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Aduke-Episode 23


Aduke-Episode 23

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Story so far

My name is Ayo oko Adesewa, I'm literally fun to be with and basically an interesting bad boy. fate brought Mercy to me and once again I fell inlove.

I call her by her second name which is Aduke cos most people don't know her by the name. Before I met mercy, there's a guy in her life which is Franklin, a militant.

Franklin fucked up and I appeared in the picture. Franklin was my sworn enemy whom I thought I've defeated not until Mercy got pregnant and he showed up claiming the pregnancy. I had to prepare for battle again but I got to be sure if I'm gonna win or lose. But it's not for me to decide.

A surprise can be the best moments or the either.

I was far way too disappointed in what I saw, seeing the woman I love with all my life kissing another dude is something terrible than a heart break.

" Aduke did you just kiss franklin? " I questioned but Franklin cut in.

" No... actually I kissed her" he said as he let lose of a chuckle.

" I hear you say one more word there... I'm gonna make this week your funeral " I spatted with full rage then I returned my gaze back to Mercy.

" you just betray my trust " I muttered then I moved hurriedly away from then. I entered my dad car and drove off leaving all of them behind.

I was driving back to the hotel we lounged in with tears on the wheel, I was moving with full speed then all of a sudden I applied the brake. I needed to clear my head out and put my thinking back on track. Anger was eating me up and that's the only obstacle that's standing against me from having a good thought about the whole situation. Firstly I need to let go of the anger so I drove to a supermarket and help myself with a chilled drinks. so I set my thought in motion after my anger has reduced. i was talking to myself and people around me thinks that I'm going crazy. I set my gaze at the female cashier and began pouring out my mind to her.

" they were kissing each other... How could that be? Why didn't I hit that son of a bitch? No...No... No... He's trying to win back her heart. Goddamn it!! Women are fucking soft hearted, always falling for every words that comes from our mouth. yeah almost forgot that he's her first love, that will makes things more easier for him... I left my parents there, is that the right thing to do? No... I didn't leave them, I was running away from my problem, maybe I should go back and face it. what do you think? Seems that's the only way I can solve it... what do you think? You know what I think? I think I'm gonna need one more chilled drinks and maybe some for the families "
I said with an anomalous grin then I ordered for a pack of can malt.

The cashier was stoned out of reasoning, for once she'll think that I'm crazy, but she could read the pains in my eye.

I returned back with a pack of malt drinks. I met meeting still on. My parent are till opposing the motion on ground, while franklin's family is supporting it the proposed idea.

I came inside unnoticed, dropped the malt on the ground then i sat beside my mom. Franklin and mercy ain't sitting together, I wondered what got wrong. I can see the elementary of surprise in both of their faces. I'm sure non of them is expecting to see me back, and surprisedly with a smile on.
I looked at Mercy eye, give her a smile then I shifted my gaze towards franklin, gave him a cool smile as well. i remember what my mom do say, Give your enemy a smile, it won't harm you, but it will give them serious headache.
" I believe what matters is the happiness of these children, how are we to be sure if they are going to be happy with the decision you are suggesting? How are we going to make them happy if we are choosing for them. Please let think this over. It shouldn't be like that " my Dad voiced out which drew my attention to the motion on ground. Mercy's Dad opposes again which put the motion in a tighter situation.

" as always, parents are believed to know the best for their children, cos we've walked the path they haven't been. Awon agbo bo, won ni oun ti agba fi je eko abe ewe lo wa. won tun ni, oun ti agba ba ri lori ijoko, bi omode ba gun ori aja, ko le ri. oun lo di ifa fun owe awon agbagba to so pe, bi omode ba ge igi ni igbo agba lo mo ibi ti o ma wo si. Our job as a parents is to guide them to the right path, so that they won't make mistake... "

" what if we are making mistake " my Dad cut in. " the world isn't as it was before. Have you forgotten that omode gbon, agba gbon, oun la fi da ile ife. Iyen to wa tu mo si wipe, owo omode ko to pepe, tagba papa gan ko wo keregbe. we should think this according to the children happiness, if we force them to comply by our decisions, we might be making a great mistake... "

"No we are not" mercy's Dad cut in. " we are giving them a future, we both know happiness didn't last long. But a good future can create happiness with no bond or whatsoever "

My Dad was about to talk when I touch him lightly on his leg. He looked at me and I nodded slowly to him.

