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Bane's Blade-Chapter Three


Bane's Blade-Chapter Three

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I walked behind Cyrai as she led the way to her father's office, the glorified Alpha. My head was calculating the plan, how I would try to make her better, a different girl without having anyone suspect us. She pushed the door to his office open, the loud laughter of females blaring into my ears immediately. I twisted my nose and followed her in, the stench of alcohol and sex oozing into my nose. The laughter died down immediately they all saw us.

'My devil, you are back!' He exclaimed. Cyrai tilted her head, the ladies all scurried out immediately in complete panic.
 Except one, she was sitting there with him like she didn't know who was standing in front of her. 'I saw the news, you did an excellent job once again dear.' He said grinningly, he had replaced all his teeth with golden ones, creep.

'I do not feel comfortable talking with a woman beside you, please ask her to leave.' Cyrai said like the computer she believe she is.

'Why should I leave? Have you forgotten I'm going to be your stepmother soon,' she smirked, her annoying eyes filled with pride.

'You watch as your soon to be husband sleeps with other girls in your present?' I asked scoffingly. She smiled.

'What would you have me do,' she purred. 'As long as I am the wife, everything is in place, right babe?' She kissed his ear, a silly smile crawled up his lips.


'Ivy,' I corrected. 'Poison Ivy.'
'Whatever, you and Bane must show her some respect because she is going to be the new Luna soon.'.

'This is not a wolf pack,' I said derisively. 'So what if she's gonna be a Luna trash.'

'Ivy, use your words wisely, I can have you executed if I may.' The stupid woman said pompously.

'Oh,' Cyrai said with an evil voice. 'So you can give me orders?' She asked striding dangerously to her. The woman's eyes flashed with fear as she held him tight.

'Alpha, do something!' She panicked.

'Bane, stand down!' He shouted. She froze and bowed, her hands clenched into a fist. 'Now get out, both of you.' He spat venomously.
'My apologies father,'

'Stupid fuck face assholes,' I hissed and stomped out. Cyraila followed me, her steps which never made a sound was louder than the usual; she was upset. I walked to the training room, she needed to cool of. 'Come on,' I said picking up the boxing pad.


'You are upset, channel your anger here.'

'I do not feel anger, why should I be angry?'

'First of all, I said upset. Second of all, shut up and punch this fucking pad.'

'I punch that with you holding it and you die,' did she just attempt a joke? I chuckled and flung the pad away. 'I'm not upset, just feel weird.'

'You feel like he's betraying your mother, the mother you don't know. Plus, she's super annoying with her shitty character so that is enough reason to be upset.'

'She dared me,'

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'So what are you going to do about it?' She turned like a soldier and walked out, I followed her out, she lead me to the garage for cars in making.

'Hello Mr. Lambert, I'm looking for something, can you be of assistant?' She asked like a computer, just imagine her talking like a computer girl.

'What can I do for you Bane?'

'Is there any car you are not using?' He pointed to a car hanging down the ceiling. Cyrai nodded and walked to the car.
'Sometimes when I feel this burning desire to kill, I do this...' She punched the bonnet of the car, the engine flew out of the other side immediately. 'I think of why I feel so bad, so blood tasty....' She poured all her anger on the car, punched the car out of order. When she was done, she was panting and sweating, her hair scattered allover her masked face.
'I don't even know my mother,'
she said shakily. 'And that...that...that...'

'Let it out babe, curse.'

'That unfortunate useless godforsaken bitch! That whore wants to make my uncomfortable life more miserable! I hate her! I want to shove my hand into her stupid soft heart! I want to rip it out and watch her eyes widened with dreadful horror....' I went to and enfolded her in a warm bear hug. 'I so fucking hate this feeling.'

'You will be fine, just ignore her or let's poison her.' She chuckled, wrapping her arms around my waist.

'Thank you,'

'You're always welcome,' I pulled away from the hug. 'Let's go have ice cream cake,' she nodded and walked ahead. We went to the cafeteria, got our ice cream cake and went to her coven, a room completely painted black. Her bed and furniture were gray, the window frame too. 'So,' I said pointing my spoon at her face. 'When are you taking that off?'
'When I become normal,' I looked at my own mask on the bed, I hate wearing it but it will help hide my identity.

'I love this cake!
'I'm going to kill her,' Cyrai hissed standing up to her feet.

'Cyraila, don't.'

'Stay here,' she walked out, her demon was out so I knew I couldn't stop her. I followed her after wearing my mask to the weird place she was going to, one I've never been to. She opened the door, the smell of too much sweet perfume filling my nose. I stopped at the door and watched her go to the lady on the bed. 'You are not suppose to be in his room.'

'I can be anywhere I want,'

'I really hate you.'

'Stop feeling like he's your father, you were adopted, picked out of a trash yard....' I dropped my folded arms with mouth open. 'You are not his daughter you worthless toy, you were abandoned and picked up. After I marry him, I will give him real children, not abandoned.....' Her eyes widened, her hands flying to her throat immediately. Her body was shaking, badly.

'Bane don't use that, stop.' I tried to stop her but her demon was in control. She walked to the Lady who was still struggling for breath and with one twist, snapped her neck out of her body. I staggered back, my throat closing up at the horrible sight.

