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Bane's Blade-Chapter One


Bane's Blade-Chapter One

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I scowled at every eyes that met mine, my hands were tied behind my back with chains, I was sold by my parents to a stupid woman. The woman who bought me tried to take me but I beat the life out of her, well not beat beat, just beat up her girls. They successfully bundled me up, forced me into a plane and here I am, being led to where I don't know. The woman pushed me into a room, a man sitting in the midst of tittering naked ladies and smoking.

'Alpha,' she bowed trying to bend my head down to bow too but I slammed the back of my head on her face. She reeled back, a groan escaping her mouth.

'Is this the new girl?'

'Yes, she's really stubborn and reckless, her parents sold her for as cheap as a tiny piece of onyx and bags of rice and beans. She's good at kickboxing, really good at it....' She groaned rubbing her broken nose.

'Interesting, what damage did she cause you?'

'Four level nine girls down, a shifted kneecap, broken nose and burst lips for me.'

'So you are trying to say this small girl beat up you and my highly trained girls?'

'Yes sir,' she said sadly.

'Have she eaten?'

'She refused to eat since we got her,'



'Interesting. She looks bigger than the age we were informed of, is she really her age?' The woman nodded. 'Take her to Jane, tell her go give her chemical 5....'

'Chemical five sir!' The woman exclaimed, he arched a brow at her. 'I mean, we don't know if she can handle the... '

'You do not question my orders woman, you do as I say. This is the first time I'm having a girl who is strong as she already.'

'She's not that strong,'

'Yet she bruised you,' he sneered. She scoffed and looked away.
'Take her now, I don't have strength to argue.' She bowed again and pulled me out by my hair, the stone faced girls I saw on the way was alarming. In some rooms, girls were being taught how to operate computers, some in obstacle courses, some using human as target practice etc. I knew then that I was bought to kill not to be killed.

She pushed me into a white room, three people in white chattering.
One was female, she smiled at me.

'This is the new girl, the Alpha said to give her chemical 5. Be careful with her, she bites. Squad 16 needs treatment, please attend to them.'

'Thank you Kate, I'll takeover from here.' The woman untied me, also removed the electric collar around my neck and arm. She hit my head before she stumped out, isn't her kneecap hurting?

'Why am I here?'

'What is your name? You don't need to be afraid or angry, I won't bite. What is your name?'


'How old are you?' She asked walking to a set of black curtains.

'You don't look your age.'

'I get that a lot,' I smirked. We got behind the curtains, a really nice room with high tech robotics and gadgets. There was a pink bed in the room, a green and white female robot with hips working on something. Wow.

'Welcome Dr. Jane,' she greeted.
'Sava, where's Connor?'

'In sleep mode,' she said smilingly.

'I didn't know robots could smile,' I said in awe.

'I overrode my programming, who is this?'

'The new girl, Raila. Rai, this is Sava, assistant robot.'

'That's amazing, she's beautiful.'
'No one have ever told me that before,' she said sheepishly. 'Thank you.'

'Yeah,' I sat down on the bed. 'I'm here to be a killer, right?'

'You are smart,' Dr. Jane said. 'Chemical 5.'

'What is the chemical?'

'The chemical is a powerful combination from...never mind. The chemical don't go with many gene, you have to be physically and mentally strong to be able to take it and also have the right system. I couldn't perfect the chemical to blend with adults so Connor and I perfected it to blend with female genes, young female not above sixteen....'

'That is why only girls are here.'

'The effect on girls is little amounted to 10%, especially when....thank you Sava,' she smiled taking a syringe with purple, pink and green liquid. 'As I was saying, especially if she takes it early.'

'What does it do?'

'Cotton,' Sava gave her a cotton after soaking it in a yellowish brown substance. 'Enhances their strength, agility, reflexes, speed, etc. Brings out our inner girl power, making us the perfect Amazon army for Alpha.' She replied wiping my arm with the cotton wool.

'Who is alpha?'

'The man you must have met,'
'Will I die?'

'That is what the test is for. If you survive, you become one of us, but if you don't, you know.'

'Will I take it again?'

'Depends on the tolerance of your system,' Sava replied as the liquid was injected into my arm. 'I hope you survive this. The other little girls are growing up, none will play with Sava so maybe you can play with her?' She asked hopefully.

'Maybe,' sweat was rolling down my head as my system slowly heated up.