"It's okay Dad... Thank you " I said softly to him then I cleared my throat to finalize everything.

" whoever the father is... owns the bride" I said and that settles everything.

We were about leaving when mercy approached me.

" can I have a word with you in private please " she resqusted pleadingly.

" alright after you" I said as I follow her behind to her room.
On getting to her room, she went straight down on her kneels to beg me but I quickly help her up. It's kinda wired seeing a lady I haven't marry begging on her kneels.

"Ay I'm really sorry, it's kinda hard to explain but... I... I... I'm so sorry. Didn't know how it happens I... I.. Just lo... "

" lose it" I finished up. " he's your first love, hard to forget. I understand... I'll call you when I get home " I said then I disappear from her sight. I gave her no chance for further talk, guess I've heard enough, and that's basically true.

Non of our parents know what happened, but I'm very sure franklin is going to tell his mom about it.

Nature has made me understand that a lady heart is fragile, soft, weak and passionate, no wonder the devil make use of the snake to deceive eve in the garden of Eden. By nature, women are the weaker vessel.

Even though I tried to disillusion myself that franklin made way with Mercy cos she was weak, somehow a tremendous amount of jealousy still made me believe that she betrayed me. And that was my own personal problem, I can't share my woman, I'll die of jelousy. I'd have let go if it's another lady, but it's Aduke, I'm not letting her go. It's a call for war.

I returned back to school the following week due to some compulsory assignments I must submit.

The assignments was quit huge and I have limited time before submission, and the only way to get it done alone without assistant is by going for a night reading, some call it night class.

At 7pm, I pack my drawing materials and my graphs book and head into the school.

On my way to the school, I came in contact with one of my senior colleague. We gets talking and we departed at the school front gate.
I head straight to my departmental LT, and after securing a good position, I set to work.

I was on with the assignment when I heard an approaching footsteps from behind. I was still planning to look back when I heard a masculine voice.

" oko Adesewa " so came the voice slowly. without doubt I know who the person is. It's Franklin.

I was surprised, firstly I didn't know how he know that I bears oko Adesewa and secondly his presence in my school caught me off guard, but I couldn't show it out.

"Oh Franklin, how unpleasant " I muttered without looking back. He chuckled then he moved to my side. he sat down beside me then he looked into the assignment i was doing.

I seem to show him no attention as I focus all my attention on the assignment that I was doing.

" The great Oko Adesewa " he threw again. I looked at him then I smiled.

"Well it's just Oko Adesewa, seems you've been listening to tales. " I said with a wierd look on.

" yeah, tales told by you" he replied calmly with a charming smile.

" I tell no tales bro" I threw back but this time I'm also wearing a smile.

" impressive, I saw your work online, so much for your local stories, you can't be schooling in a village and not have a village mentality." he threw the first bomb.

I dropped the pencil I was holding then I look into his eyes. He seems calm but very cunning. That was when I realize the conversation is a game of chess, and he's determined to checkmate.

" fabulous, if you call this town a village, I won't argue that. This village got a road system, hospital, schools, social amenities, hotels which I guess you lodge in. If all these still makes a village to you, then I guess you ain't as wise as I thought. You are just another tard " I said with a grin and he laughed slowly to it.

" fascinating, so you will call it mega city, no doubt at all, the housing system here are great. Mud housing system, hut, farm house... "

"Can you cut the crap" I banged in. " why are you following me? " I questioned with a straight look.
" well actually I'm ain't following you, I'm here to see my father in-law. He's a professor here and I decide to check on you. You know keeping an enemy closer " he muttered. I made a disgust gesture then I face him back.

" thank you I'm much okay, as you can see I'm very busy so if you don't mind, you can take your leave. " I said then I shifted my attention back to my assignment.

I know that won't chase him away, and I wasn't expecting him to leave either, I know he won't go easily so I remain calm thinking of his next move of attack and how to him counter him back.

