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Bane's Blade-Chapter Two


Bane's Blade-Chapter Two

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I grunted out in pain as it fist met my face, I staggered back wheezing for breath. She was there staring at me, her bright gray eyes staring glowing through her mask. The stupid robot I was fighting with attack again, I jumped back, avoiding his fist that can kill me if one more punch touches me.

'Never underestimate your opponent,' she said calmly, slowly standing up. 'Robot seize.' He froze.

'It's not like you can do better,' I scoffed.

'You look down on me like I am just a child,' she walked to my front. 'You wanna see how strong my strength is? Robot, fight me.' The robot quickly threw a punch, she caught his fist and with a swift move, the robot was crashing on the wall 20ft away and shattering to bits.

'Wow,' I breathe.

'Next, you balance.'

'What is your name?'

'Follow me,' she turned around like the bot she is and walked off. I followed her.

'You know, even as a robot, Sava is much more fun to talk to.' She halted, her fingers twitched.

'I am not meant to be like Sava, her programming is different from mine. I do not speak when not asked to, I only say what I'm told to.'

'Sava was programmed to assist, Jane said so herself but Sava overrode her commands. You just did too,' I smirked. She looked at me confusedly.

'I did?'

'Your commands was to teach not speak, you have spoken more than you ought to. Don't you think that means you are capable of being normal too? Like fun and free like Sava?'

'I do not wish for such glitch, walk.' I walked ahead of her.

'So how old are you? Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be human? What normal means? What they think of, how they eat.....don't you eat? Sava do, she has E-stomach....'

'Humans are weakling who bleeds, they are all useless and must be taught a lesson when needed,' she said icily.

'Do you bleed?'

'I do not have the liquid virus to. I run on oil and metal.'

'Why are you so sure you don't bleed?' I asked licking the blood on my lips.

'Because I have never bled,'

'Did you try to bleed?'

'I don't let myself get hurt, why should I?'

'The more I talk to you, the more I'm convince that you are human.' We walked into the clinic, Sava was playing with a cat.

'Hello fellow robot Sava,'

'Bane,' she bowed. 'You are hurt Sting.'

'Please don't call me that,' I groaned sitting on the pink bed. 'Sava, is Bane a robot?'

'I cannot answer that,'

'Bane, do you eat, digest and poop waste product like humans do?'

'Yes, why?'

'Can you at least try to hurt yourself?'

'I am not allowed to hurt myself, it is against my programming.'

'You weren't suppose to talk either,' I rolled my eyes. 'Just treat me already.'

'Okay,' Sava murmured. Bane walked out. 'She's human,' Sava whispered.


'Her real name is Cyraila, she is human. She was just a tiny baby when Alpha brought her home and had Dr. Jane work on her, she have been tampered with too much and that is why she behaves and acts like a toy.' I could see her spying, I smirked.

'Have she started her flower?'

'Two months ago.' That must have elicit her curiosity.

'Have she ever opened her face?'
'She's made to believe she can never.'

'Android don't have a heart that beats, android don't bleed, android don't sweat or poo. Android don't feel, android don't override commands.' I said like she wasn't listening, she turned and left.

'She was listening,' Sava said.
'You knew?'

'I hate the way she is forced to live,' Sava said sadly. 'Bane is a girl with a good heart, like gold, so pure and bright but Alpha wishes to conquer that light, to break her humanity. I am a machine but I live better than her, I wish she can know who she is.'

'I will make that happen,' I vowed.

Who am I? Am I really a machine? Lyiris is right, I ought not to bleed but I started bleeding two months ago. I have a heart, it beats but father said Jane made it for me to look more human. I sweat, I feel sad and weird. I ought not to feel pain. I've always felt so unsure, why can't my mind access computers like others? Why don't I have installed weaponry? Who is Cyraila?

'I've contacted a virus,' I murmured touching my aching head. Pain again. I walked to father's study, I was about walking in when I heard him speak.

'....just inject her with it, I want her to be stronger.'

'You are overstressing her physical and mental powers. This chemical is yet to be perfected, using it might crash her mental system. She's a natural psychic, straining that ability is too much for a mare human to handle.' Dr. Jane's voice said calmly. Me?

'I don't care, just inject her when it's perfected.'

'You'll kill her Xianwang!' She yelled slamming her hands on the table.

'You don't raise your voice at me!' He shouted.

'We founded this place together so I have rights! You are nothing without me so shut up and listen! You don't expect me to kill the only person whose gene can hold my final experiment, I won't do that. Instead, I will advice you make sure her psychokinesis part is exploited naturally, not my force.'

'That is....'

'Have you forgotten what our investigation proved? Who her mother was?! We can't do that with so much....'


'Always have it in mind that she is human, we all have limits.' I turned and ran back to Lyiris. She was staring at the ceiling of the ward.

