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Bane's Blade-Synopsis


Bane's Blade-Synopsis

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

She is a quiet and mysterious girl, found in a dumpster and raised all her life to do just three things; kill, conquer and destroy. She is forced to be a humanoid, forced to operate like a robot. Deep down she wishes to be different, deep down she wishes to be normal but as a girl who have been raised to believe she is a machine, a metal that can neither bend or break, a statue that do not bleed, she cannot override her system programming. She is the edge of death's sword, the dark spirit of the night; she is Bane's Blade.
Things can be like it will never change, things can have one look but only needs one thing or person to change everything completely. She learns how to love, how to feel, how to speak outside command when she meets the new dark but better conscience bad ass girl, a crazy rebel that helps her be her in a sort of way and escaped to somewhere both could live somehow normal. She meets people she never knew she would meet, grew feelings she never thought existed.

But, can a killer escape her fate? Can one who is meant and groomed to destroy change? What happens when her past comes running back to her? What happens when the blade is called?
Find out in this interesting story.

Genre: action, romance.

Location: Korea/USE (for the first part)

He runs in the night as fast as the wind, the rain washing off the blood running down his injured leg and hiding his trail. He hides inside a heap of trash in the dump yard, it smelt bad, really bad but he has to endure it for his life. His strength was running out, he needed to stop what he was doing but if he doesn't, who will? A figure runs into the yard with an umbrella over it head. It was a woman, a tall woman wearing a hood over her blonde hair. She knelt down at the heap he hid, loud sobs leaving her mouth as she cried silently.

'I'm so sorry my child,' she sobbed dropping a wrapped up load on the ground. 'I cannot care for you again, your father is dead, your mother's sentence have been finalized and the insult on me for harboring the daughter of a deadly assassin like her is too much. I know she is dangerous and a killing machine but she has the heart of gold, she is the nicest woman I've ever met and that is worth the risk but I have a life to live, I must start afresh. Forgive me if I didn't stand for you the way she did when I had no one but I must move on. Please forgive me.' She stood up and ran off with the speed of lightning so she won't have second thoughts.

He came out of the heaps and picked up the wrapped item, he unwrapped it and gasped; it was a beautiful baby girl. She looked Korean, not more than a week old.
 With series of ideas flooding his head, he looks down at the birth of his progress...

'Cyraila, Bane's Blade.'

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