" well my journey isn't here in the first place, I actually went to visit mercy in her school , I guess she didn't tell you " he said with a devilish smile. And without giving him much attention, I replied.

"She did, she told me you slept in the hotel after you resqusted to sleep over and... guess she kick your ass out" i said then I look into his face wearing my own astonishing smile. I guess that hit him quite bad but he wouldn't give up like that. Now we both know we are playing a game of chess.

" yea at least they got better hotels there than guest house you called hotel here" he countered.

" maybe but what I know here is that... If you have money, you'll sleep well. " I mumbled. He took a deep breath as he observe my assignment for about some minutes. I was sure he's thinking of how to attack again but doesn't want to make a careless move.
" ever wonder why I kiss Mercy so easily that day? " he asked.

"Never give it a thought " I replied shaking my head slowly sideways.
"Cos it took me two years to win her heart" he let out with his devilish smile.

" did that in two months " I snapped back.

" that's why it's weak, that's why she still fall for me, cos I cherished her with love for two years before receiving a yes from her" he said happily.

"You are her first, what do you expect. Adesewa was also like her so it's not a new thing to me. " I murmured defected.

" That's why I made the ultimate decision when I saw you in the picture. I saw you stealing her heart away from me. So I thought of how to make her forever mine. I thought of how to create a bond to which will make her forever mine, so I took the steps. We've been together for long, I even know her menstrual cycle so I tricked her to come over to my place pretending that I'm angry. She came, then I laid her down, oh I almost forgot, she's a virgin. I drill in my manhood into her tight pussy. Anyway she never wanted it and that's why you guys called it rape. But I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as I did. i filled her up with everything I got. I put in my seed inside her. I knew it's a matter of time before she got pregnant. Cos my sperm never fails " he said and his words pierce through my heart like a spear. I felt my anger arising and I almost let lose of it. I dropped my pen then I look directly into his eyes.

" after you left her bleeding, she came to me for aid, cos I'm the only person she could trust not to hurt her as you did. Your foolish act made way for me in her heart cos the love she had for you was greater than the one she feels for me. But you were too blind to see so you push her foolishly back to me. That's how I owns her heart completely. She asked me to show her what love it. I showed her the real meaning of love. She asked me to make love to her. Believe me it's incomparable to yours. She mourns for my desire, she want me inside her, I took my time caressing her succulent breast that miss the touch of love, I kissed her passionately both on lips and nipples. She spread her leg wide and willing for me to go in. But I didn't, you know why? Cos I took my time to give her a head, I'm sure you never did that. She want me to explore her whole body which I did with an undeniable pleasure. And finally when I insert my well heathly dick inside her womb. It was like a paradise to her. And she humbly requested me to fill her up with my juicy spermatzoa. And I creampied her pussy more than twice that same night. And this process continues on. Now you tell me, HOW ABOUT THAT ? Check mate. " I said then I packed my stuffs and head out of the LT before he could say amother word. I moved straight to another LT where I completed my assignment, but I wasn't really consistent as I began thinking of how to get rid of Franklin forever.

I returned back home at 4am to have a little sleep before heading to school at 9am.

At 7 am I got woken up by a call from mercy.

Mercy : good morning Ayomi
Me: Aduke how are you
Mercy: I'm good olowo ori mi
Me: hmmm this one that you are just calling me all this sweet names hope I'm save
Mercy : hahan you dey fear ni.
Me: just asking though
Mercy : anyway I'm just happy to hear my baby voice that's all
Me: hmmm thank you Aduke.
Mercy: I called your mom yesterday and I requested for something from her. After alot of pleading she told me and also she teach me.
Me: and what's that?
Mercy : your oriki and your oruko oriki.
Me: No way!!!
Mercy: Ajani
Me : What the fuck...
Mercy : Ajani Agan
Me: No fucking way!
Mercy : should I say it.
Me: Gosh I'm gonna fry mama ayo . Anyway go on.
Mercy : Alright

Ajani Agan
Omo Agan ija
Omo Agan o bi dudu
Gbogbo omo lofi bi pupa
Omo ogbogodogbodo leti
Omo omu igba roja feti kola wale
Ajani ikoo omoologun ola
Omo ologun eshin
Omo iba bi ibayo
Omo ologun eshin to so oyo ile roo
Ajani olufun oja
Omo Akiti olu
Omo osupa Lee oun ko gun
Won ni eni owo ba to ko lo tun se.

