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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter29b


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter29b

Theme: Weeping Love




” please help me to check on my daughter, she’s drunk again ” Mr David said to Mr Wealth smiling .

” has she started crying about her Kristy again ” Mr Wealth asked trying hard not to laugh.

” yeah, please help me to make sure she’s alright , have to return to the meeting ” Mr David said hanging the call.

” only God knows who gave that girl alcohol ” Mr David said snorting as he exit the restroom to join the meeting.

” where are you going dad, sorry chief guard ” Wisdom greeted his dad teasingly as he saw him heading towards the elevator.

” you’re not serious, who’s chief guard ” Mr Wealth asked Wisdom pausing on his track.

” you’re the chief nah, and the president is not around, why are you headed to the elevator ”
Wisdom asked confused

” Gina is drunk, want to make sure she’s fine before she get down and start weeping about her long dead cat ” Mr Wealth said and Wisdom bursted into laughter .

” it’s funny right ” Mr Wealth asked his son as he watched him laugh to his heart content.

” only God knows how she got drunk again because we’ve taken all the alcoholic drink in her floor, got to go ” Mr Wealth said making attempt to leave .

” don’t stress yourself dad, let me help you check on her ” Wisdom said stopping his dad.

” that’s thoughtful of you son, but make sure she doesn’t leave her floor, it’s always disastrous when she does “Mr Wealth said as he returned to his office.

Wisdom with a bright mood head to the elevator, clicked on the call button.

The elevator dung as it opened and he entered.

” good evening ” Tabitha greeted Wisdom as he saw him coming out of the elevator after accepting his request to come to the floor.

” evening, where’s she ” Wisdom asked Tabitha.

” in her room crying ” Tabitha replied Wisdom.

” okay, I’m going to stand guard in front of the door ” Wisdom told Tabitha as he head to Gina’s bedroom.

” okay, want to get soda for her in the first floor to help her sober up, please make sure she doesn’t come down ” Tabitha said to Wisdom who was standing in front of Gina’s bedroom’s door.

” okay, make it snappy ” Wisdom said to Tabitha.

After some minute, the door suddenly flung opened and Gina with a teary face was in view.

” ma’am ” wisdom said startling as he moved back a little.

” this is not going to do, I’ve to go see my dad ” Gina said trying to walk past Wisdom, who quickly stood in her way.

” what are you doing, let me pass ” Gina said trying to wriggle pass Wisdom who stood in her front
” I’m going to have you dismiss, just let me see my daddy, you’re out ” Gina said trying to threaten Wisdom but he was unyielding.

” let me go ” Gina said as she feebly started hitting his chest but still, he was still in her way.

” I know what to do ” Gina said retreating to her room but left her door open.

After few minutes, she came out disappointed.

Then she made an attempt to run but lost her balance and was about to fall, Wisdom quickly caught her but fell down because it was too sudden.

He fell to the sophisticated tiled floor and Gina fell on him.

She was directly on him, with her lip, few inches from his.

And they both stared at themselves in utmost silent.

” I said it, you’re too cute to be a lecturer ” she said breaking the silence that ensued between them as she started lowering her head towards his.

As her lips was about to make contact with his, the sound of sirens of cars suddenly filled the atmosphere which made Gina stopped.

She raise her head then stared at Wisdom with shock visible on her face.

Then passed out with her cheek brushing his, trapping him so he couldn’t go and check on what was happening.

” what’s with the noise ” Tabitha said with the can soda in her hand which she just withdraw from the general fridge in the first floor.

She decided to check on what was happening but decided against it when she got to the cubicle door.

When she was about to turn, she started hearing a strange sound, like an helicopter sound, but it was not in any form loud as an helicopter.

When she looked around and couldn’t see anything, she continued her journey and it got more louder, and was coming from the direction she was heading to, so she hastened her movement maybe she could see whatever it was.

She suddenly halt her movement when she saw Ben in the elevator with a drone in his hand and on the drone were different kinds of guns and weapons attached to it.

She gasped with an ajar mouth staring at him.

The elevator door was about to close when she saw him and Ben stopped the door from closing with his hand and came out of it heading towards her.

She tried to run but she couldn’t get anywhere before Ben caught her and hit her on her neck, a bit above her shoulder and she passed out.

As my mentor once said to me, he told me to be a killer with heart and make sure I’ve a light, no matter how dim it is to light my path in my missions, and I could say boastfully that I’ve been trying hard to keep the light I litted in my heart that day on, got many people I killed but still got few that I’ve saved by following the light lit in my heart that day.

I couldn’t bring myself to kill Tabitha even tho she’s a threat after seeing what she saw.

