was when I realized that P1 and I was against the greatest agent and greatest hacker of the Mask.

” dad, use your authority to get him out of here, he’s going to get better treatment there than here” Gina pleaded to her dad.

” there’s nothing I can do, his mum doesn’t want him out of the country” Mr David said to Gina on a frustrating note.

Gina sulked beside her dad who was sitting at his normal position in his living room, but Mr David didn’t react like he saw her as he feigned to concentrate on the Brexit trial going on in USA, and is been aired live on BBC.

” let strike a deal dad” Gina said switching the TV off.

” it’s not going to be in my favor, so I’m not into it” Mr David replied Gina and switched the TV back on with the remote in his hand.

” it’s in your interest because I’m going to fly out of the country like you wish” Gina said procuring Mr David’s attention, as he avert his attention from the TV.

” and what’s in it for you” Mr David asked his daughter staring at her.

” I leave with Ben and get him admitted in the country I’m going to” Gina said.

” do you love him” Mr asked Gina with a serious tone.

” yes, I love him dad, I love him so much” Gina replied Mr David.

” hmm” Mr David sighed.

” what of him, does also feel how you feel” he asked after few seconds of silent.

” I don’t know, I think it’s one sided love but I don’t care, all I want for him is his safety” Gina replied emotionally.

” I understand how you’re feeling doll, but I want you to think above your feeling, my future and reputation will be greatly damaged if I act out of act, the opposition parties are watching” he paused for a while and studied his daughter’s mood.

” but for my angel, I’m going to do it, but you’ve to wait for three weeks, then I’m going to send the two of you to England, then after he’s alright, you can travel to anywhere you wish in all the continent except Africa” Mr David added with a smile on his lip.

” thank you dad, you’re the best” Gina said smiling heartily as he hugged his dad.

” anything for my angel, and that lad is a good boy and for a spoiler, he’s also in love with you but he’s trying to hide it” Mr David said.

” Are you serious dad” Gina asked happily.

In a building in an unknown location was Wisdom and four guys.

The room was filled with different types of computers, files and different gadgets.

Inside a box were all Snap’s gadgets which he left in Ben’s lodge before it exploded.

Some already burnt while some were still intact. And Ben’s guns and knifes which were retrieved from his room.

I knew that guy wasn’t normal, all I just have to prove now is that he’s a fake and his identities were all fabricated” Wisdom soliloquised as he stared at a file that was handed to him.

It entails the real person, who’s supposed to be bearing the name Benjamin Parker, a deceased whose death wasn’t registered.

Wisdom secretly set up the investigation team when he knew that Gina was madly in love with Ben, following the occurrence of the event that occurred the day Gina was drunk.

He’s got many contacts in Canada and with their helps, he was heading towards the shore of success with his investigation.

When he heard of the bomb blast that occurred in the school, he came to check it and found out that the only two places the blast occured was in Ben’s lodge and the eatery which Ben was also there, so he decided to go on another secret investigation on what happened but he’s yet to crack the gadgets and see what it entails.

” hello dear” Gina said as she opened the VVIP ward which Ben was placed in like she always do every morning she comes visiting.

” has he been transferred to another ward” she asked herself when she couldn’t see him on the hospital bed..

“Get me the doctor in charge of Ben” she ordered one of her guards stationed in front of the ward.

“Why did you move him without consulting me first ” she asked the doctor as he made appearance inside the ward.

“What” Dr Ranking exclaimed.
” we didn’t move him, in fact, I checked on him yesterday night before I was off duty” Dr Ranking added looking confused.

” then where’s he” Gina asked angrily.

” let go check the CCTV footage” the doctor said as he hurried out of the ward.

” as you can see, from yesterday till now, the patient didn’t leave the room” the technical officer anchoring the CCTV said after scrolling backward and forward.
“Has Toy gotten hold of Ben” Snap asked no one in particular as he watched the drama ensuing in the hospital.

He’s been watching Ben since he’s been admitted into the hospital.

” the only hacker who could have snoop him out of the hospital, under my watch is the person who’s capable of sending bomb through a phone call.

” Ben is in trouble” he said as he swiftly got up from where he was sitting.

To be continue.

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