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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter24,25,26


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter24,25,26

Theme: Weeping Love




” morning, heard you’ve a report concerning our young tutor here ” the president swiftly asked him as soon as he reciprocated his greeting.

” yes Sir, Mr Ben is a gay ” he said with tone conveying hatred towards me, and the president and Mr Wealth both shot me a surprised stare.

” WTF ” I screamed lowly standing up.

” the nefarious act is recorded here ” Wisdom said handing an iPad in his hand to the president.

The president after watching whatever it was that was played on the iPad , handed it to Mr Wealth.


” Posmatran sam, zato se igrajte ”
” I’m been watch, so play along ”
I said to Snap in Bosnian language as I open the door for him.
I’ve seen all the CCTV that was placed inside my apartment,
I pretended to drink as I surveyed everything out.
He smiled as he pressed some keys on the wristwatch on his hand.
He also brought out his phone to complete the hacking.
He’s hacked into the CCTV by gaining entrance into it with the watch on his wrist, then concluded the task with his phone.
He’s the first guy I’ve seen hack systems without the use of computer.
He’s just too good.
As we entered the room, we started smooching at once , Snap was recording this on the CCTV, we took off our clothes in haste as we continued our foreplay on the divan.
He placed our romance on repeat so that it will continue playing for whoever it was that was that was watching the CCTV.
He made the CCTV record us as we got into the bedroom, then switch off the light, Snap swiftly hacked into the CCTV lens and deactivated its light which was suppose to enable it see in the dark.
We started moaning as soon as the light was off.
Then he recorded us wearing our clothes looking satisfied.
I saw him off to the door where he left in the CCTV.


I already knew what they’re watching and played along with them.

” well, Wisdom, you know Mr Ben here isn’t from here and their constitution allow for this act ” the president said after some awkward minute of silence.

” but Sir, he’s now in our country and have to obey our constitution ” Wisdom reciprocated formally.

” what’s the meaning of this ” I said for the first staring at all of them at the same time.

” you installed cameras into my room, there by invading my privacy ” I added in a disbelieving tone.

” and I’m bisexual and I’ve the freaking right to do whatever I want and have sex with anyone of my choice ” I said making an attempt to leave, but abruptly stopped when I was about to get to the door.

” expect a lawsuit from the international court soon and forget about the contract” I said turning back and exit the room.

” I did this without the knowledge of the president ” Wisdom said to me after calling after me before I could get to the elevator.

” thought I was doing my job but I was wrong to install the cameras in your room, and prying into your privacy ” he said to me in a tone which showed that he’s forced to say it.
I didn’t reply him , just stood there watching him as we’re been watched by the rails of securities , standing at both side of the walkway.

“I’m not saying this because I’m scared of your lawsuit, but I want you to reconsider your decision concerning the tutoring, and I’m not telling you this because I want you to tutor her, in fact, I will be happy if you don’t, but the president seemed to like you and I’ve disappointed him before and wouldn’t want to disappoint him again ” he added with the same tone , he used earlier.

” do you know that I like you ” I said smiling and he gave me a weird look.

” not in that way , I only do pretty girls and guys ” I said still smiling and he scoffed .

” I know you followed order to put the cameras there but I like your courage.
I’m going to fulfill your wish because you’re a friend. ” I said as I returned to the room, and surprisingly, I was scanned thoroughly again before I was allowed entrance.

” it’s Quiero dar un paseo, not quiero dab hun pasoe ” I said frustratingly to Gina.

” I’ve been correcting her for like six times now and she seemed adamant to her mistake. ”
It’s the third day since I’ve started tutoring her.
I use a whole day to teach her alphabet in Spanish language.
What I learn for just thirty minute.
Then we’ve been going at the speed of snail in the tutor.
I felt like she’s purposely doing it to punish me for a sin i didn’t know of or she just doesn’t want to learn the language.
She’s totally not serious with it and always giving me stress.
I was wrong about my first impression about her that she’s fallen for me because she already warned me not to try any funny thing with her on our first lesson.
She warned me blatantly to only focus on doing what I was hired to or else she might sue me for assault, even if I stare too much on her.
I wasn’t frightened by all her threat because I was sure I was going to get her within a week, that’s highest I’ve used in capturing a girl’s heart.
We’re using the study room in the first floor for the tutorial and the room was well laced with CCTV.

” quiero dab hun pasoe ” she replied making the same mistake again..

” let take a break ” I said frustratingly as I stood up.
The president had offered me to stay in the seventh floor for a week till the school open.

I exited the study room and I was sure she’s laughing.