'Jane! Blade is here!' Someone shouted, they both gasped.
'Bane,' she pushed me down on the bed, metal automatically cuffing me down. They ran out like the Queen of England was here to see them. I slowly started feeling pain, it was like I was being cooked from the inside. I cried and screamed, thrashing my body the way I could but I couldn't break free. I fainted and woke up over and over again.

The chemical reaction was suppose to last for seven days, mine was over. At day nine, they were worried, day twelve they tried to extra the chemical out of my veins but that only caused me more pain. I passed out in the process and woke up at day fourteen, the pain had subsided. It was like earth was dropped on my head. I opened my eyes, the masked face of someone looking down at me.

She was obviously small, maybe twelve or eleven, her dark somewhat orange hair falling down on my face, so long and fluffy.

'Hi,' I said hoarsely, she tilted her head to the side and slid down from the bed. 'Who are you?' She turned around like a robot and strolled out. What was that about? Sava ran in immediately and gasped.

'She did it! You're awake!' She exclaimed joyfully, what a robot. The chair freed me, I sat up slowly, my body aching over.

'Who was that?'

'Your hair,' she giggled. 'It's beautiful.'

'Thank you?' I said puzzledly, the last time I checked, I had stubborn wiry hair. I stroke my hair and gasped, it felt softer, better than my battle for the fittest comb challenge hair. I dragged the locks to my face, it was pink!

'What have you all done to my hair!'

'It's your own weird side effect, pink hair.' It was pink, like the pink from the chemical.

'Have any other girl showed out same effect?'

'Only one but hers was a streak of green.'

'Of all the colours in this world,' I grumbled. My skin was whiter, fuck me.

I looked up at the man sitting and watching me with that masked girl, I was in an arena, sentenced to fight a girl to test what my ability with the new chemical will be. According to Connor who is an android, two out of all will be greatly sharpened more than the others and that was what they would work on. I think that girl is his daughter, no one would tell me about her, just tell me her name is Bane's blade. I averted my eyes to my opponent, a tall slim girl with green streak at the left side of her hair, must be the other girl. I was given three girls, I beat them up easily so I was given someone else.
'What am I suppose to do after I win?' I asked her.

'If you win,' she smirked.

'Begin!' The girl charged at me before I had time to react, at least if I was still normal, I would have suffered a huge blow but my eyes caught her movement. I quickly blocked her long range punches with my forearm. Her left leg swung around to kick the side of my head, the impact of the kick would have rattled me but my hands moved on their own and caught her leg. She flipped over, going away from me.

We encircled each other, I noticed how light on her feet she was, that was her weakness. She charged at me again, my body moved out of the way, I back foot her back knee and bashed my elbow at the back of her head. She was very fast but somehow I always saw her coming. She groaned in pain, I didn't give her time to recover, I cleared her feet and got on top of her leg. Her long nails slashed at my arm, I caught her hand and twisted her fingers. She cried out in pain, is this what they call a fight?

'You are weak,' I dabbed the middle of her head, she passed out. I stood up and smirked at him. 'Your so called high level girls are weak assholes. You should check this one out, I think she's pregnant.' He smiled satisfactorily and looked at the girl, they were both holding a mike.

'Reflexes,' The small girl said into the microphone in her hand. 'Her sharpened abilities are reflexes, strength, eyesight.'

'Only two are....'

'She's naturally diligent and skilled, the chemical is bound to double enhance.'

'With her, my life is about to get easier,' he said grinningly. 'From now on, Raila Seville dies, in fact she died the day I bought you. Your new name is Sting....'

'Can't I get a better name? One that doesn't make me feel like an insect?'

'After you prove your worth, you will gain the right to name yourself or have her name you. Bane, I hand her over to you to train at 50% of your abilities, do not kill, observe.'

'Level of discipline?' The girl asked like a computer.

'Level that can bend her....'

'What makes you think that kid that control me?!' I shouted.

'You are only a year older than her, because you look like a grandma doesn't make you one.'

'She won't train me!' I yelled stubbornly.

'Bane,' he snapped. She jumped down from the high platform and walked to me. Her steps were immaculate, yet she acted like a robot, she's probably an android. She pulled my wrist and dragged me out, I couldn't even fight back because she was fucking strong.

'Are you a robot?' She didn't reply. 'What is your real name?' Still nothing. 'Hello?'

'I will advice you keep your questions to yourself Lyiris Chinder.'


'It's a nice name,' she murmured.
'What is your name?'

'That question is outside my command, I am to train you, not associate.' My curious clicked on, is she a robot or not?

To be continued.

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