Olulufe mi, oko mi, eni bi okan mi
Lagbara eledua ayo yo je ti e.
Me: ori mi wu! Mama ayo teach you all this?

Mercy : yes she did
Me: i don't even know it to that extent, oye ki fi owo da e lola ni
Mercy : thank you baby.
Me: Alright Aduke ooo
Iwo ni omo arótíwe bi òjò
Aduke omo òròré ò lè jà
Aduke omo ó múlé tagbón.
Should I continue?
Mercy : I'm blushing already continue
Me : okay. Aduke ma gbo mi
Ijesa ni ile baba re
eyin ni Ijèsà ògèré eléwè obi
Omo aténiika
Omo atenigbola
Ijesa ògèré omo elésà obi
Omo owa obòkun
Omo ijesa ò rídìí ìsána
Ilé lerú owá ti I múná roko
Eyin lomo olóbì wò wò tiri wò
Eyi tó feni a wò sá pò eni
Eyi ti ko feni aaja danu si igbo
Mercy: hmmmm
Me: Aduke ma gbo mi
Bó ba se wu ni là á se imole eni
Ibi tó ba si wu efúufu lèlè ní i dari igbé si
Bo ba wumi mo le ki o ni Aponbepore
Bee ni! Ara ki tan nile alara
Motun le ki o ni ibàdiaran
Bee ni! Mo wi bè, A ki i jogede ko wu ni léèke
Bi ogun eni ba dani loju, à á fi I gbari ni
Omo Dara ó dejó, nini Dara ninu ejo
Béè si ni etu òbèjé rewa laarin awon eranko
Eyin fun jowo, omo dara bii egbin
Eye bi okin sowon láwujo eye, se ti iye re ni kawi ni?
Bi e ba wá ológbon, oloye, e tara sàsà ke si Aduke aya Ajani
Akinkanju obinrin, omidan to ni lakaye
Eni okunrin kò lónà ti ó bu sékun
To ni bi iru eyi ò ba se aya eni,
Iba tile jé ale eni
A ri má le è lo, A wò padà seyin,
A wo ja si 'gota' ja si koto
A wò pawon
Awelewa, Adanlawo, ewawumi
Aduke temi nikan soso
Eledua yoo ba mi da e si
Wa so layi, wa fi eyin re gbe omo tuntun pin.

Lagbara eledua bi. Amin ase.
Mercy : I'm speechless. How did you know all this
Me: I used to be a poet
Mercy: used to? Or you are still?
Me: whatever
Mercy : you know we make a perfect couple
Me: of cos we do.
Mercy: when will I see you again. I'm missing you already
Me: how about this weekend. I'll come on Friday.
Mercy : really, I'll be so happy.
Me: can't wait to see you dear
Mercy : me too. Buy something for me while coming
Me: like what?
Mercy : anything from your heart.
Me: baby pampers?
Mercy : common your baby is still in my womb. Buy something for her mom.
Me: wait did you just use ' her' for our baby?
Mercy: yes I'm expecting a baby girl.
Me: it's like you are high on pancakes. It's a boy that is coming.
Mercy : No! a girl. That's what I want.
Me: I said it's a boy, you know I have magical eyes, I can see the boy scrotum.
Mercy : ni ki ni? Pelee. Mr marlin. Na girl dey come out that's what I know.
Me: really okay. It's a twins then.
Mercy : huh?
Me: yup. Two bouncing babies
Mercy : ha ayomi! Bouncing babies. Two boys niyen oo
Me: chai she decode am sha
Mercy : dem suppose behead you ni.
Me: come and cut it na. Olori nla big head.
Mercy : if I catch you ehn
Me: chai time don go ooo. I need to go and take my bath. I have lecture this morning.
Mercy: alright then. I love you baby
Me: I love you too. Kisses.

I ended the call then I fly into the bathroom to have a quick shower. Within ten minutes I was done and set for school, no time to cook so I took cornflakes as breakfast.