'Bitch,' she threw the head away, turned around and walked back to me, her body stained with blood. 'I killed her,' she said guiltlessly. She walked out on me, a word not being uttered. Gosh, I have to deal with her.

'I gave you an order not to kill her but you disobeyed! You disobeyed me!' Father roared as he smashed the vases one after the other with a baseball bat. All I was thinking about was the fact that I might be adopted, who then are my parents and why am I here? Did I really get thrown away? Did they hate me? Who am I? 'I'm talking to you!!!'

'I apologise for my disobedient father, it shall not repeat itself.' I stood up.

'And where are you going?'

'To prepare for the next mission,' I walked out on him, my chest was hurting, why do I feel so much pain? I do not want to stay anymore. I walked to Dr. Jane, she was in her laboratory. 'Hello doctor, how is your health?' She looked at me over her shoulder, her red puffy eyes filled with pain.

'Hanging on, I have two days left to live.' She threw nine blueprints into the burning blue flame.

'What are you doing?'

'Getting rid of my work, the work that have ruined so many lives. I hope that giving you a normal life will appease my spirit,' she threw some files in. 'I hope you will be happy.'

'Who are my parents? Biological?'
'Ah,' she smiled warmly. 'The question I have been waiting for.'

'You know them?'

'Yes,' she turned around. '
 I won't tell you who they are because if you know who they are, you will know about what killed them and that will bring out the red side I buried inside of you years ago.' I remembered the red side, it was horrible, I could never control myself. I still acted on it like I did earlier but that was only a minor display compare to the real one.

'Did they abandon me? Did I get tossed away? Did they hate me?' I asked sadly.

'Your father died before you were born and as for your mother, she only got to spend an hour with you.'

'Why? Did she die then?' Dr. Jane chuckled and leaned her entire weight on the table.

'Do you trust me?' I looked into her red agony eyes and nodded.
'Then never find out who your parents are or how they died, for the sake of the world, for what the result will turn you into. Cyraila,' she stretched her hand to me, I took her hand delicately. 'Humans are cruel, selfish and filled with wickedness and greed but you should never let that cloud your better judgment. Always remember that out of every evil, there is good, there is love, happiness, peace. selflessness, hope, humility, goodness. Always look towards those good sides and never let it change the goodness you will later grow. Promise me you will never change, promise me that if you later find out about it, you won't let it change you.'

'I cannot fully promise but I will try,'

'Good, now go.'

'I will miss you Dr. Jane Louis, you will forever be stored in my data core.'

'You are not a robot,' I smiled and removed my hands gently. I walked out to see Sava, time to execute the plan.

Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel.


I huffed as I hit the stupid alarm clock in frustration, stupid thing won't turn off like I want it to. I covered my head with the pillow, groaning and whimpering. Cyraila made the clock. I sat up, it turned off immediately. Yes! I fell back on the bed but it rang again.

'I hate you Cyrai!'

'I heard that!' She shouted from the kitchen obviously, she's always there since she is the only one who can cook. When I tried the cooking thing after we moved to Seoul three years ago, I burnt our first apartment to the ground, almost killed ten neighbors. Since then, she took up the cooking and house chores duty. 'Stand up Lyiris Shindler, you will be late for your daily activities!'

Okay, she lost the computer tone a little but still acted like a robot, in a very creepy way. I was use to it but others, not quite. Many were scared of and creep out by her, but intimated by me; perfect match. She still didn't smile, chuckle few times but laugh, tsk tsk. I haven't even heard her giggle or laugh shortly, at least few times, she smirked and smiled lopsidedly like a creep. Although the smile looks more of a lopsided sneer but okay.

I dragged myself out of bed, the ringing stopped. I walked to the bathroom, bathing sucks but I have to bathe because she won't let me be, she's like an annoying mother. I brushed my teeth, thinking of what I would do at work. I work in disc store as the sales girl. We sell music discs, videogames, movies, etc. Since the name is Disc n Set, we also sell electronics like phones, MP3 players, headphones, tablet etc. Cyrai work as the receptionist for a weird store like that, he's a cute man so ladies kept swamping in but with her face, they stopped coming.

After bathing, I dressed up like the crazy gangster I look like and skipped downstairs. She already had my food prepared, she was mowing the lawn outside. I ate up quick, she joined me, she only eat twice a day and morning isn't one of them. I locked the door and strolled to the bus stop with her.

'Three months, two weeks, three days and five hours. That is how long we have to be discovered.'

'You don't always have to remind me,'

'We are yet to conclude on a plan Lyiris....'

'Iris, you don't always have to call my full name.'

'Excuse me,' a woman smiled. 'Can you carry my baby for a while? I need to adjust my.....something.' She pleaded stressing her baby to Cyrai.

'Baby tend to give too much compassion and feelings, I do not need such emotions in my life.
Please take your ticking time bomb of emotions and poop away from me.'

'I'm sorry,' I apologize taking the baby. The woman was uncomfortable but I smiled assuredly at her. She looked away and went to do her thing. 'You need to learn to be nice Cyraila.'

'Am I not nice enough?' She tilted her head, her robot mode was on.
I smiled and pinched her cute face. 'Lyiris Shindler is making my heart leap again, what do I do about the new emotion?'

'It's old sweetie, try smiling,' I grinned extending her lips with my finger. She bit my index finger and looked away, she will smile soon
To be continued.

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