Gina’s p.o.v

I couldn’t explain how joyful I was when my dad called me to get to the study room.
I’ve already seen Ben coming through the CCTV connected to my laptop
I don’t normally check the CCTV but I’ve been watching it since I’ve woken up that morning.
My joy was half limit when I saw him on his bike hitting his bike’s horn , for the gate to be open for him.
He was thoroughly scanned before his bike was taken from him and rode in by one of the security to the visitor’s underground parking spot.
Three securities took him in and I lost coverage when they got into the elevator.
I couldn’t access the remaining floors except the first floor and the environment.
Since then , my tension was at the brim, waiting for the call of my dad in order to hear the good news from him. Which I later got.

I know much about men because I was close with my dad and he always gist me about how guys think.
And how they behave.
I know they take girls for granted when they know she’s crushing on them and some even play hard to get especially handsome dudes.
I’ve vowed to myself to keep my feelings to myself but suffer him for what he did to me on our first encounter.
Giving him tough time was the masterpiece of my plan and I was getting successful with it.
I laughed as he exited the room as I brought out my phone to revised on what he’s thought me.

Ben’s p.o.v

I knew the mission was going to be a tough one but never thought I was going to get it tough from Gina.
She’s a little witch procuring all the keys to the success of my mission and I’ve to make sure I get the keys from her.
Already got some information about her from Aminat.

Talking about Aminat, she was mad at me for accepting to tutor Gina because her dad was planning on hiring me for her.
She told me she’s got another plan to get me to tutor her, tho she didn’t reveal the plan to me but I’ve already know what it was.

She’s already informed me that Gina ain’t the type of girl who get easily flabbergasted by anything or man.

” she’s got a stone heart which made everything look the same to her no matter how precious the thing is ,, and same applied to men ” Aminat had informed me even without asking her in one of our conversation.
When I’m not in the study room tutoring Gina or with the president , drinking tea with him, I’m always on the phone with Aminat.
Always with a gist or recap of her childhood incident.
I would have asked her not to call but she was a good cover for me to account for my time spent in the seventh floor , because I knew Wisdom or one of the securities was always listening to my conversations on my phone .
He’s cloned it on our first encounter but I did nothing about it in order to appear less suspicious. And I only allow him to listen to what I wish him to listen to.

Also got calls from Ella and Nina but not up to Aminat’s own.

” I think you should just resign or else she’s going to kill you with stress ” Aminat said to me on the phone after I’ve brief her of the first section tutor.

” you’re funny, I’m not resigning until I’m successful in teaching her the language ” I said to Aminat smiling.

” just pitying you ni oo, Gina is my friend and when her mind is set not to do something , you’ll be offering wasted effort to make her do it ” she said with a concern tone .

” thanks for your concern but I’m still going to offer the wasted effort first, then see if it’s going to yield wasted successful result ” I replied Aminat and she bursted into smile.
I was only using my conversation with Aminat as an Alibi for myself, as I was sketching my plan with the Blueprint which the dead eye had successfully gotten for me.
Their seemed to be some rooms in the castle which I can hide my ammunitions, as it’s been abandoned and unused , but getting my ammunitions in was a great deal depending on the security measures taken in the house.
Snap was still working on the invisible controller and hacking into all the CCTV inside the castle without being detected or setting off any alarm.
I always wish to be the safe side during my missions, that’s why I wanted to bring in my ammunitions, in case I need it in the future , because it’s not possible to be bringing it in and out of the castle.
I was planning on keeping the ammunitions in the sixth floor, because according to the blueprint, it got many secret room and easy to access than the remaining floors, and it got less security measures like the remaining floors.

” got an important call to take .” I said to Aminat as I hung her call.

” I’m ready for the next session ” Gina told me in a bossy tone as I picked her call.

” and no need coming down, it’s taking place in the studyroom in the seventh floor ” ” she added with the same tone and hung up the call before I could oppose it.
According to the rules, the only place the tutor is to take place is the study room in the first floor and now she’s going against it without her dad’s consent.
I was kinda cool with it because I’ve already checked the study room in the seventh floor out and it doesn’t consist of any CCTV.
I was sure the reason the president asked that the 1st floor study room should be used for the tutoring was because of close monitoring.
I’ve started getting a vibe about my mission, I think the weak point of Mr David is Gina but I’m not sure yet and I was sure I’m going to locate the weak point before my three month lapse.
I hit the small alarm in my room which was there to call for the attention of the maid assigned to me in the seventh floor, tho I rejected when I was offered, but they made it seemed like I don’t have a choice.