I knew the best thing to do is eliminate her but I didn’t know what held me back, so I just knock her out, carried her back to the elevator, dropped her with the remaining woods on the ground.

” this ain’t right P1,you need to kill this girl ” Snap said to Ben with his normal concern tone.

” I know what I’m doing, check if Martha is out of her room ” I ordered him as I click on the seven key.

” she’s is in her room ” he replied me.

” that’s good, keep the elevator here ” I said to him as I alighted the elevator and head to Martha’s room.

” I need your help Martha “I said to her as I knocked her door and she opened it.

” with what sir? ” she asked me staring at me

” with this ” I said as I bent over to kiss her.

She feebly attempted to free herself from me but calmed down after some seconds.

After some seconds of kissing, she fell asleep at once and I dropped her on her bed.

I sedated her with the kiss, brought out my handkerchief from my back pocket and clean my face.

I went back to get Tabitha and the two guards inside the elevator and put them into Martha’s room ,I tied their hands and legs before finally dressing for my real mission.

I wore my usual colour for missions which is black.

I had on my mask on my head, my timer on my wrist and most importantly, the devil banter defaulter on my ear.

The devil banter is a device that can cause temporary blindness and paralyzing.

So it defaulter consist of a dark glasses and two small device which is placed inside the ear in order to stop the deadly music coming out of the devil banter which cause paralyzing.

The devil banter looks like an ipod but possess very dangerous qualities.

It produces a sound which causes the paralyzing and smoke which causes the temporary blindness
” are you ready ” I asked Snap after I was ready.

” yes boss, let rock the party ” Snap reply with an exciting tone.

” let take the party to the fifth floor ” I said as I stood in front of the elevator.

♪dung♪ goes the sound of the elevator as it opened.

♪ Energy ♪ by Drake plays in the background

” be careful boss ” Snap said as I entered into the elevator.

” sure, pause the cctv in the fifth floor” I ordered him

“Already done ” he said with a boastful tone.

As the elevator got to the fifth floor, I ignited the devil banter and place it on the floor of the elevator, I hung to the roof of the elevator as it opened.

One of the two securities standing guard in front of the elevator with a gun in his hand pointed to the front tried to check who it was that was in the elevator but was surprised to see no one while I watched him above.

” what’s this ” he asked surprised as he wanted to pick the devil banter but suddenly went stiff.

I knew that was my cue to get down which I did.

The second security was also stiff where he stood.

I increased the volume of the devil banter and waited for a minute so that it could get to the securities on the walkway.

” let take the party to the president living room ” I said to Snap as I dance walk to the president’s room.

” some seconds please ” he said and after fifteen seconds, the door made a click sound.

” push it backward ” he said to me and I applied little force to the door and it opened .

” serve yourself boy ” I said as I entered.

I installed three tiny cameras to the angles I’ve already budgeted for it.

I also install the mouthpieces before I exit the living room and head to the bedroom.

” P1,my Sneak trap is alerting me of incoming movement to my side, I’m aborting the mission now and I think you should do so too” Snap hurriedly told me as it seemed he was swiftly parking up.

” no, I’m doing this, open the bedroom door for me before you go ” I swiftly order him without contemplating on it.

” it’s risky boss, I won’t be able to be your eye again ” he warned me.
” do it ” I ordered him.

” okay, but party safe ” he said as he disconnected himself from me.

When I got to the bedroom, I tried to open the door but it didn’t open.

” f--k Snap ” I cursed under my breath.

Just then I heard a beep sound in my ear depicting that he’s connected back to me.

” P1 ,place your thumb on the finger scanner and your eye in front of face recognition, couldn’t open it from here but I’ve reset it to yours, party safe, I’m outta here and make sure you are outta there before two minutes, or else the elevator might leave you and you’re going to be stuck there and the cctv will get your footage because it’s also going to be back on” he said before disconnecting again.

I smiled as I set my timer to two minute and did what he said .

After scanning my thumb and eye ,the door opened and I entered.

I had to swiftly surf for perfect angles to place the devices because I got none in mind before.
It took me one minute and twenty seconds to do this.

I had forty seconds left as I exited the room.

I raced down to the elevator and by the time I got into the elevator with ten seconds at hand. But the elevator was unyielding from the spot it was.

I checked my timer and it was remaining five seconds.

” fool ” I gasped as I remembered that Snap wasn’t there again to control the floor I’m heading to and swiftly clicked on the seven key.

The elevator door closed and on the completion of two minute, it opened on my floor.

I swiftly picked the devil banter and flew out of the elevator before it get a footage of me.

The elevator door closed and departed from my floor.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I switched off the devil banter and head to Martha’s room.

” f--k me ” I exclaimed as I met the door opened and Tabitha was missing outta the people inside the room.

To be continue…

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