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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter13


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter13

Theme: Weeping Love



Years back

I was scared as I began to panic, when I screamed for help and receive none tho I knew I shouldn’t have called for help, I removed the mask which was slightly above her face from her head, I placed my hand on her chest as I applied feeble force to it but she wasn’t waking up.

I remembered one of our conversation a day ago,when she told me about how to revive someone who’s about to die by passage of oxygen with mouth.
I decided to try it as I lowered my lips on hers ,I blew air into her mouth with my eye closed tho I didn’t know why I close my eye, after filling her lungs with air from my lungs, she coughed back to life startling me as I almost jumped down from her bed.

” what happened “? She asked weakly looking at me.

” I think you almost died but I think I save you ” I replied her boastfully.

” thank you ” she said weakly and I was kind of mesmerized by this.
She doesn’t appreciate my help at first sight, she always postpone the appreciation by mocking or teasing me first,so it was kind of odd having her appreciating my effort.

” I think you should continued been sick ” I said laughing.

” you want me to die right, so that you can have this room to yourself ” she said humorously but in a weak tone and I smile.

” how are you feeling now ” I asked looking concerned.

” I think I’m going to live ” she said smiling, she placed her head on my lap and held my hand tightly in between hers.

” you know you have to be strong before tomorrow ” I said to her trying to sound less scary.

I wasn’t sure if there was a paracetamol inside the bunker not to talk of first aid kit.

Since we’ve been there, what I’ve been trying, which I was sure the other breathing kids were also trying, is to stay healthy till we are through with our training.

No one will try to lose to sickness, not after seeing how the kid who complained, many days ago that he’s down with severe headache.

His head came down with the headache that day as his head was blown off by Miss bull eye.

” we don’t rear weaklings here ” she had said to us and since then, even ordinary cough became my enemy.

Precious must have been feeling the symptoms of bowing to sickness for some days and must have tried her best in keeping it at bay.

” I know with you by my side,I can become more stronger than I was before ” she said holding my hand tightly and she slept off.

I was confused at her last statement and stared at her face as she sleep as if the puzzle was solved on it.

I suddenly find myself smiling as I watch her sleep, she was very beautiful, her small nose, small pink lip, the dimples that seemed to be permanent on the two side of her cheek, her full natural eye lashes, her neatly braided hair, the gentle rising and falling of her chest as she breath all added to her cuteness.

The memories of how I just revived her by placing my lips on hers came flooding back and I placed my index right finger on my lip as I roamed it on it as if her lip got glued on it..

I pecked her on her head as I helped her in putting her mask on.
I woke up to see precious looking at me, her two elbows were on the bed ,supporting her hand which she used in supporting her head which she placed in between her palm.

I rub my eye with the back of my hand to clear my eye..
” Precious ” I exclaimed as I raised my body up from the bed and swiftly hugged her.

” so you can call my name after pushing me away from my bed, a sick person at that ” she said humorously as she made feeble attempt to release herself from me but I released her laughing.

All I remembered was staring at her, as her head laid on my lap.

” I did that because I didn’t want you to die,knew you’ll get okay by doing that ” I lied trying to avoid her tongue lashing which she’s really good at.

” wow, Mr helper, I think you like me so much that you’re ready to die just to let me live, Shebi it’s also part of the reviving scheme ” she said laughing wildly,and I watched her tongue roll front and back in her mouth as I tried to place a meaning to what she said.
Tho she’s right, I can lay my life down for her ,I know she can also do the same for me, she’s already done it twice.

” what do you mean ” ? I asked swallowing my pride when I couldn’t sort it out.

” you really want to know ” she asked as she bursted into another round of laughter.

” I really like that sick version of you ” I said in a low tone tho I knew she heard.

” what did you say ” she asked staring at me with her large marble coloured eyeball.

” I was just greeting you ” I said smiling.

” better, or else I would have , I would have ,don’t even let me tell you what I will do to you before you will urinate on your pant like you did when we just arrived ” she said diving into another stream of laughter.

” tell me nah, stop moc ” I pleaded.
I wasn’t able to finish my sentence when we heard the foot steps of the Goat.

The goat is in charge of banging the doors every time it’s time for training.

Precious nicknamed him Goat because of how he always shout every time he’s come to wake us up..

Precious likened his voice to bleating and that was how he got his nickname.

She suddenly kissed me, a short kiss which was just like a Peck to the lip, it was too sudden as I suddenly entered standby mode at once, she draped my mask which was just worn on my head, down my face as she jumped to my bed, threw my bed cover over herself as she pretend to be asleep, just then the door opened and Goat entered.

That was her saving my ass again, punishment to disobedience of any rules is death not excluding the removal of our mask.

Two kids has been killed when they’re caught in the act.

” kiddo ” wake your partner and get your little asses to the training ground.

Goat said at the top of his voice before he left but suddenly came back.

” something is wrong ” he suddenly said and my heart skipped a beat.

” is that not your bed over there ” he said pointing to my bed which Precious was occupying and I shook my head in a manner which I don’t know if I was saying yes or no.

” but why are you here ” he asked looking perplexed.

” I haven’t broken any rules by being here ” I said sternly and he smirked as he stared at me with a look that says ” I know what you’re doing ” before he left.

Precious started laughing again as she rose from the bed ,I didn’t say anything to her as I stood up and head outside .

” you’re welcome ” she screamed at my back and I smiled.

” how was your rest ” Miss bull eye asked as she always do everyday before we start training.
She stood at her usual spot, on a podium which we always gather round it to listen to what she got to say.