On my way to school, I was looking for bike when I came in contact with a mad woman around Apex school which is my house junction.

The mad woman pleaded for me to give her money to eat, at first I wanted to ignore the woman cos I was holding only five hundred naira note with me and I want to take a bike to school out of the money, and if I give her the money, I'll be left with nothing and I'm feeling rather lazy to walk to school. The mad woman never stopped begging so after a while I let go of the money then I began walking to school. She thanked and pray for me but I couldn't wait to say Amen to all of it cos I was already late.

I got to class sweating like a chilled cola. Cos I did most of running than walking while heading for class. I was lucky to meet up the time and I quickly grab a seat beside my friends.

" Aweedy how far na, you don do your assignment? " last don asked as he collected my books.

" yes I have, where's tee swag, pappy tino and doyin? "I asked.
"Tee swag is at the back doing is own assignment, he dey copy from that goat " he said as he pointed his finger at pappy tino. I laughed cos I didn't see it coming.

" why calling him a goat? " I asked
" the guy na idiot na, he always dey steal my babes. Na me go still castrate him for this school it's only a matter of time" he replied. Five minutes later, the lecturer came in and the lecture was a go.

After the day lecture, I hanged out with my friends to catch some fun and also to collect some girls number which we did professionally , but I didn't join them cos I have a wife already, and that's my Aduke. We later head to tee swag place to eat some abomination rice prepared by him and pappy tino. The two of them are the worst chef ever. We had no choice but to eat it like that and while eating, last Don started lamenting about the condition of the rice.

" what is this naa, which kind rice be this na, oil is standing different, pepper is standing different, rice self park themselves go one side. Aweedy why you allow this two fools to spoil food like this na" he lamented but he know for sure that they are going to fire him back.

" ode wetin you fit cook. The last time I ate your food, I swear my landlord soak away almost full. Mo yagbe moju ni. " pappy tino threw back.

" leave him ooo. With that his eyes like Japanese guinea fowl, ask him say wetin he fit cook. Oponu. Bobo Ja danu jare" tee swag added. I didn't answer anyway of them I just continue eating the rice the way it is.

" sons of baboon. How you go prepare this kind food wey resemble ebo (sacrifice) when we are not egunungu.(masquerade) " Last Don defended. Which got me and doyin laughing seriously.

" peleee Mr egunungu, you better eat before we finish it. Be doing like aje butter for there " pappy tino let out and last Don replied immediately.

" look at the way he's eating. Goat, I've forgotten that your second name is goat self. Ewure. Obuko oshi. Ko radarada e kuro niwaju mi jare"

We all laughed and we continue eating the food in silence, it was just as if an angel pass cos non of us utter a word till the rice got finished.

After we are done eating each of us head outside to receive fresh air and little by little we began saying goodbye.

I didn't have any money on me to a take bike home, so I began walking home with my earphone plugged in.

I was close to my house junction when I saw thesame mad woman that I came across while going to school in the morning. She was looking at me in so much way that is making me feel uncomfortable. At a point I thought of greeting her but I later ignore the thought cos it would be crazy for me to be greeting an insane woman.

I almost walk pass her when she signaled me to come. I was perturb, I wondered what she want from me again. I moved to her but I kept a great distance, I can't be too reckless.

" se osi ni iya (do you still have mother)? " she asked. I was surprised by the question so I nodded affirmatively.

" bi kìí bá se ti òjò tó rò, tó kó eyelé pò mó adie, omo olowo ni mi (if it is not for the rain that pack pigeons with chickens , I'm a daughter of the rich). Aja le ikoko, kini be leyin aja ti n le ikoko? ( A dog pursuing hyena, what's behind the dog ?) " she asked. I looked at her in confusion without giving a reply. Then she asked the question again, which I couldn't answer. She asked the question again the 3rd time and unknowingly out of fear, I answered her.

"Ode ( The hunter) " she laughed when she heard me talk then she move closer to me, I felt like running that moment but I somehow stood my ground.
"Eko kan ni mo ko yen oo. Ma fi jeun. Mu si owo osi e( that's one lesson. Keep it well) she said then she move away from me.