” you called me Sir ” Martha said coming inside.

” yeah , brew two cups of coffee and take it into the study room ” I ordered her and she exit my room.

” young Miss is waiting for you inside the study room ” Martha informed me some minute later after she’s gone to prepare the cofee.

” okay, hope you’ve gotten the cofee there ” I asked her smiling.

” yes Sir ” she replied.

” okay, thank you , you can go ” I told her and she exit my room.

I was changing my cloth when Aminat’s call displayed on my handset.

I connected my small Bluetooth headset device to it and put into my ear.

” Wad up love , you through with your call. ” she asked me at once as I picked the call.

” yeah, but got to go again, Gina is already waiting for me in the study room ” I said to her as I was buttoning my shirt.

“Oops, thought you’re to take her in the next hour ” she asked me with a sad tone.

” yeah , but she’s Gina and very weird ” I said to her and she bursted into laughter.

” you’re right, wish you luck , you need it ” she said humorously and I smirked .

” bye now , ready to go ” I said to her and was about to hung the call .

” wait ” she swiftly scream subtly.

” I’ve got something to tell you after you’re through with this session ” she said hanging the call without allowing me a chance to talk.

I smiled as I removed the Bluetooth headset from my ear and picked my phone and exited the room to meet my sweet witch.

Gina smiled mysteriously at me as I opened the study room door and entered.
she’s sitted on a small chair with a small desk in front of her.
she got her phone in her hand , pressing it but stopped operating it when I entered with a mysterious smile embedded on her cheek.

” you kept me waiting ” she said to me as I got closer to her .
I swiftly scanned the room to get the location of the coffee I asked Martha to brew .
I saw it on a vacant shelf few meters away from where Gina was sitted.

” I’m sorry ” I said to her as I swiftly made my way to shelf to get the tray containing two saucers and two mugs on each saucers with a cover , covering it.

” did you make this for me ” she asked me looking a bit impressed as I drop the tray on the small desk in front of her.

” yeah, I made it for us ” I said , got a chair nearby and sat in front of her.

” I want this session tutorial to be different from the ones we’ve been having since the last three days ” I said disseminating the mugs and saucers from the tray, and dropped the tray on the neatly and beautifully tiled floor.

” here ” i said placing hers closer to her.

She gave me a ridiculous stare before she took it, place it closer to her nose to savor the aroma of the cofee, shutting her eye as she did this, then with a bright mood, opened it and took a sip from the cofee.

” it’s good ” she said to me smiling.
Truth be told, I heard from Aminat that Gina’s best beverage is coffee as she derive some sort of pleasure from it.

” I’m Ben Parker by the way ” I said to her stretching my hand to her for a shake after appreciating her complementary.

” are you performing a drama here ” she asked laughing.

” what’s with the introduction ” she asked still laughing.

” the one I had with you here in the last three days, was a formal one , and I remembered I couldn’t complete the friendship one that was supposed to happened the day you saved my ass in the school because of something, so I think I should introduce myself as a friend to you now since your dad ain’t watching ” I said stretching my hand closer to her and she laughed as she sophisticatedly wrapped her right hand round it.

” I’m Gina, the crazy and stubborn girl who’s been giving you hard time since three days ago because of what you did then after I save your ass ” she said shaking my hand slightly vigorous.

” you’re really weird, so you’ve been giving me hard time knowingly ?.” I asked rhetorically but she answered.

” yeah and because I don’t wish to go to Spain, and that must be a secret between us” she said to me smiling.

” our secret ” i said making a zipping motion on my lip.

” Quiero dar un paseo” she said getting the words right with the correct intonation.

” you’re really something else ” I said smiling as I took another sip from the coffee.

” you’re not the first to say that ” she replied also smiling.

” are we not going to study ” she asked me after we’ve talked more than half hour.

” no tutoring for this session, I’m going to know more about my friend ” I said to her confidently.

” cool, and I must accolade you, you’re really cool like this as a friend than you’re, as a teacher ” she said and I bursted into laughter.

” I’m bringing my best friend next time ” she said arousing my interest.

” best friend ” I asked her with a tone connoting surprise.

” yeah, I’ve got a best friend , Tabitha, she’s my maid but she’s fun to hangout with

” I’m going to pester my dad to allow us use this study room for the tutoring instead of the first floor” she said also taking a sip from the coffee

” don’t think he’s going to accept because he stated it blatantly in the rules that, only the first floor is to be used ” I told her discouraging not to even try it.

” looks like you don’t know David Gina ” she said it like she’s describing someone else.