Our training room was large, and it wasn’t cover with cement or any form of marble, it’s always decorated to compliment the form of training we’re having, sometimes, it’s a forest, sometimes a hill, sometimes, flowing stream.

How they always do this still remained an unsolved mystery to us.

But I knew some of the secret lies in a special glasses they always give us to wear before we enter into the room.

The glass always fail to comes off until we’re out of the room, another unsolved mystery.

” it was casual ” we replied her as we always do in unison.

” good, today’s mission is an easy one but the last person to get it done is going to die ” she said sounding dreadful just as much as the mission sounds dreadful even after we haven’t been told what it was about yet.

” turn ” she ordered us and we all turned, I was surprised to see many chairs at our back.

It was well arranged in 4 in a roll pattern.

They weren’t there some minutes ago.

” we’re testing your physical instinct for survival today ” she said as she got off the podium walking towards us.

” now you’re going to put into practice the training you’ve been receiving about die minute escape.
Die minute escape is just a lecture like training we’ve been taking for some weeks which we’re been thought different method of escaping from traps, handcuffs etc.

I hate the training because it was kind of boring.

” now select a chair and sit on it ” she ordered us all as we all walked to the chair.

Precious was two roles in front of me.

As we sat down, ropes suddenly appeared on our legs and tied it to the legs of the chairs.

” now place your hands at the back of the chair ” she ordered us and we followed her command, and it was also tied by an invisible rope which became visible when our hands were already tied.

” the last person to walk out through that door is dead ” she said plainly as she exit the room.
We all started struggling to get ourselves out of the ropes.

It wasn’t up to five minutes when Precious stood up from her chair, she’s gotten it off herself in just few minutes.

I was proud of her.

She looked at me with a eye that depict that she wanted to help me but she couldn’t because the room was well laced with some cameras recording all that’s happening in the room.

She made the you can do it sign to me as she exit the room.

2 hours later.
The room was already empty ,all the kids were through with the challenge except me and another boy who sat three roles in front of me.

I was really having it hard ,I couldn’t get my little hands out of the rope, tension dwelled on me like an eagle, my heart beat increased every seconds.

I was sweating profusely as the fear of losing out clamped me between of its laps.

I won’t be able to see Precious again, her bossy act, her cute face, her courageous heart, I was going to lose all, I suddenly felt my tension easing as I thought about her.

” it’s out ” I screamed excitedly as my hands got freed from the rope.
The boy who was with me turned to look at me with a piteous countenance.

I quickly unknot the rope used in tying my leg and stood up from the chair, the rope disappeared by itself, but I wasn’t surprised by that.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I walked majestically towards the door.

I suddenly felt someone grabbed me ,wrapping his elbow around my neck as he choked me.

” I’m not going down today ” the boy said as he applied more force to his elbow and we both fell to the ground.

His legs were wrapped around my waist and his elbow around my neck, his second hand held my head tightly in order to keep me at bay.

I struggled relentlessly to free myself but couldn’t.

I could feel the last ounce of live in me trying to escape my body and I shut my eye as my legs dangled on the ground freely.

” you’re going to die you lazy ugly bumpkin ” I suddenly heard Precious screamed at me from far away, it sounded like an echo .

I opened my eye coughing vigorously as I held my neck.

My neck was free, which kind of surprise me.

I quickly glance through the room and saw the boy, he was close to the door but I think my sudden cough withdrew his attention as he stood transfixed at the spot he was standing looking at me with a surprise expression.

I stood up glaring at him with a bloodshot eye.

He held his ground as he readied himself to attack me and I also did.

I swiftly ran towards him and he also ran towards me,as I was about to get to him, I propelled myself up and speared him down with my head.

His head hit the ground as he fell down and I saw blood gushing out of it.

Not minding the blood or how pitiable he looked, I sat atop him,removed his mask as I started punching him on his face.

I punched his face till it became puffy with blood laced on every corners of it.

I hit him till my fist became numb due to pain.

After I was sure I’ve satisfied my urge to murder his already dead body, I fell to his side panting.
My first kill at age 12 and it felt awfully awesome at first.

I staggered out of the room and I saw miss bull eye and some of our trainers at the entrance of the door smiling at me.

” that was good kid ” she said smiling as she pat my shoulder.
” you made me proud kiddo ” wtf, I know that voice, only one person calls me kiddo and that’s Goat.

I smile as I stared at him.

” go and take your bath ” miss bull eye said to me in a tone which depict she was proud of me.

After every day’s training, we always take our bath, before we resume to our room.

I took my bath ,washing off the boy’s dried blood that clung tightly on my fist.

I was sure Precious was going to laugh her intestine out and tease me like she always do because I was the last to get out of the room...
I wish she saw what I passed through to make it out alive.

I was already ready for her teasing as I opened the door of our room.

I saw her sitting on my bed, tears on her eye, she startling stood up as she saw me and fell to my embrace as she closed the door.

She stared directly into my eyeball and I also stared into hers.

She looked like she’s been crying as her eyelid harboured some liquid.

Still lost in my thought as I was staring at her, she brought her face closer to mine and kissed me.

After she’s disengage the kiss, she moved closer to her bed, took her bedsheet and tore it.

” now,I’m going to teach you how to free yourself when tied down again, maybe in another challenge or in future when you’re in a mess ” she said sternly as she held the rope.

He became angry as he brought out the gun and placed it on my head as he pulled the trigger.

To be continue…
” and where do you think you’re going ” I heard Kingsley asked pointing his gun at Ben

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