I watched her as she move away from me with her dirty loads on her head.

Her words seems unreasonable to me, so I shrugged off her words and continue on my path.

On getting home, I met baba dudu at my place sweating like a demented frog.

" ogbeni sare wa silekun jor( hurry and open the door) " he let out in a restless manner.

" tori kini? se a jo gba ile ni? (For what? And why should I?) " I asked.

" see I don dey keep this shit since morning, if you no open this door now, na in front of your door I go shit am. Abeg give me the key" he collected the key from me then he ran inside to use the toilet. I couldn't go inside with him cos his shit smells like hell, just like a poultry farm. So I sat outside waiting for him to be done, and while waiting I decided to login on my social account to update my profile and do some online stuffs.

I was reading some news feed when I heard baba dudu calling my attention.

" Do you know that your babe Rita abi wetin be her name? " he asked.
" yea, what about her? " I questioned in return.

" if you see the kind guy wey dey carry her now. I swear you no fit stand beside them. Correct G-guys with cars. That girl is not your class again oo" he said and I hissed out loudly.

" so I should go and fly inside river abi? When Naira Marley talk say it's not your girlfriend just your turn, you think he's speaking in tongues abi. He's saying the fact. When she was with me, that was my turn, now she's with someone else and that ain't my fucking business. " i answered then I focus back on my phone.

" least I forgot, that your babe ruth, she find you come house but you no dey. Also if you see marvelous now ehhh. Med!!! The girl don make sense. if you see her ass lasan, her boobs nko. If you see her waist... "

" whatever " I cut in. " I'm traveling to UI on Friday, I wanna go see my wife. I'll drop the key for you and school son. I'll be back on Sunday evening "

" alright kosi wahala just buy bread while coming " he said then we ended our conversation.

friday dragged in slowly like a snail but it later arrived after so much expectations. I packed few clothes and then head to the motor park to board a bus.

I arrived in ilorin at noon and I was welcome by mercy warmly. After lovers pleasantries, I brought out the stuffs I got for her which she appreciated happily. She headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner while I was in her room examining the painting on her wall.

Outside her room came alot of annoying noise from the other occupants. without doubt I can vividly say her hotel is dominated by ladies. And they are screamers, cos they shout every seconds like a molested sheep.

Her kitchen is a little bit small which can nearly contain three people, but two people can fit in well. I joined her in the kitchen to keep her company.

Her stomach is now obviously big and she looks a little bit fat with her big stomach which makes me smile whenever I look at her.

" how old is it now? " I asked.

" almost six" she replied. i knelt down and place my ear on her stomach to feel the sound of the baby inside her.

" seems we have few months to the arrival of our baby " I said then I place a kiss on her belly.

After we are done cooking, we eat together and we decided to take a stroll outside just to catch some fresh air and for her to exercise her leg.

We met some of her neighbors sitting outside and she introduced me as her fiancee to them. They all makes some silly smiles and some prolong humming which was rather annoying judging from the look in their eyes.

we left their sight and take a walk down the street. After walking for some minutes we decided to rest beside a shop. We were there talking when a guy approached us. He look fierce and unkept with a dirty crazy jeans on.

He seems to know mercy well as he focused his attention on her and not even acknowledging my presence.

His voice was thick and coarse and his breathe smelt bad.

" Mercy how far na, how about wetin I follow you discuss you are yet to reply me na. Whalai I go take care of you. I swear down" he said in his sweetest voice which sounds like a conductor voice to me.

I quickly process him to be one of Mercy toaster so I kept quiet as I began minding my business, but I keep an eye on him cos his closeness to mercy is making me feel uncomfortable. I plugged in my earphone in other not to listen to his conversation cos it was really annoying listening to his words.

All of a sudden he grabbed mercy by her wrist and began dragging her forcefully away. It seems like a joke to me at first but when I saw Mercy struggle with him to get free, then I decided I need to interfere.

" hey!!! Let her go! " I shouted loudly at him.

"Who you be? " he threw out surprisely as he see me advancing towards him.

" that doesn't matter, I said let her go! " I repeated .

"Or what? " he asked then he move more closer to me.

" you wouldn't wanna know " I replied.

To be continued...

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