” oops, looks like the time is over for this session ” I gasped checking the time on my wrist.
In the rules, each day tutor was divided into three session, one hour for each, making it the total of three hours per day.
We can exhume more than that if we wish but that’s the stipulated time.
And ever since we’ve started the tutor, we’ve never use a full hour of each sessions as she’s always frustrating me with her leniency towards what I was teaching her.

” really ” she asked surprised.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” time tends to use rocket whenever you’re having fun ” she said with a dissatisfying tone.

” looks like the coffee is already frigid , hopes to have another one with you soon but not today, see you in the next session ” she said getting up from the small chair she was sitted on, and bluntly disappointing me.
I thought she’s not going to leave and pester for more of the conversation we’re having.
If she’d done this , then it means I’ve crossed the first hurdle of my mission.

I sighed standing up after some minutes she’s left me.
I suddenly found myself awkwardly smiling at myself as I sat on the chair I was sitting on , reminiscing on the conversation we just had.

I met Martha on the way to my room, cleaning the tiled floor even tho it wasn’t dirty with a vacuum cleaner.

” get me chicken and chips I ordered her before I made my way into my room.

Aminat’s call signalled on my phone as soon as I was in my room.

” is this girl a monitoring spirit ” I asked myself rhetorically as I picked her call.

” do you have a bug on me ” I asked her jokingly as I picked the call.

” bug ?.” She asked confusedly.

” yeah, I mean a tracker , that tracks me everyday ” I explained to her.

” hahaha ” she laughed hysterically

” you’re funny, I only set my alarm to ping me in the next one hour after you dropped the call earlier ” she added still laughing

” cool, I was just through with her ” I said to her as I picked my little Bluetooth headset and paired it with my phone, because I know the conversation was going to take long, like it’s been since three days ago.

” hope she didn’t stress you ” she asked with a tone of concern.

” yeah ” I said laying on the king size bed inside the room, and yawned like a a hungry cub.
I was sleepy, didn’t sleep throughout the previous night as I was trying hard to crack my skull and get the perfect way to complete all my mission that needs to be completed during the period of my stay inside the castle.
Missions like setting a bug and a micro camera inside the president sitting room and bedroom.
One of the key to getting my mission swiftly completed is by keeping a tab on the president and that can only be possible by gaining control on where he spend most of his time.
I knew the room might have installed in it, high alterant technical devices , in order to render impotent any form of tracking or listening devices placed inside it , but I’m working for a badarse organization with terrifying devices .
I already got the micro bug and camera with me , found a way to snoop it in , but the real problem lies with installing it in a room which security can be compared to White House own.

” that’s a big yawn , you feeling sleepy ” Aminat asked me, thinks she heard me yawn.

” no, just feeling tired ” I replied her but my mouth betrayed me as it enveloped into a big basket letting out another mouthful yawn.

” maybe it’s hunger ” she said helping me formulate another excuse for the yawn.

” yeah, looks like I need to refill my belly soon ” I said trying to sound funny.

” I think you need to do it soon, depending on the way you were keened on tearing your mouth with the way you yawned ” she replied me and I smiled.

” feel like coming over there today, heard from my dad that the president ain’t coming home today, they’ve got an important meeting with all the influential members of their party and it is happening in Lagos ” she added

” really ” I asked trying to hide my delightfulness towards the news.

” can you get me into the fifth floor tonight ” I asked Snap after successfully disconnecting the fool that was listening to my conversation.

” P1, you know it’s almost impossible, even if I successfully get you into the fifth floor, how are you going to get pass the securities you told me are always holding their stations there ” Snap replied me with a tone of concern.

” I understand your point Snap, but this is a long shot, the president isn’t around today, and I see it as a chance that’s not going to portray itself to me to install those stuffs in his room ” I said to him trying to get him to reason with me.

” yeah, but the risk is too much,but do you have a plan or you just want me to grant you access into the floor and you just fight your way into the room” he said and I tut loudly so he could hear it.

” you talk too much, here’s the plan, the David castle is getting its energy directly from the sun, the house got enough inverters that got immense energy in them , used in powering the house, there’s four backup generator to supply the castle with power automatically in case something happens to the inverters and it takes the generators 120 seconds to power on.
All you have to do is override the inverters, it will shut off, I would have been in the elevator before you override it, then you control the elevator from outside and get me to the fifth floor, everywhere will be in utmost darkness, so I will be having my night blister on, within 30 seconds , you must open the door of the sitting room so that I can install the devices, I already got my positions locked for it.
Then I’m out and you’re going to open the bedroom in 20 seconds, because I don’t have positions to place the device in it yet.
Gotta be through in 30 seconds, then the remaining seconds for my escape back to my flood and remember to deactivate all the CCTV inside the castle ” I took him through the details of the mission detailedly.