'Got your answers,' she smirked.
'What I feel now, the tightness in my chest...?'

'Pain, betrayal, bitterness.'

'I had a mother, they used was.'
'What do you intend to do?'
'Nothing, I train you but will you teach me to be human? To be more girly? With time I will think of what to do.'

'As you wish,' she was so nonchalant, is that how humans are? I am human, all the twelve years of my life have been a lie.


I rest on the wall of the roof side at a high building, I chewed my gum relaxedly waiting for her orders. These three years haven't been easy neither have it been boring. I worked with Cyraila as an assistant, damn! Watching her work isn't easy, she's heartless when it comes to killing. I was more skilled at shooting, I never knew so until she taught me how to.

'Ivy,' she called the name her father gave me. I prepared my 6.5 Gretel ammon and point it at my prey. 'Are you ready?' I fired the bullet.

'Done,' I smirked. I watched as the confuse people murmured wondering what happened. I fired at three more people, setting a panic. I quickly cased my gun, flung it over my shoulder and walked out of the building. I cat walked into the stampede, my hood over my head and mask on.
'Are you alright Bane?'

'Fine,' I flinched when her voice came from behind me. Gosh! She's single scary and quick.

'You already have it?' She bounced the backpack on her back, her mask was still on. 'How did you get it so fast? You work like a ghost.'

'You should be use to my moves by now Lyiris Shindler,' she walked to our sports tourer bikes, mine was black and hers gray. I hooked my case well and wore my helmet.
 'Sava have successfully forged the IDs and biographies for us already,' she said wearing hers. I climbed on my bike and started it. 'All we need do is the final part.'

'When?' We drove off at high speed.

'Next week. Father will be giving me a dangerous mission to invade the heart of his enemy tower to kill his daughter. Jane already have it all worked out, Sava and Jane that is. She will inform the man anonymously and advice a bomb is planted to kill me, us.'

'That is how we will fake our death?' She nodded. 'And the bodies?'

'Dr. Jane have that covered already,' Sava and Dr. Jane was helping us escape. Sava, because she's nice and Jane because she feels alpha is becoming a mad man, power is getting into his head. Jane was sick, bound to die soon and that was why she was helping us escape. The chemical would be destroyed along with the formula of making it, Connor's memories were already deleted. It was a risk I spent one year convincing Cyraila who I call Cyrai to do. She still found it difficult to override her commands, it is in her. 'I still don't feel like....'

'Oh please Cyrai, don't do that.' I huffed. She said nothing, we drove into the forest where our hideout was, we were in Germany.

'We return back to USE tomorrow, we need to get thing done.' We drove into the tree and parked our bikes. I removed my helmet and climbed down, taking my mask off.

'Sava set herself to selfdestruct after she hands us her memory file, are you sure you want to go to Korea?'

'I believe that you, Lyiris Shindler chose that country yourself,' she said coldly.

'If we are going to try this normal thing, lose the bot tone tin can.' I said jokingly. She chuckled faintly, she never laughs and rarely chuckle or cackle. I still haven't seen her face but I know she's beautiful. 'And please, it's Iris for short.' She named me Lyiris Shindler.

'We better get some rest, I need to meditate.' I nodded and walked to the room we shared, took my bath and changed my cloths before going to look for her. She was outside the tree, hanging down a branch with eyes closed and hair falling down because of her upsidedown position. I love it when she meditates; twigs, stones, branches, leaves and many others were floating in air.

'Cyraila, why are you worried?' Her eyes opened sharply, the things floating dropping to the ground.

'Hello friend Lyiris Shindler, what may I do for you?'

'You are worried, why? Disobeying orders?'

'Living like human,' she jumped down. 'I might be one but I no longer am. Normal humans don't possess the abilities I do and I know that when the time comes, the consequences will be dear. My system have been tampered with more than anyone else's under Alpha, all because of some selfish people that decide to play God. Will I ever be normal? Can I be normal?'

'The you now is different from the you I knew three years ago so I know you will change with more time and socializing.'

'Won't I be seen as socially awkward? Even to you I am.'

'And what? I so not fit human standard, that is why I must....'
'Cyraila you are not a machine!' I yelled angrily. 'Stop convincing yourself that you are for fuck sake!' I inhaled and smiled. 'You'll be fine.'

'My calculations says we would be founded out after three years, what do we do then?'

'When that time comes sis, we will cross that bridge.'

'Those who are always prepared escapes the deadliest snare.'
'And those that plan their daily life too regularly and try to play fate will get ruined. Let fate lead the way.'

'But that is only a figurative word, why should I depend on a word based on.....'

'Please,' I sighed. It's going to be harder playing the role of her big sister, she barely listens.

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