” you made it sounded so simple ” he said when I was finally through with my narration.

” yeah, it is if you eliminate your part perfectly and make sure you’re not beyond 50.54 meter to the perimeter of the gate, saw some guards surveying up to that area yesterday.

” this is not the time to care about me, you’re going into lion’s den, so care about yourself ” he said almost screaming at me.
I knew he’s very concerned about my safety, he’s always been since we’ve been working together.

” do you remember the Black copper mission ” I asked him to pacify his heart.
The black copper mission was more tedious than what I was about to get myself entangled in.

” yeah, how will I ever forget, when I almost lost my head and you, your life ” he replied me with a smile.

” but we did it, even when all odds were against us, and I was able to do it because you believed in me like I do in you, so just think this as a mini black copper mission and get your head straight.
We’re doing this tonight by 10 pm on tha dot, make no mistake and keep your headset fixed to your ear. ” I said to him in an ordering tone.

” yeah , roger that, and P1 , you’re the best agent out there, and I trust you’re getting this done without you getting a scratch. ” he said to motivate me.

” you’re funny, just make sure you converse with your wizard computer well, because they got us on this ” I said to him before dropping the call.

Tension tried to set in the remaining time which I used to get myself ready for the mission but I waived it away as I prepared myself for the mission.

Exactly 9pm, I called Martha, I asked her to get me a drink and a cup.
When she brought it, I poured myself a cup and gulped it down at a go, I also poured her a cup and asked her to drink it, which she did after trying to reject the offer but I pestered her to do it.
She couldn’t get to her room before she fell down.
I had to carry her to my room.
In my finger nail was some sedative powder which I got some of it into the drink I gave her when I was pouring it.

Exactly by 9:55 pm, I was in all black, with a black mask on my face and my timer on my wrist and my black night blister glasses on my face.

” already in place ” Snap informed me by 9:58 , I was already in front of the elevator in my floor by then.

” roger that, start the countdown exactly 9:59 ” I ordered him as I clicked on the elevator button and it opened.
I entered in to the elevator without clicking on the floor I was going.

” 60, 59, 58, 57, 56,… 20, 19, 18, 17, 16,… 5, 4, 3, 2, now ” Snap ordered and everywhere became dark.
I heard the elevator door close, I listened attentively to know when it’s going to open.
It opened after three seconds and I found out that only few securities were left on the floor, half of the numbers that were suppose to be there.
But they all had phones in their hands with it flashlight on.
The two securities that were always stationed beside the elevator weren’t there.
There was little commotion inside the fifth floor by the securities , which I was sure was caused by the blackout and the absence of the president.
This was in my favour as they failed to notice me.

” hibernate all the phones ” I whispered to Snap and boom, all the phones went off.
And this caused much commotion.
I swiftly located my way through the walkway, to the sitting room.

” push the door ” Snap told me and I did.
The door opened and I smiled as I entered.
I swiftly place the devices in the discreet places I’ve got locked in one of my invitation to the sitting room.

” done , now the bedroom ” I told Snap as I exited the sitting room.

” roger that, working on the bedroom door ” he told me as I heard some beeping sounds from his side.

He used 18 seconds to open the bedroom door instead of the 20 seconds I stipulated for it.

I swiftly located discreet positions to install the devices and when I was through I decided to exit the room but found out the door was locked.

” Snap, the door is locked ” I swiftly informed Snap.

” I don’t know what is happening but I suddenly lost control of it, hang in there a second .” he said to me with a shaky voice.

” be fast, we are losing time ” I said to him in a whisper.

” your hands where I can see them , move and get shot ” I heard someone scream at Snap on the headset fixed on my ear.

” What’s happening Snap ” I asked him trying not to believe what I heard.

” We’re f----d ” I heard Snap said before I heard a screeching sound depicting that I’ve lost connection with him.
I checked the timer on my wrist and found out that it was remaining only two seconds.

” shit ” I exclaimed as everywhere got lit as the backup generator came on and an alarm tone blasted the building.
I quickly survey the room to see if there’s somewhere to hide but there was none.
I heard beeping and robotic tone outside depicting that someone was opening the door.
And I could tell that their were many guards with guns in their hands with the person that was opening the door.

” told you I was going to get you ” the person said to me as soon as the door was opened with many guns pointing at me.

” now take off your mask ” the person order pulling the trigger of the pistol in his hand.

To be continue…

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